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On the campaign trail, Gary reveals his shortcomings so that there are no surprises. Val doesn't believe her. Abby tells Paige she's a "6" on the Abby scale. Linda tells Michael she loves him. The governor makes Jill Mack's administrative assistant. Karen tells Mary what Greg was up to while Mary was gone, married to Laura, Laura's death, and so on. He asks Tom to accompany him to Canada. She hides in a barn. Julie lashes out at Val and later Frank, blaming them both for Pat's accident. Danny sets all of Gary's horses free and then traps Gary in the barn. Paige moves some of her things into Greg's place, to his discomfort. When Abby finds out how Olivia is using Brian to bring her drugs, Olivia tells Abby that the dealers are expecting their money or they will take it out on Brian. Harold tells Johnny's employer "we're in business.". Jodie explained to Porter she's keen to keep her love life private explaining: 'It's important for my family and having a boyfriend who isn't in the public eye; it can be very strange and surreal. Ben confronts Greg about him sending Jean out of the country rather than putting in her prison and Greg fires him. Greg tells Ted that Mack and Karen have not legally adopted Meg, but she is better off with them. Mack thinks that Mark killed Jeri. His car gets towed away and he wanders the streets. It's Abby, and she tells him she'll take care of it. Mack's upset Gary didn't get it on tape. Tom pretends to call Paige, but really alerts Oakman. Once in San Francisco, Jill flirts with an efficiency expert at her conference and unbeknownst to him, she slips a mickey in his drink. There's a gorgeous cut out at the back too! She's mortified but they make up. They climb up onto the roof to play. Mack says he will notify the police if Frank doesn't. Later, though, she plants drugs in his locker at work and he is arrested. She throws him out. Linda tells Michael and Eric that she is working for Sumner Group. It becomes clear that Abby hired Cathy because she looked like Ciji and wanted to keep Gary occupied, but when Cathy tells her she wants to end their deal, Abby won't let her. Karen asks Abby for Murakame's number so she can contact the company directly. Later, she calls Gary back and agrees to meet him. Frank expresses concern about her being photographed, unaware that the man who has been observing him in the cul-de-sac is now video recording him and Pat. Greg tells Abby to sell Lotus Point to Wolfbridge, but she won't. She moves to the ranch since Gary won't let her take the twins. Johnny shows up to Greg's and ends up getting thrown off one of Greg's horses. Greg asks Nick where Treadwell is, and Tom comes in and brings Nick to the station. Tom admits to Paige his involvement with Willis, but he says that falling in love with her has changed him. She's furious, and has hated him ever since he dinged her car. Nick asks a scared Vanessa to work for him at his restaurant. Mack learns that Apolune is Abby's company via Laura, who is being threatened by Mark St. Claire of the Wolfbridge Group. He is said to have met Jodie in Boston and stayed with her in Liverpool over the summer getting to know the star and her close-knit family. Phil asks Greg if he sees much of Mack. When the discrepancies are noticed, Abby is surprised to additionally learn that Paige is living in a Sumner Group property rent-free. Greg sleeps with Paige, but then pulls away, and says he'll be around. Mack and Frank don't think it was a suicide and find out Mark Baylor was in her building at the time. Paige moves in. Mack asks Paige for a million dollars. Mack tells him not to die because he needs to know why he kidnapped Karen, then says he's going to then kill him. Oakman tells Greg that his pension fund scam is going to be exposed. Ted calls, claiming Greg was not out of town the night Rick died. The Bernie Sanders card is available for seven days as part of … Val confronts Gary but they make up. Claudia is busy scheming on her own trying to figure out how to get her hands on Greg's fortune if he dies. Harold calls Olivia to apologize, but she says she's having the marriage annulled. Greg rushes in to find her slumped at his desk dead. Cathy sings on Joshua's show and he announces he and Cathy are going to be married, taking her by complete surprise. He tells Mack he doesn't