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We ate them in those first few months when we barely had time to cook and it was such a treat. Personal pear galettes (Adapted from Smitten Kitchen) Makes 6 personal pear galettes, or 2 larger galettes. And it was my first ever galette. I imagine this crust recipe will be amazing with late summer plums. That would eliminate the too-large lumps, which should eliminate pools of butter in the baking, and the dough would come back to a chilled, workable consistency in the fridge. Baking now, I’m sure it will still taste great. I think it really improves the flavor. It took over an hour to cook and the sugar caramelized. Or perhaps could I make 14 mini galettes? I have made this galette no less than 15 times since you posted the recipe two months ago. first time eating fontina too…what a weird cheese! Should I make two galettes? You can even do all the cooking/prep several days in advance. 1 1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh sage leaves. My take is it isn’t watery and it is somewhat creamy and gently aged. And I’m not sure if its just because the squash was the first filling I tried, but this one is still my favorite. Could coconut oil work as a sub? THAT good. Also, sometimes I find that 1/4 tsp is just a little too much cayenne, so I err on the “to taste” side. My dad and I grew butternut squash in the garden this summer and I’ve been searching for a great way to use them. I am making my Christmas cooking plan and not able to find some of my favorite recipes – just a heads up! I then put about half the grated cheese on the crust, followed by the squash and then the rest of the grated cheese, fold over the edges, bake. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook includes more than 100 recipes from Deb Perelman, accompanied by lovely photographs of the dishes. This has become “my speciality” dish since i have been asked to bring it to several potlucks since then. I sent some to a neighbor (who loved it) and my husband and I polished off the rest with no regrets or shame. The crust is absolutely amazing. I made the dough and filling the day before and just kept in the fridge overnight, bringing the filling to room temperature before baking. i did add a couple extra tablespoons of water to get the last bit of dust in the bottom to come together. pieces Remove the galette from the oven, let stand for five minutes, then slide onto a serving plate. Hi! Would it be too weird of a combo? I do have: tiny food processor and regular blender, (Loving your cookbook my husband bought for me a couple days ago!!!) Do you recommend forming them by hand into mini galettes or using muffin tins? I served this with Tomatoes, Basil and Buratta cheese salad. Yikes, just saw a similar comment right before mine. Made this last night and it was roll-your-eyes-back-in-your-head good! (I actually subbed ACV for the lemon juice.) Thanks, Deb! Thank you for the terrific recipe. I am definitely making this one again! I made this last night with just a sprinkle of parmesan on top. this recipe is a true treat. We caught an early fall in Maine the first week of this month and now are waiting for it again in Arkansas. And he’s vegetarian- which is why I ended up making this!). Technology. want to make this recipe!!! (I admit I did sprinkle a little sugar on my second helping.) your blog is fantastic definitely a feast for the eyes and tummy. I have no taste for seafood. Cold and wet all around, though, so just need to cook our way through that. Very tasty!! I was super excited to make this today, and it smells delightful! Perfect timing Deb, I was planning on doing a galette this weekend with the 3 apples, 2 pears, and 1 plum I have lingering. Ideas? One question though–as a new owner of your lovely new cookbook, I noticed that the pastry recipe in the cookbook doesn’t do any of the freezing of the butter, flour, etc. Next time for the same amount of people I would triple the dough and quadruple the filling. It is a lovely flaky, crunchy, non soggy bottom crust for a delicious essence of fall filling. Went down very well with my family, who don’t have sweet tooths and prefer sugar-free pastry. I used yogurt and will always do this now. I know the tool is only useful for a short season, but owning a cherry pitter for situations like this, fruit salad or cherry cocktails has been well worth it. to memphislizzie – i’m curious if the muffin tin thing worked? OMG, it is Amazing! Served it with a salad of green leaf, apples, gouda, and pecans with a maple dressing, and it was a wonderful dinner. thank you. Deb- I just wanted to let you know that I made the crust with yogurt instead of sour cream and it was fantastic! The list of dishes I want to try is growing! The dough is a dream to roll out and it’s flaky and crispy. Assemble galette: Heat oven to 400°F and flatten the parchment paper that you wrapped your dough in on a large baking sheet. To accommodate a vegan friend, i substituted Earth Balance for the butter, Tofutti for the sour cream, and Lisanatti almond milk mozzerella for the fontina. I didn’t have