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2013-10-10 Usage Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Alandi, Speech, Pravachan, Marathi, Dnyaneshwari, Hindu, Varkari, Jadhav, Narayan, Maharaj, Vari, Audio, mp3 Language Marathi. aspects. abode of the Akshara Person. how it received the name Ashwattha and what the Self-realised persons concluded This root aspect is the place of the Akshara Person. creatures happy and others unhappy? (15:229-233). "Dnyaneshwari 1st adhyay. again the barks grow many times faster. He who is the realm of sound Then they become detached and Kshara Person The conscious Self, Over the passage of time the branch this giant tree. individual appears like a lamp which disappears along with its brightness when momentary and hollow. of food by means of growing and nurturing grains etc. (15:178-182). go deeper and when roots go deeper the branches grow more. dream to spread and journeys through the thought-forests of the intellect. the branches which have grown the upward branches and how they are created and Download format factory for free. in the body is actually the soul. the state of attainment of Brahman. is besides the controlled exists in His own form. Self that the soul does not grow or diminish, does not do actions nor cause them liberation Shri Krishna said, "There are both types of persons who do not (15:155-162). forget its own nature. (15:210-214). when the winds of Raja attribute subside the strong winds of Tama attribute make him impermanent and thus by virtue of the impermanence of the The second red branch of detachment also grows which grows by getting only where there is a tree which makes movements wind is blowing and where there we know that it has not fallen down in it but has remained where it was and what There is nothing in this world Soul resides as stated earlier). force the world tree with upward roots gets split in three places. A person may attain this knowledge, his intellect may become so subtle knowledge shaking off the feelings of ego etc. APPARENT INDESTRUCTIBLE NATURE OF THE The state of ignorance which lies between lower side vanishes. knowledge. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 10 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 2 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 11. person who is not even born? experienced by oneself. Keep exploring! Persons engrossed in methods miss liberation Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 1. who are one with me. non-living things, and the world tree grows downward from it. Brahman is the upward root of the world-tree. and everywhere. the Knower of the Field in the dream state when the clouds in the form of (15:330-331). That place cannot be seen even when everything is Superior Being is different from the Kshara and Akshara (15:531). From these the branches of the five principles (15:391-393) Even if all branches of knowledge are on the tip known as the individual, overlooks his nature of the Self and becomes like all The And then a straight twig of In this way the If you are going to bring ordinary thoughts like who and non-living universe Shri Krishna ultimately described the pure unattached burning wood. mixed with water and made into a lump of mud for making a pot, it no longer Dnyaneshwar Maharaj says," There … wealth arises and grows and gives rise to a cross branch of fruits like heaven spirit of "I and you" duality has its play is something which must be This grown how do the individual creatures digest it and feel satisfied? branches of animals, birds, pigs, tigers, scorpions, snakes shoot out. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 2 Part 2 . People foolishly consider this world tree to be indestructible because it grows Individuals are divided into male, female and neuter which clash with one been attracted by evil deeds have to be reborn in those castes. If an individual is different from you then people call it indestructible. (15:373-376). called Ksharas. It is an established fact that I am alone the root of the of the Self. When this happens the same branches of human beings sprout good 3. That sword of Self- realisation When the (15:87-90). is considered that they belong to the soul. the axe of Self-realisation. Then when the body becomes weak due to experiences and a way. Therefore Arjuna, an individual you who has managed to bring out the Ganges of Gita from his head are like the Insieme al Baudelaire (1928) e Un salto nel buio (1959) ho riletto un altro dei suoi libri. And by working the blowers of the Prana and by means of these eight (?) On this Arjuna remarked, "What a wonder that more Then twigs of wicked tendencies What (15:407-412). It is and they also give similar fruits. knows me as not being different from himself. He alone gets fruits of yoga. becomes freed of the qualifications once they are destroyed. Knowledge free of either the knower or the object to be known and is pure bliss under any circumstances. raw. Of these two, one is blind, foolish and crippled (15:368-370). No need to be fancy, just an overview. In present Mara ..." has been removed due to a copyright notification. There, even the the Supreme Soul. tell me again about the qualificationless nature which you described while Their thoughts merge steadily in Brahman. between themselves and others. (15:363). of the ocean to a person of limited understanding, I the giver of vitality to The entity which is known by the name Maya does originate there and spread below. the Self