using a multi tool to cut wood

Once I had one, I wouldn’t be without it. You could be looking to cut out holes for some clever under-step lighting, make cuts for support railings or simply tidy up the edges for that professional finish. It's easy to put on my new favorite tool, the DeWalt 20V Oscillating Multi-tool. 32 Ways to Use a Multi-Tool – The Ultimate Multi-Tool Project Guide. If I were buying today I’d go with the Bosch tool-less. – Ed, I RECENTLY used my multi-tool to restore an antique mantle for my daughter’s new home.  The photo is of my Mastercraft multi-tool cutting off old nails with a wood and metal cutting blade.  I also used the tool to cut out damaged sections of the wood to replace it with new wood around the bottom.  Multi-tools make jobs like this much easier and faster! I cut nails holding various trim, under cut door jamb/casing for new tile floor, cut trim to fit the hardibacker board (particularly around toilet flange), final fit of all trim to achieve a more precise fit, scrape old paint on sills, sand rough spot on sills, and cut holes in drywall for outlets/switches/lights/exhaust fan/inset medicine chest. Using the straightedge blade, you can easily cut off the protruding portion of the wood and make life easier. They can also cut thicker pieces of wood than other types of saws. Rather than paying a professional to shorten them I decided I can do it myself and my multi-tool is the perfect tool. Wood may or may not take a little more work depending on thickness and type of wood, but the cutting is consistent. Lots of good ways to use the OMT I never even thought of using it for. It worked great for that project and has gone on to become the tool that I always carry around and my go-to tool for multiple jobs. Multi-tool blades come in many shapes and sizes. BELIEVE IT or not, I used mine to clean up a chain link fence that we painted. And, don’t forget, our experts can help you choose the best multi-tool for the job at hand too. Blades at the big box stores are around $10 a blade if you buy a sleeve of 10. And for removing old grout, there are specifically-designed grout-removing blades. In fact, sanding is an integral function of any high-quality oscillating multi-tool such as the Ryobi R18MT3-0 ONE+ that comes with a sanding pad as standard. Found another great article with nice pictures about how to choose and use a multi-tool: Grout-Removal Blade—A semicircular blade that’s coated with durable, super-sharp carbide grits. The use of the oscillating tool made the job so much easier and there was less clean-up after the job was done because of not having to use a saw which would have caused a mess due to all the dust that is created by them. Started with a Harbor Freight OMT (the better one), and got a Porter Cable when they came out with their tool-less. – Jerry, OCCASIONALLY YOU come across a pipe that has no clearance for a tubing cutter. You can use either a sliding model or a non sliding model, just make sure the blade is large enough to cut the entire width of the laminate flooring in one pass. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The plaster was in a house built in 1907. Learn how to cut a circle in wood six different ways, depending on the tools you have in your garage or workshop! (variable). The site is sponsored by leading construction manufacturers. With simple tools like a hammer, chisel and saw, you can cut grooves perfectly and on different kinds of wood … Turn your Dremel rotary tool into a simple-to-use rotary saw. It sure impressed my friend (me too) so much, that I cut all the miters for the trim with it too! The job will be done before you know it. And, because oscillating multi-tools are compact For the removal of paint or caulk, there are flexible and rigid metal scrapers. The Maxitek range currently features the four most popular selling professional multi tool blades, with two sizes of wood cutting – 35mm and the wider 68mm and two sizes of universal metal and wood cutting – 29mm and the wider 44mm. This blade has a steeper blade angle (60 degrees vs 45) and harder, more durable steel. This multi-tool kit includes 30 pieces for cutting wood, metal, and plastic, and each blade is meant for a specific purpose. I am afraid to do that again because the blades are costly. Marc, Have you tried the carbide tipped blades? It has a internal seam 1/16″ to 3/32″ high. You can use the oscillating tool you can perform a clean and precise cut, but you have to be very cautious that the blade does not slip and land somewhere it was not intended to go. The selection of blades, adapters and tools is growing all the time too. Representative: 19.9% APR (variable); Purchase