time to refrigerate the crust for an hour but it still turned out wonderfully. Transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet. I’ve always made a mushy buttery mess of it and ended up crying. nope. I think I’ve made every savory galette on this site, and I don’t know if my technique is improving or I’m just getting better at following directions, but this one is really off the hook. 1/4 cup ice water. I made this last night (doubled the recipe and made 6 individual galettes) and it was WONDERFUL. I will definitely make it again, perhaps for Thanksgiving. Savory Basil Ricotta And Zucchini Galette. Thanks for another great meal! The first time I made it, I had a difficult time rolling it out to a complete 12″. I finally got around to it yesterday and it made my whole family happy! It was just a little sweet which means it can be breakfast tomorrow:) I didn’t have tapioca starch, so I used arrowroot powder instead. But I can stop contemplating it because this is it– caramelized onion, sage and butternut squash with “stinky cheese” (according to my original note). I layered homemade almond paste under sliced cherries with the lemon juice and sugar for the filling. i will definitely have to share it on my blog and bake it again for Thanksgiving. I currently have tons of basil and no sage…anyone tried this substitution? I made this for a dinner party last friday, and it got rave reviews! Being a big fan of both caramelized onions and butternut squash I thought it was time to get over my ‘crustphobia’ and do this recipe right. Gaile — I’m entirely unfamiliar with non-dairy cheeses (perhaps someone else will pipe up) but you could certainly omit the cheese if it is not for you. You really need to edit the crust instructions. Love your blog – I’m addicted to the “Surprise Me!” button. In the end, just wrapped some sort of combined balls of the mixture (wasn’t sure what you meant when you said ‘remove the larger lumps’) in saran wrap and stuck in the freezer. I am thinking about making this as an appetizer for a Thanksgiving themed dinner party this weekend, but since I have 18 people to feed, was hoping to do a “finger food” version. assemble gallette and freeze before baking, or bake galletes and freeze and re heat? Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated! That crust is fab, so easy but really light and flaky. And a great hit. Great flavors and the flaky crust is incredible. Unless already using the oven for other things, it’s simpler, faster and more economical to roast the squash cubes in a heavy frying-pan over a hot flame. And now he’s found a home….thank goodness, because I was about to do some freestyle experimenting with linguine and sage, and that might have been a disaster. made it for the fam…WOW everyone RAVED about it! Tonya — I haven’t frozen it but think it could work. I tried this from your cookbook last night. Crust was flaky and excellent. I want to fold it into half a dozen empanadas. It’s just one of those doughs that comes together so perfectly every single time–stretchy and smooth, dense and cold but never brittle–it begs to be used again and again. Just made this with shallots and mozzarella (instead of onion and fontina). Stir in cayenne. Reply. We use this for potlucks and picnic-type gatherings too. thank you! This galette pastry, adapted from Smitten Kitchen, is so remarkable that everyone who has sunk their teeth into it has commented on its tender … Oh thanks for sharing. (i.e. Celesta — Asiago is a great idea. I had an extra pie crust from Thanksgiving that needed to be used, and a looming potluck. Yay Deb for sharing this one! Thanks for the feedback! Very very tasty! I forgot how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have now made several of your recipes. Huge hit. I substituted parmesan for the fontina since that’s what was in the fridge, and it turned out great. Made it for Yom Kippur break fast…I adore your cookbook and blog recipes!!!! Has anyone tried this with a ready made pie crust? Yum! Was. Looks impressive and tastes even better. I have cooked many (very very good) things from both the book and your blog. Of course, it’s hard for something with that much butter to taste very bad… Just posting to thank you for mentioning the weight of the squash (1 pound). Will that work with this, or is it too sweet? At Easter we baked it straight out of the freezer, leaving it in the oven perhaps 15 minutes longer than called-for and with a bit of foil over the top for the first 20 minutes. If it’s not an option, give the other a try. Doused the egg-washed dough with lots of black pepper. And I think we went back the next year too and then abruptly, and probably unfairly, got sick of it. The dough rolled out fine. Whipped up some cream with a touch of sugar to put on top. 1 tablespoon olive oil. I find the butter too difficult to cut after it is frozen, so I cut it in first then freeze the butter/flour mixture together. Yes! In fact, I’m not even done eating it, but it’s so good I couldn’t wait to thank you for the recipe. I used my standard crust recipe and Gruyere cheese because I had it in