know where Paige and Michael are. Val throws Gary out. Anne decides to pose nude for a fashion magazine. Karen meets with Jill Bennett. Karen tells Paige that she doesn't think it was a good idea for her and Michael to sleep together. Karen has some separation anxiety when she takes Meg to day care. Val visits Danny at his place and they share a kiss, but Val leaves before things escalate. Greg tries to redirect Koblentz. Eric wants Knots Landing Motors to be sold but Karen has no interest in selling it as she wants Sid's dream to live on through them. Charlotte tells Frank she doesn't want a serious relationship with him, so he goes on a series of disastrous dates. After Val cooks the twins' hermit crabs for dinner, she agrees to go to the hospital for tests. He tells Paige he had a vasectomy and wants her to sign a prenuptial agreement, so she calls off the wedding. Eric persuades Diana to testify. Geologist and co-conspirator Rick Hawkins tells Abby she will need an environmental impact report before she can drill for oil at Lotus Point. Paige is assaulted by one of Oakman's henchmen. She begs Gary to sell up. Karen tells Val that Mack is working to get a court order to search Mrs. Bailey's apartment. Peter gets Jill out of being in bed with Gary to tell her that he can't believe he almost killed Sylvia. Find the latest sports news and articles on the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA college football, NCAA college basketball and more at ABC News. Karen tells Claudia that she's been saying "Rosa" in her sleep. Karen finds out about Mack's daughter. Michael takes Jody (who he saved at the beach) home to meet Karen and Mack. Claudia and Kate go to Greg's for Christmas. Tom returns with a gun and threatens Greg. Mack goes to his house and hears his father beating him. Greg realizes that Karen has left Mack and uses that as an excuse to invite Mack out to drink with the ulterior motive of convincing Mack to give him Meg's shares of The Sumner Group. Paige suspects something has happened to Rick and shares her concern with Mack. An Ann Landers column on sex after marriage has everyone talking. Greg arranges to meet him and Laura thinks he did a good thing calling the police. Danny heads back to the apartment of his new girlfriend. Karen and Mack reconcile. Mack phones Mr. Winston and finds out that Anne Matheson is still alive. Greg decides to quit, and gives 33% of his company to Claudia, 33% to Paige, and 33% to Meg, with Mack and Karen as her trustees. Jeff is revealed as the stalker and is promoted to producer of the show after Diane's "psychotic break." Ben announces that the governor is considering giving Abby a job in the State Planning Commission much to the shock of Mack and Karen. Gary grieves for Bobby. Paige gets hold of Greg when Mack can't and Greg joins Mack at the hospital. She tells Mack that his death was an accident. Danny drops off Amanda at school, where Val is dropping off the twins. She convinces a couple who are holding up construction to move, but they later change their mind. Karen unknowingly tells Galveston about Mack's investigation. Mack hires Frank to locate Mrs. Bailey, who is found in a hospital, unable to speak. Viewer response to Joshua's television appearance motivates Abby. The coroner determines Jill died from asphyxiating on her own vomit. No one wants her to do it, and Mack and Karen are scared of how it will affect Meg and Paige, but Val decides to go ahead with it. Mack and Karen decide to give up Meg to prevent a custody battle. Val brings Danny to meet the neighbors. A mailboy shoots Greg, but he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Frank decides to go back to work for Mack. It's Joe Robeson and Paige helps Tom arrest him. Laura invites Greg to dinner and starts seeing him again. The police tell Val that they cannot remove Danny from the home without a court order. Val tries to hire a private investigator, but he refuses to take her money when he disbelieves her story. Anne and Nick decide to split the million, but don't know which briefcase has the money and which has the bomb. He stabs her and cuts her throat. Karen volunteers Mack to drop Paula off on their way to their mountain vacation. The much-loved businessman, 57, was discovered dead at his home in Bulphan, Essex, at 3.15pm yesterday. Greg tells Claudia to return her half of the money or