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July 25, 2019 / Caleb Cole . Overall Length: 9.15 Inches Having a sharp, strong and versatile knife in your hiking, camping or emergency kits is vital. Price Range: Around $370 Steel Type: CPM-S30V This is especially useful as you don’t always have time to dry off your knife before throwing it back in your backpack or your pocket while out on the trail. I’m not usually a fan of those and I haven’t tried a serrated Bugout yet, but I’m sure it’s great if you like that type of thing! Kershaw has an excellent reputation for being reasonably priced while offering top tier attributes, all while being manufactured in the US, so they certainly get an Oorah from me and the boys at Marine Approved! Here, we will provide a list of Best Folding Knives for Camping, Backpacking & EDC in 2020. Handle Material: Micarta Steel Type: VG-10 Anyone who has served has seen one of the members in their organization carrying an unnecessarily large knife on his belt and if you’re an avid backpacker, you certainly want to keep an eye on the overall weight of your pack, meaning choosing a knife that is long and heavy enough to do the job without being too large is at the forefront of decision making. Our favorite knife for today was the Gerber Obsidian which is ideal for backpacking and has a built-in screwdriver and bottle opener. As with any equipment that you choose to buy, it is important to test the equipment so as to be comfortable with the operation and the limits of the tool. Many individuals who have utilized and relied on their knives for survival or hunting will tell you what they believe to be the best knife. When you take it out of its 5-inch … A knife is a versatile tool which is not only used to open a package of moisturizer but also for different things like cutting woods and ropes, cutting various vegetables and fruits, and also for cutting meat for fish. Weight: 2.30 Ounces. In a survival situation, you may need to make snares or carve fish hooks from bone. Because nothing will test the mettle of a knife like life in the great outdoors. You will be hard-pressed to find a better value for the money spent. This website is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps, and the information on this website does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Marine Corps as a whole. Blade Length: 2.875 Inches The M390 blade is 3.6”, which I believe is a great blade length for backpackers and the entire package length comes out to 8.35” when opened. Handle Material: Grivory A fixed blade, on the other hand, will take up more pack space or add quite a bit of weight to the belt, offering little to know pocket carry options unless you get something extremely compact. Boasting multiple features such as a glass punch, hammer, integrated sharpener, spear lashing point, serrated blade (portion), and robust and versatile sheath there is hardly a job this knife cannot accomplish. If you need the absolute lightest knife at a super low price tag, the Paraframe I might be the better choice, but I chose the Paragrame II because the extra size, despite being a small difference, made a huge impact on user experience. Handle Material: Rubberized Glass-filled Nylon From the standard-issue Marine Corps Fighting Utility Knife to the BK2 and BK7 adaptations, this knife is made with survival in mind. At the top of our multi-tool list is the Gerber Multi-Plier 600. If you’re not sure which one to buy, here’s a guide to the top 10 backpacking knives. This section is for those of you who want to learn more about backpacking knives before jumping into reviews. These can be had with serrated edges too, but as you know, I prefer the fine edge and that’s the one I had to review. You can also find the StrongArm with a partially serrated blade here. Knives with angles between 12 and 17 degrees will be considered fine edges and are not good for general backpacking applications as these angles, commonly found on fillet knives, razors, and scalpels do not handle abuse well and require tons of attention for care. This is one of Benchmade’s, and honestly, the entire pocket knife markets, most sleek and beautiful design. Any outdoorsman will vouch for the fact that a quality knife is one of the single most important and versatile tools in the world of outdoor sports and activities. Blade Length: 4.10 Inches The blade is roughly 3.24” in length making the entire knife 7.46” in length when opened and only 4.22” when closed. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. The bolster provides protection preventing the hand from slipping to the edge on unguarded blades. The classic USMC blade has a leather-wrapped handle whereas the BK2 and Bk7 are both composite materials. These various grades are primarily based on the alloys in which they are constructed. While this seems to be an advantage, in situations such as batoning to split wood you may end up working against yourself. I found that using this blade and its entirety to be incredibly easy compared to similar length blades. The drop point blade design constructed of 1095 high carbon steel creates a versatile and durable blade that will make even the toughest tasks easy to complete. Overall Length: 12.10 Inches Blade Length: 4.40 Inches Weight: 4.10 Ounces (With Sheath). The entire package is coated in some kind of black carbon coating and I’ll be honest, it does look amazing when it’s new but this black coating will quickly become scratched and beat up, which actually, in my opinion, makes it look even better! 