hand. chicken, leek, and rice soup. 3) Used gouda instead of fontina because I already had some. Think I’ll have to experiment with getting it closer to the subject. I made it with 3.5 cups sliced rhubarb and used 1/4 cup sugar. So easy, especially preparing the ingredients the night before! But it worked out (the filling and the dough are both pretty rich and neither I nor my husband could eat more than the quarter-galette portion for dinner along with the salad). Hi Deb, It’s much wetter than I was expecting. Thanks for the excellent blog. Can’t wait to try other fillings. It was my first experience making a “real” pastry, and it turned out well! I had a hard time not just eating the filling components as they were coming off. I accidentally bought gruyere instead of fontina, and I used bottled lemon juice instead of cutting open one of my fresh lemons when we’re trying to limit our grocery runs. Finally gave this a go today. Each time I have made this I am blown away! :). last night we made the alfredo from your cookbook and it was the best i’ve ever had – hello, LEMON! And it was everything I had hoped, can’t wait for the leftovers! All in all a very satisfying dinner with a glass of white wine and more importantly it put a dent in the mountain of squash from my fall CSA! I have seriously never loved a crust so much. here’s the post in my blog about it: Tried some flat spatulas …. I’d love to try this, but we have a dairy allergy in my family. Decided it needed spinach and turkey sausage– wonderful! deb, i know you must know deborah madison’s “vegetarian cooking for everyone”. The crust was nicely flakey. As for peeling the squash, I use the same technique as you do, Deb, and I try to actually enjoy it. 1 small butternut squash (about one pound) It’s strawberry season here, and a galette is perfect, since I have a dough phobia. When the squash is soft (it doesn’t take long – 10 minutes or so), I add the herbs and let it cool a little while I roll out the crust. Seems the savory recipes do have it. I’ve made a few things from it, and everything has been wonderful. By Deb Perelman. It’s divine! How full should they be? And it was my first time making pastry, too. Long time, first time. It was still amazing, but… I think I’d use some white flour next time. I’ll definitely make this again and again! I had to fight my way in right as they were roping the room off and felt lucky to be there… This was the first thing I made from your book and I’m in love. Flavorful and seemingly no freezer damage to the vegetables. It’s definitely my favourite season. Let us know how you do with it! Dee-licious! Do you know if it will work if I assemble the galette ahead of time, then freeze it, then put in the oven day of? Deb you are my go-to resource for any dish, thank you! I forgot to add that I also put in diced apple with the onions – great texture and complementary flavor! I made the book version of this last night. It went perfectly with the ham and kale salad that were being served. Made this last night- slightly time consuming but very easy techniques. I think I spent a good half of the weekend coming up with new recipes, to the point that I’d start with a “what do you think of a blahblahingredientblah?” and Alex would say “write that down, too!” until the list was long and I simply couldn’t wait to get home, which actually brings us to 3:30 a.m. Wednesday when my flight from the business trip I squeeeezed in touched down. This was delicious! this is an amazing recipe I have tried the same recipe in this blog you can see. Kendra — I might refrigerate it before step 5, if you think you can. We both LOVED it! I can’t wait to make this! What did I do wrong? Loading... 155 Views 0 0 × Thanks! On the bottom half, I halved it top to bottom, scoop out all the seeds (these are every bit as good as pumpkin seeds when toasted, I think), and finish chopping from there. So excited to have made a Smitten Kitchen recipe the day it was released. but does butternut squash have two seasons or something!? Hi there – just got your cookbook & the first recipe I made was this butternut squash galette! We loved it so much that we made it again a week later! will definitely be adding it to the fall/winter kitchen line up. Or maybe it was that I made a double batch? I was not preprared for how amazingly delicious this was! 5 teaspoons. Don’t be tempted to skip the eggwash and sugar on the outside. Yummy, yummy! It was wonderful. I’m off to bake! but, i suppose, a gallette rather than a gratin. Love your recipes! I love this idea of mini-galettes – thanks for sharing! This is one of those recipes going into our favorites collection! Make life easy, roll the dough in the baking sheet. I’ve been making this for thanksgiving every year for several years. Your site seriously rocks my socks off!! For Galette Dough. My thought was that if the galette was frozen, it would thaw over the airport/flying time (6 hours?) I’ve made one strawberry rhubarb, and all the rest have been mixed berries – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Deb!! I mean, you were totally right about how easy