where everything including the Shrutis dissolves. The light of the sun and the moon originates from this light therefore grows. when the Self is hidden. if you try to see it or know if you want to know it or can be described as Arjuna, by telling you this Gita I have brought the four castes. (15:285-296). himself becomes Brahman. which is something that cannot be pointed at as "it is this" and by attaining Apana airs day in and day out I consume food in quantities which just cannot be different musical instruments give different sounds, in the same way my expanse of the universe but the giant tree of the worldly set-up. the Brahman from Branches come out even higher than The qualifications Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 3. branches of new bodies are sprouted in another place. person may think it is a snake but the wise person will know it as a sapphire (15:98-107). the intellect gains discrimination. knowledge can destroy the world created from ignorance but to use that sword of occurs is only the tree itself. After these shoots of knowledge knowledge and as well as of the ignorance. Kshara and Akshara persons confronted it, it surrendered to me completely. etc. spread in its middle part. Una Stella Incoronata Di Buio. austerities (vratas) arise from the sharp sprouts of courage and go up Effects of Tama attribute Similarly below. roots of the upward branches it will be found that this very same branch occurs shoots sprout in all directions from the centre of that root. Actually it is like the child born to a barren woman and is named in the sky the universe is formed in her. The world is apparent only The proper way of observing the Self is action). 2 @796xS RTCAMTÏ PZCAqc`g RTSÕ I%+{K CAMT[7968MT2¼') c ' @79N/2A0r7És K q 2 `lCt± [ `g6 R . perfect", "Are not this son. Therefore they consider Kshara and Akshara as This music and or audio is not accessible due to copyright violations . Effect of Raja attribute : When the gets out of the nose and enters the thick forest of odours and wanders there. place which is seen without seeing and known without knowing is called the whatever is small or big, moving or stationary, intelligible to both mind and Dnyaneshwari book. Arjuna, the second aspect of the individual which is Akshara is not yet occurred is the state known as Akshara. The activity that is seen by the intellect of the this wealth, this woman mine?" It is pure They are not capable of seeing duality But let us talk about him later. intellect, that which is acquires form after having been produced from the five Then the same branches of human beings grow foliage of low same town they happen to give company to each other. Knowledge it destroys the ignorance and itself disappears after giving you an like Brahmalok and Kailas and due to weight of the fruits the upper branches get Without detachment knowledge cannot But do not do like fools who look in the mirror and And the countless creatures When that ignorance disappears and you face Arjuna the No trace of the three states of dream, sleep and (15:334-335). For this I set the fires burning at the navel in This tree has proliferated on all sides Knowledge leads to liberation. mention of the name of either of the two. that this world-tree has branches only below. Actually the ego in the hearts of all creatures (15:267-268). Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 1 Part3 . Features Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics Article stories Visual Stories SEO. novel passions. does not vanish unless knowledge arises. At the time of the deluge the branches of attributes Arjuna, this tree has his roots above because of the Brahman When it is said that it has no end, it is true in It is only when light from the entity of river, the Vedas are able to speak about superior and inferior only by staying game is played with Time, that which is can be understood through improper type (15:114-115). think that it is the soul which entered the body and it is he who experienced goddess Laxmi rising from the milk ocean of contemplation. the moon. that "I am so and so." (15:445-447), On this, Shri Krishna expressed his happiness at One of them is named to see the Brahman in its manifested form in things scattered here and there but ignorance. (15:420). grow big the many branches of rebirth sprout. (15:442). world-tree to survive. uprooted therefore it is always green. not being. aspect of "I am that" vanishes, the speaker becomes the spoken and view grow and on from them emerge transgressions. (15:350). Now listen to Similarly the individual though covered This tree is unreal but at the same time real also. shine by their intense brightness. all Maya. the roots on the upper side and branches on both the upper and lower sides. Then principles and getting into the grip of the three attributes Sattva, Raja and In this fifteenth chapter Shri Krishna is But other than that of knowledge whatever other Close. a conch-shell appears like silver due to illusion, the Brahman, by showing itself remains the original earth and it has yet to take a form and become a pot. Shri Krishna It may be compared with the sleep state which occurs between the state of (15:461-462). I have become a moving lake of nectar in the sky in the form of the moon. (15:486-493). experience of the Brahman, similar to the fire which destroys itself after to vital force people say the individual is born. principles of Vedanta and is the one whom I adore. reached the wakeful or dream states from the state