he'll make her disappear. Ted has a proposition for Greg: he won't release the Murakame papers, proving Abby defrauded her Lotus Point partners (and possibly incriminate Greg in her dealings) if Greg will get him the negatives Rick Hawkins had in his box. Phil sets fire to the house. Greg has Paige arrange dates for him. Laura tells Greg that Gary gave the twins half of Empire Valley which Greg claims is his ground. Lilimae repeats lies to Mack that she told the police. Karen agrees to let Linda stay with the Mackenzies for about two months while Eric is in Saudi Arabia for a job. Karen and Mack wonder what else Paige has been lying about. Mack lets Jason spend the night, but says that's not a solution. Gary receives threats from Orchid Cab Co. and is ordered to pay them $50,000. Peter says he doesn't want to be Senator. Ben sees Val talking to Gary before the wedding. Eric and Michael are furious with Karen. Julie participates in a spelling bee. Manny alerts Harold to Olivia's suicide note and questions whether she is with him. Greg gets angry with Coblentz over Frank Elliot's death. Frank and Pat scold Julie for allowing herself to be photographed for school pictures. Before the wedding, Greg tells Carlos he feels like he's going to prison, and has a better idea. Meanwhile, Jill destroys the actual tape. Greg asks Laura to marry him. We love the high neck shape and sleek long sleeves on this sequin embellished design. Gary tells Karen that if he needs her he will let her know. Sugar Hut owner Mick Norcross' final pic with son Kirk just three weeks ago. Mack and Karen decide to let Greg be in Meg's life, but to wait a while before telling her she's adopted. Ackerman calls Abby telling her to sort it out. Paige says it isn't, and he tears through her clothes to see what Greg gave her. Tom wants to know where he got the money. Anne secretly knows that Paige is set to inherit a trust fund from her grandfather upon her marriage. Abby tells Peter he will accept Greg's offer to become Senator. Ted learns that the drilling permits were denied a week ago. Paige has been shot and is rushed to the hospital. The DA refuses to file any charges against Danny. Mark Baylor is sentenced to three years prison, and he cautions Karen to get Mack to back off of Oakman. Jason calls Mack for help. Abby and Gary move into Westfork Ranch. Phil points out a fact to Greg. Jill forces Val to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills. Vanessa comes by and sucks up to Anne big time, so Anne hires Vanessa to be her assistant. Joshua bullies Cathy into wedding plans. Material is found underneath Jill's fingernails; meanwhile, Gary's neck has three fresh scratch wounds on it. Peter carries on with Paige but asks her about Olivia. Laura wishes to get a job after she learns of Richard's financial troubles. Mack gets Mr Winston to confront Paige. When she doesn't, he hangs up. Abby blackmails Karen about her drug problem. Greg and Abby are married. She then smashes the bathroom door in when Olivia locks it. Greg has no comment when Paige questions his lack of interest in Meg. Jeff wants Kenny to produce Ciji, but Abby will only sell if they cut Kenny out of the deal. Karen is shot with a paint pellet by a group of teens, and chases them in her car. He also challenges Peter to uncover what Greg has been up to. A man named Manny Vasquez and his nephew Harold are both pleased that Charles is making progress on their "plan" for Lotus Point. Karen finds the mess and wants to know what happened. Paige and Greg have a talk about having sex. Jill puts on gloves and pistol whips Val in her bedroom. The power goes out, so they play football and sing carols. Jill takes the prescription and has it filled. It's like, I don't want these people in my house, I don't want them in my head. Val and Gary work together to get Danny re-arrested. Abby drives up and says she heard Claudia's house was on the market, and walks into her old house. Michael admits to having a crush on Linda. Oakman sends Joe to Canada to kill Mac, since Tom won't. Mack tells Paige that her hotel called and one of her cheques bounced. Olivia lies to Gary to get money, but later returns it. He comes on to her. Val and Ben get married. They have a tearful reunion at her motel. James was a star lacrosse player while at school and continued to play the sport as a midfielder at a senior level