it is to work with! Just want to report that I made the crust gluten free using Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 GF flour (the one in the blue package) and it came out great! so flaky and good, even after a couple days in the fridge. Omg! Also this definitely served 4 as a main and we ate the whole thing and kind of wished there was more – maybe it serves 6 as a side with lots of other dishes but once it was cut into 6, each piece was pretty small. In celebration of fall I made this AMAZING Galette from your cookbook. I mean, that does make sense, doesn’t it? If you try it, please let us know if it works. Summertime perfection. Assemble galette: Heat oven to 400 degrees. It’s al I have on hand right now. But, I was wondering, do you think this would freeze well pre-made? I wanted to use up some sage so I just made this with Pumpkin (no butternut squash available) and it was still excellent! The cookbook is fascinating – will be trying many more of the recipes! I also wanted to line this up with my pie dough technique, as they are essentially the same so not to unnecessarily confuse people. The Smitten Kitchen is still tiny. Everyone loved it! !, I made the recipe with arrowroot using the same amounts as cornstarch and it worked perfectly. I do not have a pastry blender. I did a sort of combo of this one and one of your mushroom galette recipes, felt a bit dubious about the dough when I was rolling/patting it out (as I’d been a little rambunctious as I was putting it together (“Hmm… no cup measure in this household… pah! Looking forward to trying more galette recipes! I make it for my friends and they love it as much as I do. If I wanted to make this ahead of time and refrigerate it for a few hours after step 5, do you think it would still turn out? I’m anxious to make this galette, especially after reading some of the many wonderful comments! Also a great way to use up blueberries and strawberries we had on hand. I am going to hog all the leftovers for myself. I am not a baker and this recipe made me feel like I was. I always feel like I should eat solely carrot sticks for a day or two afterward to make up for the cheese, butter, sour cream, oil overload, but it’s just SO good. It was too much for just me so I’ve distributed half the galette to three neighbours who I know will appreciate it (socially distant drop off at their front doors). roasted garlic. SUBSTITUTIONS Read the Smitten Kitchen - Butternut Squash and Carmelized Onion Galette discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking food community. I used the recommended sugar amount in the filling and found the finished product to be barely sweet. Just made this for dinner… DELICIOUS. I also more deeply caramelized the onions than what’s shown. hmm. I had a little trouble transferring the dough to the pan. I didn’t chop the raspberries, but did the other fruit and added the full recommendation of tapioca flour. The whole thing was DEE-LISH (love that cayenne kick), but I’m especially glad I discovered this crust. Many thanks for your beautiful, delectable work, and Shanah Tovah to you and yours! Or a berry pie? Thanks for the great recipe! I am having a hard time visualizing these cubes in a quantity equal to that of one whole squash. The seasoning for the squash is just right. Seriously happy stomachs all around. The pastry dough was remarkable with ease of preparation and a wonderful flakiness! One tiny problem is that the crust seemed to emit a lot of oily liquid as it baked. It held together and released almost no juice, so I think that was about right. and the pastry was time consuming, but it was awesome. Best crust I’ve ever made (yogurt variety)— going to try w the Apple pie! Again, okay but not great. it sounds delicious. DELICIOUS! The center will be open. I made it for Thanksgiving last year as a vegetarian entree and it was a big hit. :). Used the leftover dough from the butternut squash galette, after accidentally making double! I haven’t tried that substitution but I’m much more likely to have yogurt, not sour cream, at home too. Five years ago: Not Derby Pie Bars, Liege Waffles and Mushrooms and Greens with Toast There’s butternut squash and onion. Very easy. This is the third time making this for us… always with a variation and always delish! Thank you for expanding my waistline. All in all… SO GOOD! @Liz I use Greek yogurt in Deb’s galette recipes every time–works great! An absolute must. The crust will get soggy and it will be an awful mushy mess. I made this for my kickball team and I had quite a few people ask me for the recipe! Used chèvre and mozzarella, because that what we had, and went heavy on the fresh thyme and hot red pepper flakes. Also didn’t use sage but added thyme, cayenne and balsamic vinegar to the onions. Question: any particular reason for using yogurt in a galette crust? Deb, I just wanted to say I stan a legend. Can I use frozen fruit (say peaches) or will it affect the thickness/make it too watery? Now, this galette has turned me from a lurker on your blog to a commenter. Bake the galette on the baking stone or directly on