interest rate: 19.9% p.a. Oscillating multi tool for circular cut? Using a rotary tool also works for cutting short channels, but it’s more difficult to make long, straight lines with them. Make straight and miter cuts with a depth of cut up to 3/4 In. Old paint, that “beautiful” old linoleum floor, unidentifiable gunk, and more can be removed easily with a scraping blade for a multi-tool. When the carving is complete it is important to use a high quality sealer with sand added for grip. I also used the sanding attachment to sand the edges and the flat face inside the cut. Download preview If it’s a decision between an angle grinder and a multi-tool, one upside of a multi-tool is that you won't spread anywhere near as much dust. Then place the cutting-edge horizontally against the surface, and plunge-cut directly into and across the casing. – Garrett, IN A depressed tiled patio with a too small floor drain, the jambs of both doors rotted out and needed the bottom 6″ replaced and the sills reattached to the repaired jambs. An electric jigsaw is the best way to cut out a circle in wood, plastic, and thin bits of metal using the right blade attachment. This tool can be used for decorating the surface or edge of the wood or cutting “chases” in the sides of the wood to hide pipes and cables. Terms and conditions apply. Yes, that should not be a problem. is a construction industry information source for professionals working in the North American market. And you don’t really have to spend a fortune to get them. This means you can easily slice off excess screws that are otherwise PayPal Credit is a trading name of PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. Like with a jigsaw, the actual cut is done as the cutting blades rise up-wards through the timber, so the neatest side will be on the underneath. Nevertheless, the Irwin Tools 1773465 Universal Handsaw definitely comes close thanks to its versatility and affordability. My 12V oscillating multi-tool did it in 2 batteries + 1 recharge. I bid jobs and don’t work hourly so any time a tool can speed up my job and save me time is more money in my pocket which is what you want from any tool you buy because if it takes me longer I cannot charge more – I lose money if I get slowed down on any part of the job.  If you are a professional or just a handyman this tool will do the same. standards you’d expect. Hey, I'm curious if I can get away with an oscillating multi tool instead of a jig saw for this purpose. Using an Oscillating Multi-Tool to Strip, Peel, and Scrape. Or take the base of rust off an old garden gate, before repainting it for that professional finish. ft.) to break in our new multi-tool.  It worked better than I thought it would – so well that it earned a permanent place in the work truck.  Not many tools can claim that honor after a first go round. Hopefully, waiting for your more article in the future. Still a bit challenging but it worked and I then took a chisel to remove the remaining wood between the cuts. Using steel cutting blades on an oscillating multi-tool was the only way. The only saw I could use to get to the area was the oscillating multi-tool. and portable, awkward angles and tight spaces are super simple to navigate. 1/8-inch steel shank. The ease of changing the blades and storing the tool wrench really made this project easy to accomplish. Now your furniture wood … In order to maintain the 0% offer, you need to keep up monthly repayments and stay within your credit limit. Due to the action of the tool, the exterior stucco wall, the interior drywall and the window itself weren’t damaged. The Smart multi cutter blade set comes with 8 saw blades for cutting wood and plastic. The exterior trim had to be modified in spots to make it all line up due to bad framing with inconsistent sight line. – Maurice, I BORROWED a Rigid multi-tool off a friend for cutting the moldings on the wall and cutting the odd angles around the room, that would have been almost impossible with a circular or jig saw. To do this successfully, first attach a 3 ⁄ 4" wooden face to your tablesaw fence. All the corners were finished using the Bosch multi-tool. What a great tool. I have had tried master craft, 2 different size Dremels, and the Fein. Re: Bob’s experience in removing corroded kitchen faucet nuts – I can relate! 0% interest for 4 months on all baskets of £99+ when you check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit. A good chainsaw can cut through wood very effectively, and they are fairly easy to use overall. Before I had one, I thought the were more of a hobby tool, not something for professional tradesman. My multi-tool cut the golf club’s graphite shafts great.  – Boyd. Our 561 high-speed multi-purpose cutter gives you the power to easily cut wood, plastic, fiberglass, drywall, laminate, and aluminum and vinyl siding. The oscillating multitool is the ultimate problem solver when you need to make difficult cuts in wood or metal, especially those that occur in a tight spot. Removing the old rotted wood is where the multi-tool shines. Using a multi-tool to cut wood on the nonaligned pad will result in a mismatch of the cut. In addition to standard wood cutting applications, a multi-tool can be used to cut tough metal, but you need to make sure you use the correct blade.  Read reviews on a new carbide-tipped blade from 10 BTP product testers. This is an easy one, but – honestly – there’s no better alternative than cutting drywall with an oscillating tool. Most recently I was able to cut the head off of a rusted toilet tank connecting bolt by simply turning the blade backwards and laying the blade against the bottom of the tank and pulling the saw teeth into the bolt. This tool made it possible to surgically cut it off without damaging the fence. Cut Wood Framing The multi-tool excels at sawing wood, including wall studs, roof rafters, floor and ceiling joists, and plywood or OSB subfloors and wall and roof sheathing. It is also very simple to use this tool as well. Add the items you wish to purchase to your basket. It works better than anything else I have ever used. Step-by-step Guide to Using Dremel to Carve Wood Step #1. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. High-strength mastics or vinyl floor adhesive can be a real nightmare to get rid of after it's hardened. It’ll give you a better understanding of what they can Hello there! design for safety and comfort, Make perfect notch cuts in a wooden shelf. © Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 2014, all rights reserved. Attach a triangular carbide-grit rasp to your oscillating multi-tool and now you've got yourself a convenient mortar grinder. Credit subject to status. Once you have the right electric multi-tool, you’ll be able to slice through a range of materials with ease – wood, metal, drywall, mortar, fibreglass and plastic. Below you will see many free Wood And Shop video tutorials for cutting various furniture joints using traditional hand tools. – Jason, I HAD to cut back old existing baseboard to where the stair skirtboard terminates at the top of the stairs and then blend in the new baseboard which is almost identical to the old (only a different thickens). It means you can remove hardened thin-set mortar from a floor tile that you're trying to salvage. with other standard features that make them such a great addition to your So, if you’re using your multi-tool just to cut and sand wood, prepare to have your DIY world expanded exponentially. Wood Cutting Wheels Use carbide cutting wheels for cutting & shaping on woods, fiberglass, plastics & laminates. Terms apply. Great for cutting vinyl siding also!! – Sven, I BORROW my neighbour’s Bosch multi-tool to clean the rust off my landscaping tools. For some of them, you can easily find low budget alternatives. Used it the other day cutting out a section of wall plate that was sitting on concrete.. (After draining the tank of course.) When considering a power tool purchase how often do you visit the manufacturer's website before making a purchase? I will stick to just wood in the future. 2. The tool is so important, that I have multiple multi-tools (truck/shop) plus a backup. Then trim the wood edges using any tool, i.e. battery times for cordless use, User-friendly Yes, you’ll even find accessories for options like the Milwaukee C12MT-201 multi-tool that you can use specifically for removing grout. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Inspired to begin a new project – but don't have an oscillating tool yet or know which multi-tool blade to use? Tools Required: 1. 6. The type of project and the relative hardness of your chosen wood will significantly affect your choice of tools. Works where nothing else will. Being able to quickly swap around multi-tool attachments means it’s easy when you only need to use one tool on a project. It comes with me to every job. The cutting process can be quick and uncomplicated as long as you are using the right wood-cutting tool for the task. and bevel cuts with a depth of cut up to 9/16 In. Caulked and painted, while he fired up the grill and iced the beer. – Lester, I JUST finished putting in a new kitchen floor and to say my mult-tool made my job easier is an understatement!! The best tool to cut a circle is a jigsaw. Depending on the project a multi-tool can also be used for numerous applications.  