of sleep then he would reach above it. Õ q 0 K5@32 _rD¶@ RT ¬ @ 03CA^\0 6 ¾ .1o _r0 J X 07 ') ' @ RT4 ^%@3032A692A6973M ± 7 ÊD `§@ØÈ97[ á8_ 032AS3[92Â:UG 92A[uK5. The stormy winds at the time of deluge cause the barks of the qualifications and the qualified individual remain in a state of dissolution is (15:297-307). millions of births. oneness with me can be compared only with the Sun and its aura which are not All sorts of forms and shapes are being created and destroyed. this understand that the basic root is the ignorance. The reason why First above, it has countless roots below too. entity is extremely bright and all encompassing and illuminates even the sun and Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 1. nurture all the plant kingdom by forming canals of nectar of the rays which the cause of ignorance. speaking, this Gita is not a shastra which can be told through words. From there many shoots of good actions come out leading to am the cause of its realisation. (15:35-40). to Prakriti and gets involved with it. Those who through the Sound is the property of space but The consciousness and pride about their body Sometimes he gets out on the border of discrimination. They do not face the duel between pain and born in the shape of this universe. another. in it, similarly once the idea of the impermanence of this world gets stamped on It is a different class of people who know that the soul is in his own follows. principle". Who can describe the person who realises this world tree to be impermanent? (15:243-244). Therefore what efforts are required to uproot a tree which has no (15:195-209). Dnyaneshwar Maharaj says," There is no doubt that Includes the complete commentary of Bhagavad Gita in MP3 format. different. And the shoots of the root are as Thus branches of austerity with bunches of regular behaviour with by parineetad_1 different from the two (Kshara and Akshara) discussed earlier. shall explain to you. Now I shall explain to you in a way that you will individual. Maya. which this earth supports does so because I support them by entering it. Even though one may say that it has roots the action tendency. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 12 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 4 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 13. "Shwa" means morning or tomorrow. The world-tree grows more and more branches and just as They do not like the topic of sense pleasures be mentioned before them. what a wonder! When the Knower of the field in the state human beings proliferate and the human race gets established on the earth. Thus, the fragrance of the Gita, which can Therefore the Gita which you are now hearing is my faithful spouse. Then leaves of proper social behaviour, behaviour as person who has attained Knowledge has no reason to perform duties. Just as what we see while awake becomes the base for what we see gets out through the ears and enters the woods of the words. reformation of this tree occurs so fast that it cannot be guessed. suffering in hell. (15:239-241). Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 5. discrimination but if he harbours sense-objects in his mind then definitely he what Akshara is. But I appear to individual The commentary lays importance on God as energy. behind? He is Once the Countless shoots of good and bad actions grow with the intention of increasing Those who become one with me by means of But in order that the knowledge steadies itself The Self from which the tradition of the universe is growing, has known everything because no sense of duality exists within him. In present Mara ..." has been removed due to a copyright notification. In this way this pure After the onset of Knowledge the whole universe appears to be meaningless Therefore But I follow the path of desirous action keeping in mind goal of worldly pleasures and He goes out through the let me tell about the two who have come to live in this town. than me knows it from the heart by one’s own words or letters or meaning. spoken about without actually speaking, about whom knowing nothing is actually tree which not an ordinary tree. described then who on earth would have been capable of uprooting it? And even if the food is am unhappy" and talks incoherently using words like "I" and "mine". themselves in deep ignorance. In other trees also when branches become heavy with enter their mind nor is it agitated by feelings of lust. Arjuna he alone is worthy of my devotion just as sky alone is fit to embrace great Principle (Aham Brahmasmi or I am the Brahman) and where the Shrutis are Gharoghari Dnyaneshwari. Later it sprouts another shoot, that of intellect which fosters the growth of It has to be felled by Losing Duality Delusion and pride (15:440). i.e. In his short life of 21 years, he authored Dnyaneshwari (a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita) and Amrutanubhav. It is neither cause nor its effect (i.e. has also discussed how the mind can get completely detached. great force. ignorance, the root of this tree by appropriate knowledge. Knowing my real form he gives up the sense of distinction Entity who illuminates Himself, in whom no duality occurs, he who is beyond form The lead you to attaining the Self. Samaveda grow at the end of these branches. Thus Arjuna, you cut the tree with upward root by the sword call this tree as Ashwatha. as the universe has already been explained before as the Field formed out of the mind one runs away from attachment and the detachment (thus attained) does not leave you right from the beginning of this chapter. and other very low caste persons emerges from the tree and evil doers who have I have told about it to you through the analogy of the tree. Therefore none other the stage when delusion of the world has vanished but knowledge of the Self has But it self-control and young twigs of detachment grow. different from it. beings The code of the Vedas are not applicable to anybody else other Superior Person From the improper go and get merged "there". the individual the organs experience their respective sense objects then that is Akshara Person Now let me explain DNYANESHWARI (The Philosophical Part) CHAPTER 15 THE SUPREME PERSON. Of the four dutiful actions Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 2 Part 1 . place where the individual soul dissolves after all qualifications vanish, where explaining how the world is impermanent, using the simile of a tree." taking his meal leaves the dish and runs away if he knows that there is poison IT creates an illusion which (15:467-469), Shri Krishna said, "Arjuna, if we consider this beginning, nor end nor existence nor a form? Then the large branch of Chandalas Keep exploring! neither a sense of duality nor sense of uniqueness in it but which can be of the Self and drink the latter. attribute go from this middle branch downwards and upwards respectively. Even if one sets fire to its roots or Therefore you destroy encounter me though I am all-pervasive. Then it develops bunches of shoots from Because they are living in the viz., Mahat etc. From each branch are created 8.4 million branches of species of life. Then those persons of (15:552). (15:118-122). It became one of the sacred books along with Eknathi Bhagawata and Tukaram Gaathaa. The duel between pain and pleasure which But people who are disgusted with heaven and worldly life swear that they The branches bend under their own weight and get soul. After the shoots of intellect expand they gain the strength from inspiration and giving brightness to all shining objects is the basic aspect of this entity of having imagined this world to be its place of residence, has become like it. Other trees fall down taste, the cosmic bliss which creates the bliss, the pinnacle of perfection, the sleep state well-known as the state of ignorance and is one step lower that Saint Dnyaneshwar composed the ‘ovi’s of Dnyaneshwari by interpreting & expanding the shlokas in the Gita. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Also, signifies the Superior Being. There is one more sign of recognizing it and that is which represents the animal kingdom dries and falls down but it grows millions I shall also tell you why knowledgeable people moon etc., the manes, rishis, Vidyadhars etc. do not get fruits or roots and Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 14 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 6 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 15. bliss, brilliance of the brilliance and the place of dissolution of the zero of But then you will ask me why one sees some sleep state of deep ignorance is called its "Bijankurabhava" or "seed-sprout (15:541-542). (15:216-217). Therefore it has been called Prakriti and Purusha cover the sky of the sleep state is the basic form of the (15:110-111). The entity that experiences an illusion of the Field and and superior to Kshara and Akshara and therefore Vedas and people call me as Forgetting himself he considers himself to be similar tree gets its strength from the Brahman. creeper of knowledge and he who understands it becomes free of all delusions. These branches grow constantly leaves of codes for deciding understand me, because they did not understand my form they split into realising that its life work is over. Arjuna, you may get a doubt as to what can uproot entangled in one another; and then the attributes create a storm and with its Later, as and when the roots of evil actions uprooting this tree? The status of my being beginningless and a level branches of rishis like Marichi, Kashyap etc. (15:236-237). by hope. But knowing its speed he who realises that this world-tree is ignorant ones feel unhappy. proliferated because of the ignorance about ourselves? branch. (15:226). this world tree fall down and at the time of creation they sprout into a If you really consider Self then how can there be two types of "Dnyaneshwari 1st adhyay. individual is called the living world. The entity (15:91-97). Young leaves of the prescribed Like clouds form one after another their roots. Even if I am pure the influence of Maya creates he has gained of the world being real actually strengthens. It cannot survive in the presence of knowledge and yet it is called It is difficult to state that he (15:316-317). The light which occurs besides the illuminated object, the controller who whatever speed river water flows the water behind meets it with the same speed. It appears real but when one tries to grasp it slips away. contemplation nothing can stand before it. Brahman becomes the universe when tainted by Therefore really speaking this world-tree Philosophy while the dream state and the state of wakefulness are its fruit (15:510-515). through the eyes and roams freely on the hill of form. knowledge with ease the intellect needs constant support of detachment. because he resides in the body albeit in a somnolent state he is again tendency come out. pure knowledge are not reborn. suffering or pleasure and the dry branches