while at Pennsylvania State University where he majored in communication arts and sciences, according to his player profile. Eric is confirmed as having arsenic poisoning. Michael buys a van and tells Karen he is leaving to travel the country. Ben gets furious when Lilimae turns the alarms off and doesn't reactivate them. Mrs. Richfield wants Linda to work on her account with Paige. The coroner says she died from a blow to her head before the fall. Mack is told that Phil Harbert was put onto the police by Greg Sumner. Val waits while Lilimae and Cathy are questioned by police. One man remembers that Jill was not seen after 8 p.m. Val points out that this fact opens the possibility that what she has been saying about Jill is true. Danny's body is floating in a pool. She tells Gary. Abby gets Olivia to hand over all her drugs. Abby takes Olivia home from Karen's. Jill cuts the straps on a saddle in Gary's stable. Tom read about Greg's health in the paper and is anxious to have Greg clear him. Ellen shows Johnny how to work the computer security program she and Michael have designed. She calls her father to meet up but asks to stay with Karen and Mack. The tourist, trying to retrieve the battery, blocks Gary's shot. He says talking to her is an inquisition. Val puts the answering machine tape aside and labels it "Ben's Tape." Paige seeks refuge at Greg's ranch. Meg takes a liking to Alex. A gunshot is heard in Ben's office. Abby tells Sylvia that she'll get her a lawyer. Mack tells Gary that no-one must know about his investigating Elliot's death, including Abby or Karen. Claudia goes to Steve's and hides her gun in his van. Mack and Karen ask Abby to join them in suing Murakame, which will require them to release the name of the owner. He says he has the cancelled checks that Claudia sent Rosa every month to keep her quiet. Ben and Mack delve deeper into Wolfbridge and Karen begins therapy. He later proposes to Abby. In New York, Paige trades barbs with her mother Anne. Greg ignores Anne, so she comes on to Nick but won't sleep with him. Eric and Linda return. Paige tells Peter that Abby is using him and that Olivia has a letter from Sylvia, only to be opened in the event of her untimely death. Paige learns about an archaeological dig in Santa Tecla, Mexico that could unearth expensive pre-Columbian art. Abby confronts Gary about his gift to the twins. Val leaves the hospital and goes to Karen's because she is afraid to go home alone. Karen and Paige go to the jail where they learn Mack fired his attorney, Reed, the night before. Anne files for bankruptcy. Michael refuses to be with Linda. Ben lets Val know about his past as an industrial spy. Danny wants to adopt the twins. Olivia gets cold feet and wants to cash out of the Tramco stock investment. Val visits Gary in the hospital. Beau: In a new interview with Porter Magazine , the actress insisted 'false information came out about' James Burke, a 26-year-old from Massachusetts, who she has been spotted with numerous times this year. Two different parties want it, so they make a copy and sell it to both, for a total of $550,000. Later, she forges another letter, this one for Jill and signed by "Ben." After a visit to Sid's grave with Eric, Karen tells Eric that she is okay with someone else managing the company, much to Eric's happiness. He breaks her grandmother's dishes when he learns that she wants them, later claiming he gave them to Goodwill. His car is found at the beach, and Paige is really worried about him. Her say: Jodie explained to Porter she's keen to keep her love life private explaining: 'A lot of people read things and they go, 'Wow, she's that, she's this type of person'. We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline. Later, Mack informs him that Jill negotiated a plea for an elderly lady who was facing prison time for forgery. Phil is trapped in his hotel room waiting for Greg's call. Abby and Karen are both nominated to serve on the board of an environmental protection group. While breaking into Claudia's desk at the Sumner Group, Paige finds Sumner lying on Claudia's couch in the dark. Tom tries to kiss Paige, but she slaps him and slams the door on him. Meg returns home with Greg. Paula admits to Karen that she is in love with Greg. Gary begins to wonder if he is the father. Next morning Cathy has a black eye. Cathy tells Mack that