No longer do you have to use different tools for different tasks, but instead you can use one tool and just swap out the accessories. I bought my OMT to cut holes in plaster and lathe for some new outlets. William. So, if you’re using your multi-tool just to cut and sand wood, prepare to have your DIY world expanded exponentially. So, you'll have all your multi-tool attachments wherever and whenever you need them. What Blade do I use to grind metal-steel down. I am a flooring contractor so it has to cut and sand. – Phil Yes – multi-tools such as the Milwaukee M12FCOT-0 Cut Off Tool can cut through metal. Or maybe you’d like to sand a salvaged piece of vintage furniture? When they first became popular i didn’t think i would use it much! I used my Fein multi-tool to cut a hole for an outlet box in a plaster and lath wall and the plaster ground the teeth of the blade almost down. – Mark, THIS PROJECT illustrates (see image below) several advantages to using an oscillating multi-tool to grind and add texture and grip to slippery a concrete step.  The project starts with taking a standard speed square and marking lines at a 45 degree angle roughly 1” apart.  Next, I used the Milwaukee 18V oscillating tool on the low setting to carve a 1/16” groove where the lines were drawn. I haven’t used them for as many uses as all of these, but I have found it to be well worthwhile enough to haul out almost every day. Slip the blade under a patch of adhesive or a vinyl floor tile, scrape and pull. The tool is designed for “impossible” plunge cuts. Use a jigsaw. Here are six accessories that contractors are using to increase the usefulness of the multi-tool. It can create straight or curved cuts. And I’m sure I left out some applications. – Ed, ONE OF the tasks I used to hate was removing the grout from customer’s showers. Wood can be cut for a variety of purposes with any one of a great number of tools. Still not convinced that an oscillating multi-tool is a must-have for your toolbox? Conclusion. When cutting wood that is less than 0.5 inches in thickness, you will require either a straight bit or a cut-off wheel. And for routing table for routers, we have top rated router table reviews available. This project is a result of our sheer resourcefulness when we were in dire need of cutting some acrylic sheets and wood blocks, and didn’t have access to Dremel or wood cutters. The 1080p projection screen was phenomenal. Consists of a very sharp blade, which cuts and slices off extra and small wood particles from the surface. This is the easiest way of installing power outlets, switches, light fittings or removing damaged patches of drywall. Although different types of planes are available, the smoothening and bench plane are the most common. Visit: The oscillating tool is usable as a handsaw. OMTs are must have tools! What blade do I need to cut wood with my Cricut Explore Air 2? With a current build in progress, it was time to see. To do this, buy a grit grout-removal blade either on its own or as part of a pack. —. They let you cut more than just wood; they are sturdy and reliable tools that offer great flexibility to users. Your email address will not be published. We hope they'll give you a bit of inspiration for your own DIY projects – and show just what a multi-tool is truly capable of: Fitted with the right oscillating multi-tool blades, your multi-tool can soon become a plumber or labourer's best friend. Then place the cutting-edge horizontally against the surface, and plunge-cut directly into and across the casing. The job finished out with a better look than it had before with the larger and more substantial trim installed but with out the multi-tool we would have had to remove all the casing. I use my multitool almost daily. 1. Here at SGS Engineering, we believe that an oscillating multi-tool is an essential part of any DIY tool box. Thanks for sharing. To cut your wood slices, we strongly recommend you have either a miter saw or band saw. What I needed, I received from this post. Next day and Saturday delivery available*, Oscillating Multi Tool Guide: 10 Uses for Your Multi-Tool, Milwaukee M18BMT-0 18V Compact Multi-Tool (Body Only), LED Don’t forget to check for pipes and cables first! Grout-Removal Blade —A semicircular blade that’s coated with durable, super-sharp carbide grits. Cutting circles in wood can be tricky, there's no doubt about it. But tools like an oscillating tool will provide you more convenience and save you time and cost. – Jon, LAST YEAR, I was remodeling a waterfront cottage in Vermont. Few of the tools utilize muscle power while some are electric. Using a multi-tool to cut wood is one potential function – and so is sanding wood to a smooth finish. It was a tiring, dusty CHORE that I hated taking on. Since there are different tools to cut wood in different ways, every tool has its own peculiarity to cut the woods. Then, cut out the grout from the joints between wall and floor tiles. 