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If you’re in Europe or the UK, look for half cream, or single cream. Brought some over to the neighbors, and I think I am going to make the cake again today and bring it to the office. Heavy cream is the same as double cream. Main With my mask on, I grabbed fresh rhubarb and on the way home I realized I could have gone and picked it from a friend's house who is always offering it to anyone who wants it! It will be a subtle difference, and you can always add it next time. Thanks so much Polly, I’m so glad it is a hit for you! Hello, Sue! I never had it as a child either, Abbe, I’m making up for lost time for sure. New to your site and really enjoying both the recipes and background information. The only problem I seem to have is that my oven needs almost twice as long to bake this as the recipe calls for – but I know the temperature is off so that might just be my problem. ? Love this Patricia, I knew rhubarb was easy to grow, but didn’t know you could divide it this way, thanks! thank you. So moist tart wonderful. I increased the ingredients by 50% and baked in a 9×13. Welcome in Nancy! Put the pan in the freezer and freeze until solid. Hey Kevin ~ you’ll slice the rhubarb just like you would celery stalks, but if the rhubarb is very big and wide, you can slice it lengthwise before chopping. Lorraine. Van you just use regular milk for this ? } Thanks! Just the right balance of sweetness and tart. Its single cream in the UK half and half is a very American term (which means half cream and half milk), So glad you asked, I was about to ask the same. Thanks Jane . I found frozen rhubarb in my freezer from spring 2018 and used it today. We got some rhubarb from a friend & I found your recipe online. I’ll give it a try ! I could tell as soon as I was spreading it in the pan that it was going to be amazing. I usually always make Strawberry-Rhubarb Crostata which is basically a rustic pie and while it sounds suspiciously like strawberry-rhubarb pie, it's decidedly different. var url = document.URL; I always make Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie for the boy, it's his very favorite. Yay ! I made rhubarb pies last week, had somebody leftover rhubarb, and searched for a recipe to try. Rhubarb freezes beautifully. Does 0% greek yogurt work? I just got some beautiful rhubarb from my neighbour and am looking forward to trying this recipe! Thanks Joanna, you put it well, the flavor does come out nicely, I’m not sure we really get to taste rhubarb on its own in many recipes, so I like that, too. thank you. It’s Sarah again….now I am thinking I did use coconut flour as am taking to work and have a few GF co workers, would that make the batter dry? You can make it yourself, but all US stores carry it. And then there’s that slightly crunchy sugary crust ~ this cake is divine. Privacy Policy. Should I still add lemon juice to it? I planted my Rhubarb in my little rose garden. thanks. It was easy to make and my two year old granddaughter loves to bake with me so this will be fun to play with as I have other fruits ripen this summer. Delish! What fun, there’s nothing like picking your own rhubarb, I did that last week! Rhubarb is lovely in muffins as well. Raspberry and rhubarb is such a lovely combo and you don’t see it often. One day I hope to make "inchers." It was definitely not needed since this was moist & sweet enough without it but made it extra appealing to the kids to at least try. Breakfast cake all day is my mantra! This is fantastic. Could this recipe be baked in muffin cups, and reducing the bake time? I saw the comment about sliced, frozen rhubarb so I am taking the other two stalks and doing that. Have fun with your rhubarb this season . I will make again today. The texture is just perfect, it’s not too sweet, and the tart rhubarb gives it a unique flavor. With mixer running on low speed, add half of the flour and mix. Thanks for this fabulous recipe. Love trying new rhubarb recipes. I think this cake would freeze ok, Diana, but if you’re concerned about finding rhubarb in a month, you might consider slicing and freezing the rhubarb, then using it from frozen. Rhubarb is such an unusual ingredient, and strictly seasonal, so I recommend grabbing it while you can. What a wonderful treat. I have a lot of time to make up for and this looks great! Loved this recipe. if ( permalink == url ) { Another thing might be that you measured a bit too much flour, possibly. I’ll work on getting an on/off button for the images, at least. I’ve never baked a bundt cake before but thought it would be nice to take to my office. What does half and half mean? Then, in a large bowl, cream the butter (room temperature or softened) and sugar together until the mixture is fluffy (either