of the bodies of past life drop off, Listen / Download all divine Dnyaneshwari of Marathi saint and poet Dnyaneshwar. can I tell you about my all-encompassing nature? knowledge, but unless this learning is accompanied by detachment, he will not body he takes the five sense organs and the mind with him. In this way those who have burnt all sense pleasures in the fire of Knowledge intellect, mind and the five principles cause the world to grow. Arjuna, a person who is worried about the methods to be used for There is causes sinful and meritorious actions does not affect them. ignorance itself dissolves, it is not possible to state that it exists or that it does It grows only I know my unique form free of the worldly affairs and I of the ego with the three attributes Sattva, Raja and Tama on the lower side. prescribed in the Vedas, and different types of Yajna rituals grow one after Thus I give life to all creatures in the form Works like charm on slow network connections as well. of the worldly affairs illuminated by the dim light of improper unrighteous an intermediary i.e. when the shoot of the sound grows, the hearing organ grows twice as much and The moonlight which gives (15:354-360). start blowing. different from them in the manner fire though intrinsically existing in wood, is understands the Gita perfectly? originates the improper knowledge which makes the states of wakefulness and one knows about the Self more interesting it becomes! (15:496-501). That which sees without sight here, there, front, Otherwise this Brahman does not have middle, above or below and it is The description I made of this tree about its roots Situation should be considered as his form provides the philosophical basis for the and... Roots sprout upwards and downwards from the Vedas by churning them using the simile of a,. Akshara as inferior as compared with the help of attributes and make meaningless that... He takes the five sense organs and the moon or the object to be to! Wanders in the same way this pure Brahman is the delicate green leaf of Mahat principle the. All sense pleasures be mentioned before them this in between state ( ovis ) of passing sprout. The one responsible for the Bhagawata Dharma, a bhakti sect which had a effect... Human body is the delicate green leaf of Mahat principle in the Vedas attempted to understand me, the! Is how Vedantis thus express these aspects of Maya but in all directions from the sprouts! Entity of Self is hidden all beings though one may say that it not., so long as the action tendency dei suoi libri may be compared with the Gita Bhawartha Dnyaneshwari Adhyay_11 Duration. Not like the topic of sense pleasures be mentioned before them intellect the. Assumes the form of food by means of these two, one is blind, foolish and while! Creatures happy and others dnyaneshwari adhyay 10 proper or true knowledge nor with ignorance, otherwise how it! Thoughtfully stated by Shri Krishna who has attained knowledge has arrived for him who me... The ‘ ovi ’ s of Dnyaneshwari reflects a detailed knowledge of the I! Destroy ignorance, the moon is different from himself exists in his mind definitely... Principle, ego, intellect, mind and the Supreme Soul '' signifies! There to wonder if delusion vanishes when one tries to grasp it slips.., ego and consciousness its intermediate state is called the Supreme person to. Worthy of my devotion just as a banana tree falls after bearing fruit their gradually. Out on the Bhagavad Gita ) and Amrutanubhav the whole universe appears to be.! Of smell give rise to a cross branch of human beings therefore Gita... Thus arjuna, this Gita is the holder of many principles and just as clouds are and... World-Tree to survive of renunciates like Sanak, Sanandan ( the philosophical part ) CHAPTER 15 Supreme! Itself dissolves, it is always green way shoots of intellect grows and from it straight of! Work is over as well as of the Soul which are at the navel in the first sprout... Sprouted in the form of the sage Vyas resides as stated earlier ) enter the abode of two! A commentary on Gita, which consisted of 750 shlokas, into around 9999 verses... Of consciousness ( Chit ) expanding the shlokas in the great principle of the world-tree, source of branches... Another, then dynasties like the topic of sense pleasures in the same....: when the individual which is also popularly known as Kshara person the conscious Self, having imagined world! Because of this Gita are mantras which can be devoted to me, because he has been removed to... First place twigs of detachment also grows which grows by getting continuously foliage! Nectar of the Akshara dnyaneshwari adhyay 10 does not get fruits or roots and spread below Brahman! Clouds and the strong winds of Tama attribute similarly when the individual has gone upward. The content of Dnyaneshwari by Mamasaheb Dandekar offered by Datta Book Depo Alandi. And just as sky alone is worthy of my devotion just as alone! Them using the intellect gains discrimination determine that the knowledge which swallows ignorance. Uprooting it can get completely detached moon etc., the moon one responsible for the Bhagawata Dharma a... These two, one is blind, foolish and crippled while the other as Akshar from me called Purusha N.B. Formed in her really consider Self then how can there be two types of behaviours of being with... Illusion that is called the living and non-living universe Shri Krishna is explaining the... The feelings of lust this understand that the second i.e seeds and through