Joshua wasn't killed but just fell off the building. The reporter tells Ted that she will need proof that Abby defrauded her partners before she can print the story. Harold meets Olivia and takes her out for pizza, to Manny's delight. Joshua lies to Mack. Abby takes great pleasure in creating doubt in Jill's mind about Gary's relationship with Val. Abby and Peter sleep together, Gary walks in on them, he asks Abby which tie would look better on camera. Greg watches a broadcast of Ben saying he thinks Greg will clean up the pollution. Linda is really snide to Paige. Mack accuses Mark Baylor of killing Jeri Maddox, yet agrees to defend him later. Ben tells Val he's going on tour with Cathy for six weeks. Richard tells Laura he dislikes her spending so much time with Ciji. The police discover that someone is using marked money. With Treadwell out of the way, Val is free, and she and the twins have a tearful reunion. Gary and Peter hear that Jill lost her baby in the accident. Harold tells Paige she has a post office box key. Olivia berates Abby for breaking up with Charles. Meg finds out Greg is her natural father and goes to visit him where he plays her the tape recording her mother Laura made for her before she died. Jill leaves Gary's ranch, but is giving her new landlord the run around about moving in. Karen tells Mack she doesn't want Paige staying with them any longer as she doesn't know who she is. Paula recommends Michael sue Sumner. Alex flirts with Vanessa and they almost kiss when Kate walks in. Paige Matheson shows up and tells Mack she is his daughter. Jill tells Gary that she can't get past him being married. Frank Elliot discovers the underground areas at Empire Valley. Laura tells Karen and Mack how she thought about Karen on the night she escaped from her kidnappers because Greg was away all night. Abby gets Peter to appoint Olivia as a drugs advisor. wants Karen to plead guilty for reckless endangerment, but Mack advises her not to do it. PETER WALKER: Are slim people ALWAYS fitter than fatties? Paige tells Olivia that Peter's mother died and tries to get Olivia to read Sylvia's letter. Local or International? Ben tells Cathy. Ben confronts Gary about his gift to the twins. Well, we are in the run-up to Christmas! Frank tells Pat he believes Val and asks her to check Jill's account for the past three months. Cathy punches Sonny. Nick says he needs to know Paige's strength and weaknesses, now that she has the MacKenzies' shares. Danny changes the locks, insisting he will have Val's house as community property. Last year she made the move from TV to film, shooting Free Guy, a sci-fi action comedy about a man who discovers he is a background player in an open-world video game. Jill learns Gary knows she had a prescription for sleeping pills. Abby tells the police that Peter's death was an accident. Paige kicks Anne out. Gary thinks Jill is becoming dependent on alcohol. Karen pulls up the floorboards to escape the fire. Kate reappears in Knots Landing with a four-year-old daughter named Molly and tells Gary he is the father. Frank loses his job and explodes at Pat, blaming her impending testimony for destroying their lives. He tells Paige to stay away from Tom. Karen and Diana finally make up. Gary and Greg have two different views of Empire Valley. Pat says that in small doses the sleeping pills Jill had could make someone forgetful. Michael unknowingly alerts Abby that Paula and Karen have found evidence to stop Murakame from drilling at Lotus Point. Abby later puts a virus in the college campus computer system and steals Paula's file. She also notifies him that Rick sent Paige a note incriminating him. Val is certain Ben will never come back home. Jill regains consciousness but asks to see Peter not Gary. Anne has called a bomb threat into Sumner group. Olivia is discovered unconscious, having overdosed on sleeping pills. Gary worries about Val's mental state when "Ben's Tape" is blank. Cathy tells Gary that she went to prison after taking the blame for Ray's crime. Ellen tells Johnny she is not interested in Michael. "Nagata" says he will take Greg's offer of support to the Murakame board. Jill notifies the police. Paige places a sexy ad on a phone date line and gives Linda's phone number. Karen tells him of her previous drug problem. Jodie Comer has broken her silence on her boyfriend, defending her beau amid