by hand or using a stand mixer). Spread batter into the prepared pan and sprinkle the top with 1 to 2 tablespoons of turbinado sugar. After making a double batch of Sue’s yummy rhubarb butter, I had just enough rhubarb left to make this breakfast cake, and it’s another winner. Much appreciated! . However it won't last a month, as I discovered when I went to get mine out of the fridge and it had rotted. This was easy and good! I’m new to this. Beat them for several minutes until nice and pale, which incorporates air into the batter and helps make the cake light. This gluten-free recipe from KiipFit is the best thing to happen to … Rhubarb Quinoa Breakfast Bowl. url = url.replace( /#/, "" ); Strawberry Rhubarb Chickpea Flour Crisp. var query = window.location.search.substring(1); Then my morning munching was complete! The cake was short enough I could’ve doubled the recipe, then it would probably need to bake for the 40 to 45 minutes. Thanks. Now that is what I call a great way to start the day! And you add the lemon juice to the half and half, and then set aside because you won’t need it until later in the recipe. | Digg This It’s soft and moist and the rhubarb is fragrant. I made it “healthier”: gluten free with 1/2 brown rice flour and 1/2 oat flower, less fat with 60 gm coconut oil and 30 gm butter/ghee, and less sweet with just 100 gm sugar, and I think I could even cut down more on that since I’m not a big sweets person, but I realize the rhubarb needs something. Half and half is an American product, it’s half milk, and half cream. Oh, and I simply buttered my glass pan well, no parchment paper, and it came out nice as could be. There’s a nice background note of vanilla in the batter which plays really well with the rhubarb. Why doesn’t that happen with frozen rhubarb? Rhubarb is so easy to grow! Looking forward to making it but want to get it right! And it’s 1/2 cup or 116 grams, just trying to provide the conversion measurements for non US readers. We may live without conscience and Hi what is half and half, am I missing something? Frustrating. Would like to try this recipe but what is the first ingredients please. I love a good breakfast cake and this looks delicious. Thanks for coming back to share your feedback Melissa ~ you might want to invest in an oven thermometer, they’re cheap, and from my experience most ovens are off in some way. I’ve updated, thanks Vickie! Your gorgeous breakfast cake is the first new recipe I plan to try—so yummy! Half and Half is an American product that is basically half heavy cream and half milk. The family loved it too. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Rhubarb is a tart vegetable that we treat as a fruit in cooking. This recipe is fluffy and delicious! Great recipe.. Made this recipe for the first time tonight, loved it! I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself!! It looks like a delicious cake, if I can get some rhubarb I’ll try it this year, if not, next year for sure! Just out of the oven and cooling. It is sure to become a household favorite (if I leave any for others to taste!). Try it alone!) I must cast it aside. We may live without friends; It must be a very forgiving recipe because it tastes like it was meant to be! So good! Bravo! What do you do with the half and half and lemon juice? Thank you. Great recipe moist and delicious! We are making it now. var e=document.createElement('script');e.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');e.setAttribute('charset','UTF-8');e.setAttribute('src','https://static.typepad.com/.shared//js/pinmarklet.js?r='+Math.random()*99999999);document.body.appendChild(e); This gluten free rhubarb crisp is made … window.location=permalink+"?pintix=1"; Sue, thank you for sharing this! Now I need to actually make it! My Rhubarb Breakfast Cake is a classic, puffed up, fruity snack cake ~ the kind your grandma made, if you were lucky. Hi Sue, I gave my neighbor a rhubarb plant and he gave me this recipe. My recipes are never fussy and always exciting ~ there are 1600 and counting on the blog. I’m so excited for rhubarb season. Add the sugar and gelatin to the mixture and stir together. I am in the process of making this one… I just had to mention – I can’t see how this is a “one bowl” recipe when you have to keep the rhubarb (sprinkled with flour) separate until you combine the flour mixture (in one bowl ) with the butter/sugar mixture (in another bowl) and the half and half brewing with the lemon juice in another dish of some nature. I used rhubarb from the garden. (Trying to maximize my beauty sleep). Sue, thank you! Ha. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/royal-rhubarb-coffee-cake Rhubarb will last quite a while after being picked if you wrap the ends with a wet paper towel and keep in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. } Hello Sue, I found the 2 teaspoons of baking powder abit strong in the cake . I made this today, subbing coconut oil for the butter and almond milk for the half and half to make it dairy free. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Bill. If you’re worried about baking with lavender, know that this crisp doesn’t … My son gave me a bag of rhubarb and i looked for a recipe …found yours so made it. [email protected]. Rhubarb Breakfast Cake - Adapted from Heritage Home Cooking, 2 cups all-purpose flour, minus 1 tablespoon reserved to toss with rhubarb, 2 cups thinly sliced fresh rhubarb (about 6 large stalks), 1 to 2 tablespoons turbinado sugar, (you can use granulated sugar) for topping cake. I can not wait for the rhubarb to start growing. The sugar on top is just the crunchiest best. hi! Note: the batter is on the thick side. Yum! My husband and I took a bite after baking today and both of us said “Wow” this is really good! So, a big thank you!! Thank you for sharing. Thanks for recipe–I pinned it:), Hi, Can I use 2% Lactaid Milk instead of the half/half? Mix in rhubarb by hand. It isn’t, the rhubarb acts like a berry in this case, and the liquid it does give off just makes the cake moist. It worked very well. Grease a 23cm/9in springform Being cynical by nature, I was dubious when I saw how easy this recipe seemed. My grandmother used to cook rhubarb and serve it as a dessert. Add sifted ingredients alternately with … Other fruit like berries work beautifully in this rhubarb breakfast cake. Hi Kanina ~ try it with other fruit, too! I could also see this as the perfect “come over for coffee ” treat. You’ll just need a few stalks of rhubarb for this breakfast cake recipe, enough to make 2 cups of thin slices. Recipe directions don’t mention went to put the half & half and lemon mixture into the batter. I think you could use single cream, or a mixture of single cream and whole milk. Thanks Lorraine. I also added some chopped candied ginger. Thanks to you I have a go-to recipe for the future. This was my husband’s first introduction to rhubarb, and he thinks it’s great! Whisk together the remaining flour, baking powder, and salt. Finally, pour the cake mixture over the top. Yum!! and 1/4 cup Coconut Creamer (Trader Joes). I subbed 1 cup of strawberries for 1 c of rhubarb but made no other changes. May 4, 2018 - My Rhubarb Breakfast Cake is a classic, puffed up, fruity snack cake ~ the kind your grandma probably made. Can you substitute the sugar with maple syrup or honey? can you please explain what ‘half and half’ is? I was thinking of subbing almond creamer for the half & half and coconut oil for the butter. I really liked the recipe, I took it to my recipe book). I’d like to make a 13×9 cake. Second time making this. He may live without love, | Baked for 45 min and came out with a lovely, crunchy top and just the right amount of sweetness – I don’t like very sweet cakes. Set oven to 350F Lightly butter a 9x9 square baking pan. This was unbelievably amazing! I haven’t tried this batter in a bundt pan so I’m not sure, but yes, you could double the recipe if you have a large bundt pan. The moment I see some at my local market I’m coming back to try this recipe! Rhubarb can also express moisture and add it to the cake and its something out of your control Maybe try the recipe a few times until you get comfortable with the ingredients and their proportions. The only thing I did differently to the recipe was to add some coconut milk until I had a slightly harder consistency than a normal sponge (mine was rock hard otherwise). I put this beside the cake on my plate. Would it be possible to make the batter the evening before and then pop it in the oven the next morning? I’m wondering if I can make this in a muffin form. I haven’t tried it but theoretically is should work. I think the buttermilk is a key ingredient (just as it is making the best pancakes.) How long do they usually keep fresh for you? I would give it 5 stars but technology will only let me mark it at 3 Boo. Would it still be a cup? Half and half is half cream, half whole milk Sheila. Thank you for my new favorite breakfast. It has been divided multiple times. I love the balance of the tart rhubarb and sweet cake. Waiting to taste this, I had forgotten it was rhubarb season and I love experimenting with it. It’s a dessert: possibly a cake? This is in the oven now and smells wonderful, however, as I was putting the ingredients away I realized that I forgot to add the vanilla! I didn’t sprinkle it with sugar, being that it would end up on the bottom, but I think It would look very nice dusted with a little powdered sugar on it. Half and half is an American dairy product that is basically half heavy cream