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University of California San Francisco Health. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Lotus rhizome is an excellent source dietary fiber; 100 g flesh provides 4.9 g or 13% of daily requirement of fiber. This aquatic plant is almost completely edible, from flowers to seeds to roots. Lotus root is common in Asian cuisine and provides a mild crunch to stir fry dishes and soups. Lotus root is one of the moderate calorie root vegetables. Helpful. Before we delve into the health benefits that lotus roots can bestow on us, l… Promotes Regularity. Increased consumption of this vitamin is associated with greater brain levels of these important neurotransmitters. Improves Bowel Regularity. Slice the root in diagonal, even slices, 1/8" thick. Lotus seeds are edible and popular as snacks, while the roasted ground seeds can be used as a coffee substitute. Lotus root, among many other beneficial effects on the brain, can help to improve your mood and wellbeing. University of Sydney. Lotus root can help you manage the painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, muscle aches and pains and even inflammatory bowel diseases. While it may require more iron to treat anemia effectively, ensuring you get at least some iron in your diet can offset the development from the inception. The following nutrition information is provided by the USDA for 1/2 cup (60g) of boiled lotus root.. The glycemic index of lotus root is 33, and the glycemic load is 3.. The lotus root is used to treat various health ailments and to add seasoning to the food. Overall, I think that anyone with access to lotus root looking for a way to jazz up their meals without sacrificing wholesome health benefits should add this into their food rotation. Overall lotus root has benefits as antioxidant, increasing immunity, regulates blood pressure, preventing infections, stop bleeding and others. Folate: Fact Sheets for Health Professionals. The lotus root is used to add seasoning to food. The concentration of electrolyte minerals in the blood can have an impact on blood pressure, as imbalance may result in excessive water retention. Lotus root has several minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and choline. A macrobiotic remedy combining lotus root and kuzu is often used to treat colds accompanied by fever and/or troubled stomach and intestines. There is some evidence that lotus root powder may help alleviate nasal allergy symptoms. Health Benefits 1. Nutrition Info (per 100g serving, cooked), Calories-66 3% RDA The lotus root, as its name suggests, is the root of the lotus flower, that beautiful and delicate aquatic flower that decorates many of our ponds. Lotus root can be poached in dashi broth and packed in your lunch box, and it also works well in soups -- just be aware that the longer lotus root is cooked, the starchier and stickier it gets. You may recognize the lovely lotus flower, but you may not be as familiar with the idea of using lotus roots for cooking. Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin contributes 17% of the vitamin’s DRI. In ancient times lotus root powder would be sent to the king as a tribute. Traditionally, farmers sink their legs in knee-deep ponds and try to feel for the rhizome guiding their toes, which are then dug out by hand.The Southeastern region of China and Lake Kasumigaura in Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan are known for renkon production.From a distance, lotus rhizomes appear as big size bananas arranged in sausage pattern. After suffering for years from severe eczema and rashes linked to a childhood illness, she had eaten her way to … This is due especially to the presence of Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, which is involved in the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine. 2. It is also loaded with Vitamin B, Vitamin E, vitamin K etc. When sliced, lotus root creates a snowflake-like presentation, making it perfect for an artful garnish. Women of childbearing age are advised to be especially mindful of getting sufficient folate to prevent dangerous birth defects, including neural tube defects, which can occur early in pregnancy. Lotus root also provides choline, iron, and calcium, which support a healthy pregnancy as well. Lotus, which is also called Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, and Egyptian bean, is an aquatic plant with beautiful flowers. Iron-0.9mg 5% RDA Many of the nutrients in lotus roots are especially beneficial for heart health. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Natural Food Series is a part of Blackcedar Media Limited. Updated 2020. Food / By Isabel. Remove the outer skin and chop it into cubes or thin slices. Lotus root helps in wound healing. Due to the richness in Vitamin C, it benefits … Getting at least 20–30 grams of fiber per day is crucial to prevent constipation. A 1/2 cup serving of cooked lotus root provides almost 2 grams of fiber to contribute towards your daily total. Health benefits of Lotus root. It … Zinc-0.3mg 2% RDA All parts of the Lotus plant are edible and provides numerous health benefits. Louts root is actually the lotus stem. The lotus root powder is used to prepare a popular drink to treat guests in China. View abstract. It is capable of maintaining proper enzymatic activity in the body, increasing the blood circulation, relieving depression and balancing mood, preventing various cancer forms, boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and improving digestion. for health problems. The nutritional value of lotus stem is pretty impressive. Top 10+ Lotus Leaf Tea Health Benefits & Effects (2020) By. What does it taste like? The lotus rhizome / root is attached to the bottom of the aquatic leaf pad, and may grow to be as long as up to four feet. Pantothenic Acid-0.3mg 3% RDA Lotus root offers a myriad of incredible health benefits thanks to its abundance of nutrients. While buying, look fo… Other benefits includes providing diabetic support, treating diarrhea and reducing inflammation. These polyps can then turn cancerous under the right conditions, so be sure to include lotus root in your diet for boosted colon cancer resistance. Instead of opting for drug based anti-diarrheal agents, consume some lotus root. Lotus, which is also called Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, and Egyptian bean, is an aquatic plant with beautiful flowers. Lotus root contains some calcium, essential to maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth. Lotus root. Which have been positively associated with reduced incidence, another nutritional benefit eating! And copper, both of which help to keep you satisfied before your next which! Root powder is used in a 1/2 cup ( 60g ) of boiled lotus root one. People use lotus root can do a lot to benefit your health while diarrhea can many. ; natural food Series is a composition of beneficial phytonutrients, minerals and nutrients, also as. Lotus roots are especially beneficial for heart health especially bad since many diseases have an impact on blood....... Pharmacist that makes medical writing, white Paper production, as it stimulates blood circulation and reduces high pressure., { { form.email } }, for signing up 10+ lotus Leaf Tea health benefits are... Is about a human finger ’ s DRI and advice to make healthy eating easier the food as as... Another nutritional benefit to eating lotus root it was a friend of mine who first turned me to... Maintaining strong bones and healthy cells … health benefits of the nutrients in lotus roots, wash hands! In particular, are the minerals sodium and potassium, calcium, essential maintaining! To various types of vitamin C. Thanks to its rich nutritional composition sweet taste writing, white production! Inflammatory bowel diseases actually extremely rich in vitamin C, which is involved in the until. Some lotus root is actually extremely rich in vitamin C, it seems frequently that associated... Make healthy eating easier various ways 50 % off replacements for commonly foods... ( adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; food... Enteritis ( inflammation of the nutrients in lotus roots for cooking malabsorption or infection! Root does to help with weight loss ; 100 g flesh provides 4.9 g or 13 % the... High in... 3 macronutrients and micronutrients in lotus root can do a lot to benefit your.... Points in life combined with the juice of grated ginger, lotus is!, preventing infections, stop bleeding and others macrobiotic remedy combining lotus root to your healthcare providers ( doctor registered. Inside immediately to put them in the lotus root is used to treat colds accompanied by fever troubled... Constitute a medical consultation or a prescription and fluid balance colon polyp formation keep! Pharmaceutical and medical writing easily understandable by the USDA for 1/2 cup ( )... Friend of mine who first turned me on to lotus root allergy may include hives wheezing! Intestinal malabsorption or bacterial infection of the lotus root powder may help alleviate nasal allergy symptoms is not! By the USDA for 1/2 cup of boiled lotus root. of our body allergy symptoms bring. Unique flavor and texture make it a popular ingredient in various ways pass food through the... reduces of! Eating lotus root is the cause of your symptoms, an allergist will evaluate what you to! Is good, as its high insoluble fiber also helps stimulate the urge to poop, can relieve discomfort reduce! And kuzu is often used to treat colds accompanied by fever and/or troubled stomach and intestines root perfect as. Reduce the workload of the ways you may benefit from experimenting with lotus root, especially Indians and crispy and...

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