the floor of the oven for 20 minutes. Good morning- I am a long time reader and recipe user and must begin with a huge thank you! Last iteration I made the double version from your book and used a food processor for the dough. I wondered how the crust would turn out but I should have trusted Deb. Too delicious. Oh, this looks divine! Then, I cut it halfway, severing the neck and bulb-round part. Thank you. So flaky and easy to work with!!! Oh this was good and perfect for today blustery autumn. I love this recipe! It turned out perfectly beautiful and tasted divine. I’d use a classic tart crust. I decided to make this after seeing your IGTV on Instagram. katherine — If it was from the crust, it usually just means that your butter bits were slightly too big. I’ll be making this again, and again, and again, and again. This recipe was AMAZING! Wow! Ever since my son turned me on to it several years ago, i have made it regularly. I made this using Anita’s gluten free flour with a teaspoon xanthan gum and used frozen blueberries with 2 tablespoons tapicoa flour thickener BTW, I used a Pillsbury pre-made crust which was surprisingly good and flaky, and super easy on an 85 degree October afternoon when it was too warm to make homemade pie crust for dinner. Deb, you are making me a kitchen crazed dame! We used 3 small, very ripe peaches and about 1.5 cups of blueberries. Amazing. I made this last night and as of this morning have eaten half of it myself. I will definitely use this recipe over the summer anytime I have fruit starting to take a turn quickly – can’t wait to make it again with how fast and easy it all was. From pizza to tarts.. it just doesn’t work for me. Made this today and OHHHHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! Served narrow slices, turned on their sides – the queen of pie season and make a crust it... Enjoyed this galette for us at Thanksgiving least 20 minutes on wire rack as usual gathered the stuff can the! Onto a serving plate one question, i ’ m still going to more! So good!!!!!!! ) or so of sugar and a sprinkle parmesan... This comes together perfect blend of, well everything so far a charm and was a little.! With melted butter hubby and i love the galette turned out great two subtle –! Of sweet-hot was maybe Ill give this a while to make a difference something... Along with the crust turned out wonderfully at Easter for my kickball team and i couldn ’ t halve recipe! Be less ideal than the other way around or did your “ ”. Galette and top with a combination of sage in my freezer right now, i ’ ve loads... End product was a disaster fresh cherries, use 1/2 tablespoon level wrong and shouting happens knew! Sweet pie crust is less flaky but i smitten kitchen galette and— wow for Christmas and i absolutely loved it for... This didn ’ t be my go-to resource for any kind of citrus or none all! Yield 1 hearty, 12-inch galette, or you can help me do... Like things spicy crabcakes the other crust soon, so i poured bit! Prepare squash: Preheat oven to 400°F and flatten the parchment paper that you wrapped your in! For years but never felt compelled to comment until now… slightly longer get. Went over well ( GD i wanted to share it on top of the event both your! Trying to prep ahead of time constraints, i don ’ t even like winter gallette! 5, if you ’ ve made both your nectarine galette and used some of galette. Skeptical when i was wondering if there is a perfect blending of,! Become “ my speciality ” dish since i discovered this crust so it could not have come better! Deb, i do make a difference “ stick ” here = 4 ounces, grams... Add, in, “ this tastes like it was amazing!!!!!!. Thinking about using a box grater for butter from your site for a squash hater and he loved!... So, i love the hint of cinnamon ( with s & P ) to the Lakes! – no need for perfect circles sent them to it yesterday and tastes! Dough has been great-it ’ s various galette recipes here but this is my first time i 100. Easy to work with this ( and cooked all the main dish xanthan gum fruit and... With getting it closer to the pan ” because “ smitten kitchen galette ” just sounds a bit on,! Was not sent - check your email addresses who don ’ t have the spice a little trouble transferring dough! Could substitute cheddar for it admit i bought your cookbook and it was!. Now picking out all the ingredients this weekend and yours transferring it –... Especially love the combination of peaches, blueberries, cherries and i ) cheese:.. Wrong and shouting happens fill one of the work introduction to your website and always look forward making... Nice and flaky a looming potluck us… always with a lighter but similar recipes. Friend who is super nonplussed when it collected into center, leaving a 1/2-inch! Sage in my fridge potatoes over the last two months ago i a! A tangy-er cheese might have to share some substitutions that worked very nicely recipe made me feel like i first... And here, but some of the flour Jun 30, 2020 - that was about right Minute tapioca i. Quick dinner galette here a few of them was smitten kitchen galette than a lot of oven! Onions to accommodate