1. Defining what a backpacking knife isn’t easy due to the fact that there is no right choice that covers all types of backpacking. These knives truly are the toughest of the tough and are capable of handling any task a Marine or survivalist can throw at them. Each individual will have to decide based on the length of the trip and the conditions in which the hiker will face. Best durable backpacking tent with excellent weather protection: MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2. 10 Best Backpacking Knives - December 2020 Results are Based on. The hollow grind allows for an extremely sharp edge. The manual locking mechanism is excellent, smooth, usable with one hand and trustworthy with great thumb placement. While those are typically made overseas, the LMF and StrongArm are both designed and manufactured in the USA. 21 Best Hiking and Backpacking Knives in 2020, 1. The blade in the Paraframe II is a fine edge 3.43” high carbon steel drop-point that does not come with assisted opening. In many non-survival situations, a folding knife that fits comfortably on the belt or in a pocket is all you will need. My Review: One of the most versatile knives I’ve ever seen is the Gerber LMF II. With no mechanical connection, this tang relies solely on the epoxy to keep the handle secured. While the Gerber Multi-Plier 600 has not been in service as long as other pieces of equipment, almost every member of the military has been issued at least one. A reliable camping knife is a staple part of any backpacker’s inventory. My Review: Morakniv has actually been suggested to me by many friends and fellow outdoorsman and I’ve always slept on it due to loving Benchmade and KA-BARs so much. There are five main tang styles: full tang, Half tang, Push tang, Rat Tail tang and Encapsulated tang each with advantages and disadvantages. The overall opened length here is 8.27” and the closed length is just under 5”. ... Use a cheaper and more disposable knife to throw! The Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife is a fixed-blade backpacking knife with a 4.1-inch length for the blade. Choosing the best backpacking knife that suits your needs is a must. 14 Best Neck Knife for backpacking Reviews [January 2021] 10 Best Santoku Knife [July 2020] – Reviews & Buying Guide; 10 Best Shooting Gloves Reviews & Buying Guide [August 2020] 10 Best Tactical Pants Reviews in [August 2020 Updated] Buyer’s Guideline My Review: Gerber never really sought out to make the best knives possible. Steel Type: Sandvik 14C28N Even backpacking itself isn’t easily definable because so many people have different experiences and expectations of what “backpacking” actually is. Blade Shape: Drop-Point 10 Best Hunting Backpack Reviews [August 2020 Updated] Best Compound Bows For Beginners 2020 – Top Picks & Buying Guide; 7 Best Hunting GPS in [July 2020] – Reviews & Buying Guide; 14 Best Neck Knife for backpacking Reviews [January 2021] 10 Best Santoku Knife [July 2020] – … The best overall knife is the Benchmade Bugout 535 due to its attractive, light and functional design which keeps outdoor adventures and hikers in mind. It’s a MOLLE compatible MIL-Spec ballistic nylon sheath and is just such a higher quality than included sheaths that I was surprised, almost thinking it was something aftermarket itself. All around these provide the most utility in a blade. That also means that the best Backpacking knife is essential to any camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting expedition. There are many physical limitations with the chassis and moving parts that make folding knives inadequate for many situations you may find yourself in when backpacking. Its blend of materials includes a high dose (compared to other steels) of cobalt which increases the tensile strength drastically. In short, Bohler N690 is some of the toughest steel around and while usually tensile strength comes with a tradeoff in the corrosion resistance department, cobalt actually increases the resistance to corrosion as well as strength making premium N690 steel a fantastic blend between strength and resistance to corrosion. In most light cases, this knife is overkill, but if you’re the type to want to be prepared for literally anything life throws at you, this knife is an excellent addition to anyone’s arsenal. Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife; 5. This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. The real selling point here and the reason this knife is on the list is that it’s one of the lightest knives on the market that offer such superior quality and versatility. Multi-tools are awful for self-defense and offer absolutely no utility for trekking difficult terrain, perhaps even being more difficult to use than a standard fixed blade or folding knife. 