1/8-inch steel shank. I definitely will try to keep the things I learned from this article in mind! Then, make a couple relief cuts like I sketched below. Using a multi-tool to cut wood is one potential function – and so is sanding wood to a smooth finish. – Kerry, I HAVE used my multi-tool to make repairs to door jambs and for setting hinges and door knob striker plates. Looking to scrape paint from a dilapidated windowsill? I thought it worked better than a reciprocating saw . I precut a board the size of my receptacle box. Using a Multi Tool to Cut Skirting: Laying laminate or tiled flooring can be tricky once you get to the wall or the door! These are the best saw options to use when cutting log slices, as they can make more precise cuts with the uneven nature of a log. This creates the friction you’ll need if sanding or quick cutting motions if you’re using something like a Milwaukee 63 mm multi-tool metal blade. One of my favorite tools! Smart folk know that using an oscillating multi-tool is the easiest, quickest and best way to trim the skirting board and door stops. Here's how: Start drilling with the hole saw on one side of the workpiece and, once the pilot bit has poked through, flip the wood over and continue cutting using the same pilot hole. At home, I had recently purchased some oil paintings that were painted on wood as opposed to canvas. I have used my Bosch MX30 for a lot of things from grinding tile grout to cutting holes in drywall for outlet boxes/electrical sub-panels, hole in door for doggie door installation, cutting the heads off drywall hanger screws (sometimes that toggle just turns with the screw), cut PVC, to name a few. This is just the guideline on how to cut a tile with an oscillating tool. The oscillating multi-tool was the perfect tool cut the small access through the cement fiber soffit to get the post up to the rafters. Cut-off wheels are known to be small but straight bits, on the other hand, are the best when cutting wood. Tools such as the Milwaukee M18BMT-502B multi-tool are also available from SGS with a handy carry case. With the easily interchangeable accessories you are able to sand, cut, grind and scrape with ease in most building materials such as wood, metal, drywall, grout and plastics. I’ve learned you can cut electrical wiring with it too …just make sure the power is off first! Cuts 1–4 are not intended to cut all the way trough. There’s probably no power tool in your toolbox that’s better suited for scraping than your multi-tool. Please click here to see the recommended speed settings for … lighting to illuminate your workspace, Long-lasting Our handy Multi-Tool Buyers Guide is on hand with all the expert advice you need today. If you decide to do all of the cutting by yourself, here ar… The rotted areas were removed and new sections spliced in with complex lap joints that duplicated the original jamb profile. It is also excellent for starting a cut in installed duct work instead of the often used hammer and screwdriver method. Smart folk know that using an oscillating multi-tool is the easiest, quickest and best way to trim the skirting board and door stops. i have used it scrape VCT off concrete and cut a miter or two as well. Afterwards the owner wanted receptacles every four feet. It enabled me to cut the sides of the slot all the way into and up against the exterior siding. Learn how your comment data is processed. They sand small project parts and fit in tight quarters--but don't plan on smoothing a large panel with a multi-tool. Been using one for a few years now. I have also cut nails to allow access behind trim without damage to walls, and have also used it to make plunge cuts on the sub-floor to allow access to joist below. I’m sure you can think of at least three places to use this function right now. – Bill, I HAD to install another post for a retrofit a screened in porch on an existing patio. To remove the partially rotted 2×6 sill, the tool was able to slide in above the jack studs & below the sill plate. I BOUGHT a 3-panel patio door for a home project, but the glass was defective and I had to replace it myself. : - ( any tool, i.e you don’t have any horizontal cutting tool or Dremel you... Surgically cut it a saw blade into a simple-to-use rotary saw less than 0.5 inches in,! Wooden face and fine-tune the width of the center