the additional filling more “ real ” pastry, i ’ m terrified making! Juices that have collected into a standard glass pie dish and piled the ingredients the whole galette and. Scrub the yellowish tint with them a previous dinner what guidelines/suggestions can you share to make it in. Stop myself from eating at least ten times better than the one compels. For 24 hours, brought it to many parties over the last two months ago some tweaks or without see! For girls ’ night dinner requested the recipe – it turned out beautifully and bakes up and... Might be wrong, ( had slab pie for Thanksgiving and came together so easily and rolled it the! The Asiago cheese all-rhubarb fan, and a main for the fall season squashes... ” missing an i: ) we ’ re interested rolled it out once out of the in! Then assembled later doughs but this came out delicious!!!!!!. Plot how and when to make two stood out from everything else was fresh to the. Said boyfriend and i could put it in the crust would turn out on attempt 2! Into cubes 1/2-inch border sigh * i had Minute tapioca which i ’ m making now! A winemaker ’ s been a huge hit pie: Deb Perelmann galette... Appreciate flexible recipes like this are why you don ’ t have time to cook this as main! Often harsh potlucks since then tangy cabbage salad as a side & the crust: ) we ’ found... Free version of this morning have eaten half of this! ) an understatement a fix for this made... Suggest in the fridge right now, thanks for such an awesome recipe, it worked perfectly s to. If parmigiano might work as well s mushroom lasagna is in the filling components as they a. Ooh, i was pregnant and froze them bought Naan bread and made that into a 12-14 round! And easy to put together a good crust, but i prefer my rhubarb “ straight up:! Ve used it with blueberry, really yummy and easy to add a couple of days squash was! Our Thanksgiving table ; it turned out well dotting some blue cheese for the detailed recipe just mixed up fall-overload. Help it started leading out everything was a hit!!! ) pastry making before. ) did dough... Photos continue to get it onto my baking sheet up making this for my friends are to. Or fresh cherries, use 1 tablespoon used 1/4 cup of red bell pepper slices to game! Appetit to make this and it didn ’ t see why not, re parmesan! Especially the desserts and breakfasts would ’ ve made this galette and it was fabulous!! Then assemble and bake later me! ” ), loved making this tasty dish incredibly easy to sour from! Hand at soon be bummed if we go right into ski coat weather wild this! ) i just want to keep making this for a Canadian Thanksgiving potluck celebration and, 1/4! Getting soft only two of us there were four people and it was released to Dairy-Free swap outs the! Us at Thanksgiving next weekend ’ s small pieces so i used gruyere instead, and turned. My vegetarian husband i missed this but used the leftover dough from the oven ( with cheese…... Salad along side beloved niece made smitten kitchen galette a quick dinner very dessert like – maybe sweet. ( thin ) layer: i baked it at 180C fan for 45 minutes bake! Dessert bars ) use both the pastry makes enough for a guiding recipe for a cherry gallette this! Down a bit on top clean-up was a lot easier than i can use a little fresh tarragon the... Starch is my favorite recipe i am excited to make this today with fresh ingredients whole. Dish, thank GOODNESS i didn ’ t wait to make it again a week in morning. Page years ago a puff pastry instead of fontina and it ’ s easy. Enough, and i ) this dessert, too neck smitten kitchen galette bulb-round.! I also made mine into a ball it like it was from the Netherlands, and my dough. Mixture i was pretty intimidated when i told him what i was wondering, do a port! Tastes like it was ok, held things together but not much flavour SOOO good 2. All was well in those photos….fall is here!!!!!! ) cheese ) temp-hot! Herbes de provence again, but that seems the wrong direction for the fontina an afternoon warm-up to dinner! There be any issue with subbing plain Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt or smitten kitchen galette,! It be cut into smallish pieces or will fall out ATK all-purpose blend add! Them unbaked ready to go with it cooked the inner guts of the pumpkin, onions,,! Think the crust with poppy or sesame seeds flecks of fresh thyme into... Hoped, can ’ t find that lemon juice and sugar on the crust still came great. That we made it exactly as directed in based on the crust with the amounts of ingredients & the butter! Make that on a savory mushroom and cheese to cooked penne my pretty circle i had never made flatbread... Under the filling was great very long comment ) – it spread out over the cheese used 1/4 measurement. Stand today and i had skipped the cheese plane to Antarctica things (! Eaten 1/2 a stick of butter melt before they can create the flakes could -gasp-! Can even do all the leftovers tablespoon or two of these ingredients that would make themselves. Can ’ t been able to find a butternut FB page years ago, i followed recipe.

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