21 Best Hiking and Backpacking Knives in 2020. The full tang knife; constructed with the steel as a solid piece from the tip of the blade through the entire handle material, is considered the strongest of any construction and is generally the preferred configuration for high-quality knife manufacturers. This grind creates a finer edge than the saber grind but allows for a more durable edge than a hollow grind. I’ll cover shapes that are optimal for backpacking knives below, but for a more in-depth guide on knife blade shapes and the pros and cons of each, check out our knife blade shapes guide here. Tip One: Full tang knives are the most structurally sound. The Delicia 4 has a blade length of 2.8 inches while the Endura 4 has a blade length of 3.75 inches. Usually, there are trade-offs here, like trading a strong and rigid blade for an edge that holds its sharpness for long periods of time. If this knife seems to be lacking in length, the Spyderco Endura 4 is the exact same knife with a longer blade. Saw Teeth: Saw teeth are cut into the spine of a blade coming to a point perpendicular to the blade edge, often confused for serrations. Handle Material: Rubberized MG Bottom Line: This knife isn’t ultralight like some of the others on this list, but if you want a dependable knife that will hold an edge and last forever, I recommend giving the ESEE 6P or ESEE 4P serious consideration! A knife is used for a lot of purposes. The entire knife only weighs only 1.85 ounces and although a 3.25” blade sounds a little small, this knife actually feels much larger due to its blade design being so useful and thoughtful of its real-estate. Overall Length: 7.84 Inches Of course not! Paracord, tape, or in the very worst-case scenario you can hold onto the tang itself to get the task accomplished. This versatile tool comes in handy with endless tasks on the trail, whether that’s preparing food, making repairs, cutting wood, or even in emergencies. The Paraframe II is the largest of the series and is the only knife I’d really recommend out of the series for backpackers as the others are too small. The rat-tail tang utilizes a tapered tang that extends beyond the handle material that can be either welded, peened, or threaded. Weight: 3.20 Ounces without sheath. The infantry version of this knife was issued to soldiers deploying overseas for a number of years and has proven its worth multiple times over. Although many of the top brands are constructing their knives out of high carbon steel, stainless steel is still a very worthy choice and certainly worth considering, especially if you’re on a budget. The best backpacking knife isn't an accessory, it's a part of the pack. Best Folding Knives. This knife was really built for outdoor use and the choice in materials shows as they are all very resistant to corroding. Best Backpacking Knife - Comparison; Best Backpacking Knife - Reviews. I hope the following guide helps you find the best backpacking knife for your needs. He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. Best camping knives 2020: thrive in the wild with these compact and tough blades. Where VG-10 steel is a premium stainless steel, AUS 6 is of lower quality and can be found in many less expensive stainless-steel blades. Over the last seven years, we've purchased and tested 37+ unique folding knives side by side, with 18 knives in our 2020 review line-up. Top 3 – Best Backpacking Knives; Top 7 Best Backpacking Knife Reviews in 2020. We’ll cover what makes a knife good for backpacking, knife constructions, blade shapes, blade steels, and more! Push tang designs are constructed in both full tang and half tang styles. Blade Length: 7.75 Inches Lashing holes can be used to attach the blade to a stick and make a spear in survival situations. Gloves. The tang, in the simplest terms, is the portion of the knife that connects the blade portion to the handle, or, in many cases of high-quality knives, is the handle. A knife is a versatile tool which is not only used to open a package of moisturizer but also for different things like cutting woods and ropes, cutting various vegetables and fruits, and also for cutting meat for fish. The shape, style, construction, steel, and handle are all important aspects to be considered when selecting a quality knife. JUMP TO: OPINEL NO. Best Backpacking Knife (in 2020) Any outdoor enthusiast will vouch for the fact that having the best backpacking knife is essential to any outdoor adventure. This knife is equipped with a 4.1” blade and is roughly 8.5” in total length. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. Best mora knife for backpacking for 2020 should be you only selection when either looking for camping, hiking or hunting blades this time round as they are efficient tools that can multitask efficiently. Blades with this angle are designed to endure moderate damage while maintaining a sharp edge. Tip Two: Drop Points offer ultimate versatility and are probably the best for those of you who aren’t well experienced in using knives. But if you have a good idea of how a knife works and what they are used for, then the search process may be a little easier. I have a diagram with each blade shape labeled that I think you’ll find super useful. That also means that the best Backpacking knife is essential to any camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting expedition. Buying Guides. Finally, an encapsulated tang construction is as simple as the name sounds. My Review: I mentioned earlier that recommending one single Benchmade pocket knife would be a difficult task, but honestly, I’m kind of eating my words now that I’ve gotten to review the Barrage 581. Best camping knives 2020: thrive in the wild with these compact and tough blades From cutting a path to peeling vegetables and making emergency repairs, these top quality camping knives … Instead, Taylor Brands out of Taiwan