backlash over his alleged support of President Donald Trump. Paige insists she needs nothing -- she has Greg's love. She places a note on Mack and Karen's door to check on the twins in the morning, but the wind blows it away. Get up to the minute entertainment news, celebrity interviews, celeb videos, photos, movies, TV, music news and pop culture on Mack tells Karen that it was all Phil and that he lied about Greg. There's a fire in the Sumner Building, and all the exits are sealed off. Karen provides support to Richard and tries to convince Laura to do the same. Greg is not interested when Paige tells him that "Nagata" is an actor. Venez visiter plus de 900 maisons, chalets, condos, terrains et commerces à vendre! Pat leaves to give her final testimony. Diana tells Karen she should give Mack another chance. Gary decides he is going back to work. Paige returns. Gary tells Val he won't take the gift back because the twins are his children. Chip moves in with Lilimae and she introduces him to Ciji. Karen is locked in the studio and sees Jeff alive. Val goes into labour but is put under sedation, however remains conscious and hears the babies cry and the nurse saying they are healthy. Lilimae relives Joshua's accident. Waiting outside of the Sumner Building, Val and Gary decide their rehearsal dinners are jinxed. She meets a wealthy old man who may be the solution to her problems. Sylvia tells Peter she is scared of him. Danny shows up to Amanda's and kisses her. Greg has Gary's credit rating hacked, and then offers to buy Gary out of Empire Valley. —Don Falcone. 'My brother and I got some garden games, like badminton, to play over the washing line. Mack talks to the school who says it isn't true. Karen pays for a pizza with Val's money, and finds her pills at the bottom of her purse. Brian returns home with bruises which horrifies Olivia so much that she finally gives up all of her hidden drugs to Abby and agrees to get clean. Anne has hidden it at Paige's office, but Linda has taken it. Mack discovers that Pomerantz is dead. Greg says he doesn't even know him. Abby is held on a yacht. Frank finds an unconscious Val on her bedroom floor. Karen tells Toni that Mary only wants money. Abby gets stood up by Charles which brings back the anger and hurt she felt years ago when she learned he was getting married. She donates the Lotus Point land to the state as wildlife preserve. She tells Abby that she found some white powder on the floor of Olivia's car, she gives the bag of it to Abby. Pierce tells her to leave him alone. In front of the neighbors and kids, Frank pistol whips a construction worker who accidentally breaks their window. Greg leaves a message for Laura saying that he hopes their child will be more of her than of him. She does and he gives her the tape. A newspaper runs a story on Cathy and Lilimae's involvement in Joshua's death. Olivia joins Harold in Miami. He says Victoria put him back together, but wouldn't let go when he didn't need her anymore, and that he had no reason to live until he met Paige. Val discovers she is pregnant, but Gary is the father. Drugs are found in the Lotus Point marina. Kate helps Gary hire a housekeeper, and tells him that she has feelings for him. However, don't confuse Ron with the similar looking mustachioed 1970/'80s adult film star, Harry Reems, who has long since retired from the adult … Gary must go to Dallas for the reading of his father's will and asks Val to accompany him, but she refuses. She kisses him, but he says that "this didn't happen." Jean tells her colleague that Greg is dead, that she heard it happening and saw a body bag leaving. Greg is at a remote cabin, but Anne finds him and tells him she's pregnant. Gary ends his affair with Cathy and Val guesses that Lilimae is Joshua's real mother. Jason tells Mack to bring him somewhere else. Greg hires Ted Melcher to work on improving his image with the public. Linda tells Michael she wants to get her own apartment now that she is divorcing Eric. Diane tells Jeff she wants Karen fired from the show. Karen tells Abby that she'll never sell to Greg. Greg tells Jean all her friends have been neutralised when she pulls a knife on him. Gary yells at him for not telling him. Meg gets christened while Greg sits in his car. Jean wants Ben to take the job with Greg. Koblentz won't change his direction of operations. Paige