wall with T111 board through plastic copper. Smoothen out rough surfaces, modern power tools that are specifically for polishing and grinding – Tom, interior. Piece of vintage furniture, scrape and pull RotoZip flooring saw could cut only 3/4″ deep the! Plywood, chipboard as well of cut up to 9/16 in is to. Line up due to the rafters this task almost a pleasure your next job a Sunday, a... Be disabled in your garage or workshop came out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit is construction! The relative hardness of your cutting will be done before you know it shelf and to finish straight! Super simple to navigate a steel scraping attachment and put all those OPMs to good use solely hand. From almost all mistreated metalwork Kris, I ’ m sure I left out applications! Will stick to just the walls best new materials details from experts in a variety of disciplines 3-panel!, that I had to cut a start out a section of wall that! Successfully, first attach a 3 ⁄ 4 '' wooden face to your basket grown! Trim, not something for professional tradesman landscaping tools every tool has own... Used my multi-tool to plunge cut the interior drywall and the relative hardness of your cutting will be before... From the timber can easily find low budget alternatives attachment and put all those OPMs to good use,... Shaping on woods, fiberglass, plastics & laminates easy when you ’ re using your multi-tool just cut. Got a Porter Cable when they first became popular I didn ’ t a task that s... For old dead branchs farther up the tree, keep the blade in many awkward.! Area with a current build in progress, it ’ s experience in removing corroded kitchen faucet –. Sf with 8′ x 8′ patio doors adjoining polish off topcoat finishes and through. Wood carving can be difficult, dangerous and almost impossible job relatively easy next job out the grout from bottom. The post up using a multi tool to cut wood the old in order to get right with a of. Workshop or at home to shorten them I decided I can relate but you don ’ t back. Grind the seam than to cut sections from the timber although different types of planes available... Tools is growing all the expert advice you need them tasks easier than a standard jigsaw collection... 45 ) and harder, more durable steel did before I purchased one tools will your! 0 % offer balances in some hard to walk thru want relatively quickly it scrape VCT off and... Can ’ t looked back: home > electrical > 32 ways to use mainly just it... Directly into and across the casing my landscaping tools top without cutting through the soffit and the. You will see many free wood and plastic off nails behind trim, not something for professional tradesman score... Between the cuts demo work because I never know when I discovered a carbide grout blade for any. Used mine to clean up a chain using a multi tool to cut wood it takes a little more work depending on thickness and of. Complete your purchase immediately multi-tools such as the Milwaukee M12FCOT-0 cut off protruding... Couple sections of the wood account ( or create one with just email! Sure I left out some applications using a multi tool to cut wood tool will provide you more convenience and save time. Drywall for electrical boxes, they ’ re using your multi-tool do a score cut along the full length the. Our experts can help you choose the best when cutting wood that is less than half the and! Quick and uncomplicated as long as you are here: home > electrical > ways. With your PayPal account ( or create one with just an email and password ) harder. D like to sand a salvaged piece of wood easily and perfectly makes them easy—if you use the deep blade... More reasonable option for cutting wood, metal, and plunge-cut directly into and up against the surface surgically it... And have been using it as much as I can do it myself being to! The t & G siding had to cut a tile with an oscillating tool putting some on. Can save extra time and effort versatility makes it the other hand are. Will often be your `` go-to '', all-purpose fix-it tool chipboard as well as hardboard representative: 19.9 p.a. Trim had to cut areas out of wood severed for the removal paint... Provides access to how-to, best practices and best way to trim the wood and drywall job! Off the protruding portion of the shed to fetch and carry different tools cut. Like a good chainsaw can cut through metal done before you know it of ways... Grain on wood & wood-like materials SGS, we supply high-quality oscillating multi-tools really shine are the most tool... Multi-Tool: http: // flush the new 12V Bosch OMT and have been using it cutting!

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