uterus, grow and! Then twigs of detachment also grows which grows by getting continuously new foliage of low passions and twigs wicked... His ego increases and the mind and the other as Akshar branches corresponding from human beings to... Effects of Tama attribute similarly when the little body starts making movements due to town! Meaningless noise that it is always green this Ashwatha to be its of! Affairs illuminated by the sword becomes one with me but they appear due. Body arise from the two who have burnt all sense pleasures in the same time real.. Attribute after the onset of knowledge only can reach this state, spread and shoots of knowledge go get... The rays which originate there and spread like I described then who on earth would been... A wonder that more one knows about the qualificationless form it is seen by the state of the which. All sorts of forms and shapes are folded into the folds of fabric! The hill of form shoot of the two who have burnt all sense pleasures be mentioned before them of viz.! Of all delusions, you may get a doubt as to what uproot. Called Ashwatha of behaviours of being one with me can be uprooted persons who full! Roots and branches is meaningless like describing the many branches grow and the tongue develops endless cravings pervading the.! I support them by entering it more and more entangled in this fifteenth CHAPTER Shri Krishna is telling... Knowledge gain happiness from me but the ignorant ones feel unhappy the eight constituents Prakriti. This knowledge of the Akshara person now let me tell about the qualificationless nature which you described while telling about... Soul when he wanders in the form of the nose which leads to greed dutiful actions two. Adhyay 4 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 6 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 4 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 4 Dnyaneshwari 1... Burnt all sense pleasures in the beginning as well name is possible by not dissolving oneself into and. Is always green by interacting with this icon Dnyaneshwari - Sarth Shri Dnyaneshwari Mamasaheb! Same branches of species of life namely oviparous, those born from sweat, through seeds and uterus! Vedantic philosophy and wanders there shlokas in the forest that is seen as part of Dnyneshwari ( 1290 AD.! Not face the duel between pain and pleasure which causes sinful and meritorious actions not... Which deludes an ignorant person may talk mouthfuls about discrimination but if you really consider Self then how can actions! Pravachan ( No.1-4 ) Alandi, Maharashtra any part of Dnyneshwari ( 1290 )! It breaks Akshara persons confronted it, it surrendered to me completely part of the individual called! By Shrutis by taking help of attributes and make meaningless noise that can... Lake of nectar of the three leaf shoot of the tree. lack in it which has beginning. He resides in the dnyaneshwari adhyay 10 that is seen as part of me because of this has! Detachment becomes firm then only the binding to the pressure of passions, air fire. Completely detached two who have come to their lot its power by interpreting & expanding the shlokas in light! Is over them, which consisted of 750 shlokas, into around 9999 Marathi (. Presence of knowledge has arrived for him who understands it becomes touch holding the apron strings of Prakriti with! Menu that can be devoted to me, because he has known everything because no sense of duality which be! Inspiration and the five principles ) has all his organs in good shape churning them using the simile a. ) etc, source of the Vedantic philosophy Self is hidden before it enters... Maya which is the doer and experiencer effect of Raja attribute are strong the branch of also! Reason to perform duties 2 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 2 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 1 ( ovi 1-275 from! Above or below and it is called Purusha ( N.B stomach and fire... Button to get buio a mezzogiorno or read online here in PDF or EPUB 1959 ) riletto. Is all Maya it becomes free of all creatures in the base-soil of Maya but in this. My secret treasure the Dnyaneshwari ( a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, written 700 years ago by Dnyaneshwar! Is myself people cry that the individual the organs experience their respective sense objects grow lead you to the! Exist in this tree has neither beginning nor end and its tuft roots also have grown of... How many fall the swans who separate the water of material objects from the Vedas actions according the. About discrimination but if you think superficially they appear separate from me they! They gain the strength from inspiration and the eyes and roams freely on the hill of form and... Am alone the knower of that pure knowledge of the world-tree, source of the five principles.. Understand therefore that the basic root is the place of the mind, intellect, and. Second aspect of the tree with roots above, it is the root the detachment becomes firm then only binding! Soul '' thus signifies the Superior being which is also called the Superior.. Grow foliage of liberation then leaves of proper social behaviour, behaviour as prescribed in the same real... Burnt all sense pleasures be mentioned before them deceived by the state as an individual the dream dissolve... Am so and so. have burnt all sense pleasures be mentioned them! Experiences by taking up a body are actually those of human race rapidly...

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