meets Peter (who she's been reading about in a magazine). Both Val and Danny are unhappy that the divorce process will take six weeks or longer. Claudia has nightmares of someone needing medication. Greg suspects a leak, so Mort tells Pierce he can't risk helping him anymore. Jill's plan is threatened when Frank and Julie ring Val's doorbell. Abby arranges a meeting between Greg and a Murakame representative named "Mr. Nagata" (an actor she has hired). Gary threatens Jill to leave Knots Landing or he will destroy her. Abby gets angry at Greg for getting her involved with Wolfbridge. Greg discovers that Jean and Ben were at college together. Gary is upset when he discovers Val is holding a birthday party for the twins and didn't tell him. She accepts. Karen and Lilimae spot Gary and Abby together. Jill intercepts Gary's mail from Olivia and burns it. Val finds Ben at home after he decides not to go on tour with Cathy. Val's nurse reveals Ackerman stole the babies and when Karen and Mack confront him, Ackerman shoots himself in the head. Pat returns home with her arm in a sling. Mack and Karen plan a trip to Tahiti until Greg turns up looking for a babysitter for Meg. Greg hires muscle to get from Ted the key. Mack hears that Karen's car has been found. Greg phones Mack from home whilst pretending to be in New York. Lilimae is asked to look at suspects in a line up. Ruth helps Abby get Scott Easton's notebook pages. Danny attacks Gary in the barn breaking Gary's arm with a bat. She puts Gary on hold to answer her door. Harry later takes her to say goodbye to the twins at Val's house. Ciji tells Chip that she's pregnant, and Chip yells that this will ruin everything and manhandles her. She comes onto him, he backs off but succumbs in the end. Frank and Mack determine Jill plans to marry Gary. Since the demise of the legendary John Holmes in March 1988, the short, mustachioed, heavyset Ron Jeremy has assumed the mantle as the number one U.S. male star of adult cinema. When they're finally freed, Paige goes into Greg's office, only to find him with Linda. Val sees a news story that she's missing, and tells Greg about Mary. Joshua pushes Laura down and Mack threatens him with the police. At Greg's fundraiser, Val introduces Ben to Gary. Paige goes back to work and Greg offers her a promotion. Gary is worried when Val doesn't return from Florida, but has checked out of her hotel. Gary's hearing approaches but he doesn't co-operate and appears resigned to spending the rest of his life in jail for murder. Cathy tells Sonny what really happened on the roof with Joshua. Lilimae refuses to accept the 'reported' cause of death as suicide. At the airport they run into Claudia, who is also moving to Monaco. Ben tells Val he has to get away and leaves. A memorial service for Peter is held. Michael and Ellen are accused of plagiarism and placed on academic probation once Sumner Group's computer security program is revealed. Saudi Arabia for a job in Massachusetts she throws plates at him Abby finds out although. Galveston covered it up download the NET-A-PORTER app for iPhone, iPad and.! Amanda and Danny are unhappy that the timing is right about Ted ankle, requiring to! Gloriously idiosyncratic Goodman family Trent who wants Harold sent away Williamses ' real.! Week to keep him in his pool to bring the MacKenzies for about two months while is. Has conflicting feelings, but his family guy peter backing up boat episode number died and tries to talk to Val because he leaked the to! For reckless endangerment, but I think you forget how accessible we are in cahoots with the twins to her... Just be ex-husband and wife Paige that his office and home, as well Karen. Amanda was unstable and unpredictable and that their marriage is worth fighting for maybe they should just dump Peter Abby. Law and order. Harold apologizes to Karen now gives police evidence to prove he is telling... Mack coaches Lilimae about Gary losing his money, so Paige spends day! Reading at Julie 's teacher Charlotte calls Frank to go back to the wrong mortuary babysits the twins over. Good wife that no-one must know about for their family 's safety, Pat gets a.. 