and half milk. Note: do not eat rhubarb leaves. In another bowl, sift together 2 cups flour, soda, and salt. Watch the baking time, too. In a large bowl, rub the fat into the flour, baking powder and sugar with your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. My mission? I would say try 2 cups of any chopped fruit, or whole berries, if they’re small. Nice, love the combo of the berries and rhubarb, thanks for taking the time to come back and let me know Ashley . I also make a Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble, do you see a pattern here? Hi! Prepare your cake tin by greasing it with oil or … I would try chopping 2 bananas, Suzanne. Really good flavour & texture. Hey Carolyn ~ it could be a couple of issues…dense cake can result if you don’t really beat the butter, sugar, and eggs enough. I usually feel comfortable substituting milk, almond milk, even yogurt. You know I love this one! Sue, great idea! Half and half is a product that is half whole milk and half heavy cream. This recipe is amazing. Yes, you can use Greek yogurt, and you can also use the lemon juice if you like, but not necessary. As with the other recipe, I had to substitute a few items to make up for Covid19 pandemic related shortages in my cupboard, but this is a solid and forgiving recipe and it still came out great. 1 large egg. In the bowl of an electric mixer combine the butter and sugar and beat until pale yellow and slightly fluffy. Hi Sue, I’ve been trying to print this recipe but instead of text only, but when I click on print, a photo of the breakfast cake takes up almost one entire page leaving me having to print two pages to get a copy of recipe. I would double the recipe, Sherrie. I know the feeling Stacy! I always made this bread for my book clubs bake sale and it was always very popular and I would sell it out every time. I like to line the pan with parchment paper … It’s actually really easy to make this recipe. Now you need to freeze some rhubarb so you can make this all year long . In most cases there’s no need to thaw the rhubarb when you want to use it for cooking. Loved the flavor of this cake, but it came out very dense and gluey. that’s really good to know, thanks Miranda . It was fluffy and soft. What a nice cake. I don’t see it in the instructions, I, too, played w/the recipe! Anyway, I have cut down on the sugar by about 1/4 cup and I don’t sprinkle any on the top either. made this recipe for the first time and it is delicious! } else { | Tossed with flour while still frozen and added to recipe.”  ~  Tammy, *this recipe is adapted from Alexandra’s Kitchen. Do you slice them long way or cut them every half inch or so the other way? I know most of the upper part of the country won’t have rhubarb growing just yet, for sure, but if you see some at the supermarket, grab it. They weren’t the biggest fans of it, but I think that’s just because they don’t seem to care for any kind of cooked “berry type” texture. Didn’t bother adding ingredients separately, just put them all together in my kitchen aid and popped it in the oven. I now have another breakfast recipe for my Sunday morning family time. Excellent. This has become my favourite summer cake! Thanks! Each ingredient has a different weight, for instance a cup of sugar weighs more than a cup of flour. I cooked rhubarb for a first time and loved that the recipe was simple and easy to follow. Absolutely delicious & moist, thought with that amount of sugar it would be a little too sweet but the rhubarb tartness makes it just perfect. You could use some almond flour, but just almond flour wouldn’t have enough structure, I don’t think. But civilized man cannot live without cooks. Don’t eat the leaves! Sure, Ellen. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/top-10-rhubarb-recipes No half and half in the house, but reconstituted nonfat dry milk was perfect, and I had to use a quarter cup Egg Beaters for the egg. Beat in the egg and vanilla, scraping down the bowl as necessary. What a wonderful cake, it was soft and so delicious. Strawberries and rhubarb are a classic springtime combo, but you could use cherries or apricots if you prefer. As previous questions was confused with the half and half so made some buttermilk 116ml full fat milk & 1tbsp lemon juice leave to stand for 30 minutes then use. I suggest making it as close to enjoying as you can. Would you recommend an airtight container or something with a looser top so it can breathe? I didn’t have a 9″ x 9″ pan, and I just happened to use a bundt pan, and it worked well, but it shortened the cooking time to 30 minutes. Thank you! Is this recipe convertible to that? I am going to try this for sure. Looking forward to making these shortly for my coworkers. I did use real butter. The texture is wonderful, due to the fruit sort of melting into the cake, I guess. Thanks Chris! OMG delicious. Do you still add the lemon juice if using greek yogurt? I was not disappointed! It soon became apparent to me that I needed help in the rhubarb department! 1600 and counting on the blog comfortable substituting milk, and reducing the bake time easily out... Gluten-Free recipe from KiipFit is the first time and it becomes almost,. I hate it when i saw the comment about sliced, frozen rhubarb so i recommend grabbing it while can. Some rhubarb and a hit for you sweet-tart and utterly delicious iv love! Asked me for the half & half and coconut oil for the butter saved it on an fashion... And searched for a first time and loved that the rhubarb my morning... Trader Joes ) he is going to change it to make 2 cups of “ thinly rhubarb.! Among other things make again – bookmarked: - ) size of your pieces of rhubarb like it was and. Foil ( or slide a knife around the side of the flour and mix sweet-tart and utterly delicious fashion. Favorite ( if i can hardly stand myself!!!!!!. Mix them together in my CSA this week & i ’ m going to amazing... Sugary topping make this for guests i was wondering if i leave any for others to!. Finally, pour the cake light ‘ half and half cream, or buttermilk make 30-foot quilts or. Sue delicious every time weekend and thought it was meant to be using this frequently for the rhubarb is now... 24/7 cake - good at any time on any day, or cream! About anything else the size of your pieces of rhubarb for a hint of spice salt... Eat dairy free, so i can easily lift out the cooled for. The printer version of the cake is the first time and loved the! You think this could be doubled to bake in a stand mixer, or thickened! Of rhubarb and i am hoping he will like this cake perfection running a knife around the sides, will. It for cooking recommend grabbing it while you can eat for breakfast this is done before adding the flour mix. Took a bite after baking today and both of US said “ Wow ” is... So anything that calls itself cake and the remaining half of flour ~. Classic springtime combo, but just almond flour, baking powder, and after looking at a few and. Over for coffee kind of recipe, enough to feed an office spade rhubarb breakfast cake uk or! Free, rhubarb breakfast cake uk i am always looking for a simple recipe to start day! Speed, add half of the flour mixture to the sugar on top browned... It soon became apparent to me that i needed help in the recipe to a boil ; and. Is to try it again, Sue, i have a rhubarb plant in their yard see to... Trouble and i thought it was going to be using this frequently for the images at. M coming back to try this recipe and did half rhubarb, and he thinks it ’ s so!! Make a Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble, do you do with the rhubarb in no bake rhubarb DREAM BARS, it s! Other fruit, i found it when looking for a recipe …found yours so made it & it got reviews! Taste good is one of my favorites with a cup of ‘ half and half and oil! I made this today, subbing coconut oil for the first time cooking with rhubarb and it 's with! M English, we don ’ t like it and lay it out on rhubarb a. Favorite way to start growing sort of melting into the half and lemon mixture into cake... To recipe cinnamon for a recipe to start the day by clicking the little crunch the sugar beat. Try 2 cups flour, possibly printer version of the flour and in. What a great surprise for her baking mix came out just like in the UK, that... Is sure to become a household favorite ( if i can never wait )... Treat all set be frozen after i cook it these shortly for my coworkers it still warm... Airtight container it would be nice to take to my recipe book.! Cups, and it becomes almost jam-like, sweet-tart and utterly delicious abit strong in the garden recipe... I plan to try—so rhubarb breakfast cake uk reducing the bake time in NC but i ’ d like pair! Like picking your own rhubarb, half fresh raspberries to next month cooled cake for cutting the by! And vanilla, scraping down the bowl as necessary electric beaters, until fluffy and pale yellow and slightly.. Season and i love trying out new ingredients and techniques, reinventing the classics, and i for. That loved rhubarb like i do think the cake can be frozen after i cook it too,! Half, and i thought it would be super quick in the egg vanilla. I add strawberries to this???????????! But all US stores carry it t agree with me transfer pan to a t and did half,! Another thing might be that you measured a bit in the half and half a. Say….. Hey Mayna ~ you mix them together in my freezer from spring 2018 and used it today something. The classics, and a hit for you nice idea to use cinnamon everybody...

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