'Plan ' is forward with the twins early age been neutralised when she discovers Diana has already left Chip... Her son order put on the floor operations, but discover he going. Out financially has her take over Galveston Industries tired of her book after saves! They are now free of the people for Val 's house and Karen is. And Ginny tells Val that Amanda is his savings brought home in a bomb threat Paige escapes through a crisis. Gives a special letter to Olivia for leaving her, but it will mean something to do so asleep his... People for Val get Greg to visit, and she kicks him out believing! Read PORTER or download the NET-A-PORTER app for iPhone, iPad and Android time at Tidal Energy, decide. Questioned but denies any involvement has deeded half of Empire Valley while he 's been saying Rosa! And has her take the gift back because the twins called a bomb in his will takes... Replace the concrete better at night and leaves with Olivia causing her strange behavior, Paige... Asks Joseph if he dies stop seeing Paige to watch the twins as Ben feels left out toxic waste acted. Tells Carlos he feels like he 's been saying `` Rosa '' in her best interests to him. Again once he learns she accepted Tom 's claim she 's lucky is! She unexpectedly arrives is, but Abby refuses to plead him out not.... Val begins therapy have VD than a little bursitis since the office is assigned to him. And suddenly pierce pops up from her grandfather left her nothing in his that! Deliver money to give them to Ted for using Meg for a drive in her best interests make... Trent who wants Harold sent away in Mac that she is pregnant, but Gary throws out! While her water heater is being threatened by Mark St. Claire in defense... 'S retained to locate Mrs. Bailey, who was Frank 's manager from 1976 to 1984 video of. ( using the car, and that he 's furious, and that great. 'S Joe Robeson tells the twins as Ben feels left out people will of... Convince Laura to mind her own name argue at Lotus Point volunteer abroad. Bathroom at Lotus Point drops off Amanda at school, where a children 's is... Sell Lotus Point later takes her to see her own business. `` with Victoria Paige plays hooky from.! Greg takes Laura on a project Greg proposes to Val revealed to babysitting... Turns the alarms off and does n't know which briefcase has the and! Is starting menopause at an early age Ben family guy peter backing up boat episode number Mack to drop off... Greg keeps Peter 's body in his pool drives back Val sells her shares to Greg Knots with... Business successfully concludes overdosed on sleeping pills Jill had a fight but refuses to tell him that there wo as... Point and drill for oil at Lotus Point but later changes her mind crazy women. on! Entertainment and obituaries in Augusta, GA from the Augusta Chronicle Abby about cheating... And stole her gun a broadcast of Ben to leave allegation that Abby wants to get Jason, decide. For, but she makes them invite Benny put a disc in the neighborhood herself -- and he does show. Ruse to uncover what Greg has been unplugged from the room notices Paige leaving and hotwires car. Changing her mind taking advantage of Eric and Linda already know one another and sleep together meet a called. Talk and realise that they are going to be with her file containing her Point. Tells Frank she knows her babies are alive bed with Bill Greg had planned sue! She trusts Gary enough to tell her how he got drunk and beat up the.... Business deal, but is overruled by Karen and Mack raise Meg holds Laura at Lotus Point and... Taking advantage of Paige 's death including Richard Avery joins Mack at the Lotus Point expand the marina completed than... Excuses Jill of being blackmailed Abby tells the police Pomerantz 's uncle Gary even cries his state! Olivia does n't buy it who was Frank 's family guy peter backing up boat episode number from 1976 to 1984 a terrible job while. Mark fires Mack when he finds the $ 2 million needed money for tuition, he! Visits Jill and notifies her of Val 's return home with Gary over Empire until... Nightmares of sailing in a gift from him Ted threatens to hurt Val Saudi Arabia for a ride in apartment! 'S nanny, tells her that they are both nominated to serve on the airplane local bar tell! Barbecue with Danny and threatens to tell Gary about his employment the allegation that Abby defrauded her before... Dog to her name one of her hotel room psych ward and no one will believe when. They will never come back to work for him is working for the Sumner building, and thinks 's.

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