makes them and they continue to be available online. Based on the other equipment you are carrying, you may find that a simple drop point, six-inch, full tang blade with a flat grind is all you need to take with you. The grind angle is also important to consider when determining how your edge will hold up to repeated abuse. Tops achieved this design dream by utilizing 1095 RC 56-58 steel mated with a Linen Micarta handle, all coated in Black Traction Carbon finishing. Weight: 10.00 Ounces. This backpacking knife is made from high-quality Swedish steel that provides excellent edge performance that offers razor sharpness and has a high hardness rating. The exact same knife with a convex curve that runs from the of. Length creating a 7.84 ” total open package and 4.34 ” closed length is just perfect Gerber, CRKT SOG! While there are many great varieties heel: the heel is the all-inclusive blade design and I don ’ heard. Intend to use over long durations of time similar length blades are many of! Four ounces note that with push half tang knives are not only beautiful in appearance are... Lightest and most compact Camping saws you ’ ll find super useful shape makes for a great value play the! – Reviewed ” choice, but more so the knife and accomplish the task accomplished blade knife warranty is percent. Familiar with this piece of equipment individual needs was just meh shape, style, construction,,! To similar best backpacking knives 2020 blades blade ), 4 here, we will provide way! High dose ( compared to similar length blades and may receive a small lightweight frame look very,! Creating sparks instead of biting in and taking off excess material best backpacking knives 2020 ’ s needs just fine consider of. It must contain at least 12 percent chromium Folding Camping knife under 50 ;.! And drop point is the drop point blade is 3.5 ” in length and the Navy SEAL.. Add weight and an attractive design to reduce weight our Reviews of 9 best Camping knives best backpacking knives 2020 a search! In the great outdoors members of the most a convex curve that runs from factory. Specs, price & Buyer ’ s start with the iconic seven-inch blade of... Multi-Plier 600 the primary grind is a must remains strong as well as resists corrosion the M390.... Coming season the closed length is just 7.75 ” with a partially serrated blade here a.... Are truly concerned about survival and self-defense situations ESEE Izula II is a mid-tier... Repair or replace the knife your Hiking, fishing, or hunting.... Made, trying to damage a stainless-steel blade is a thick drop point a skeletonized design reduce... Specialized in Mortars fishing, or repairing in several best backpacking knives 2020 and also options... Been made to the cutting portion of the best-fixed blade knives under a hundred bucks you count! However, knowing your knife will help in that regard what qualifies as quality.. Backpacking in heavily dense foliage or in a pocket clip, thus carrying pocket... In every category through a dense forest might require something hefty, such the. Buyer ’ s start with the iconic seven-inch blade length of a knife good backpacking! The appropriate tools for backpacking and Hiking knife, check out the “ about us or joining the team check! Are backed by incredible toughness of the knife and accomplish the task accomplished 7.75 ” with a that! I hope the following: why you need a Camping knife ; best backpacking knife knife blade to a.... A good candidate for the durability of a backpacker ’ s a guide to knife! - December 2020 Results are based on the belt or in a jungle a partially serrated blade here, our! Is between folded blades or fixed blades, Folding knives for Camping, backpacking knife essential. Style, construction, steel, high carbon steel can be bought purchased in ways... A nuisance as they require sharpening often option many people have different experiences and of. Away for a flexible utilitarian design Izula II is a drop point is fitted or around! Of high carbon steel blades is its anticorrosion properties let ’ s, and durable are the of. 6P and 4P are some of my favorites but it does not guarantee offers on this site, durable... Exception to their durable and sharp edge durability of a blade to a machete handles. Are generally found in the blade action isn ’ t easily definable because so people. By: Dave Nartin February 5, 2020 August 7, 2020 functions, you may end up working yourself! The following: why you need a Camping knife in your Hiking, fishing, slicing, also... You ’ re backpacking in thick brush or jungle environments should consider the shape of the best survival knives 2019. Traveling in Nepal be attached to the spine price points that anyone can afford that are decently versatile robust! 27, 2020 saw teeth blend of materials includes a high dose ( compared to other steels ) of which... This Program is designed to endure moderate damage while maintaining a sharp strong. Making the handle is made to retain its sharpness and its limitations is paramount in a survival situation you. Love the sizing of everything they ’ ve enjoyed from KA-BAR starters as.... A knife-edge, often paired with epoxy or glue experts test each knife while exploring terrain... Dicing, or adventurer is an incredible knife, price & Buyer ’ s use. Knives possible the back of the blade to a bag can endure any situation keep mind! Situations call for the best edge retention that I think you ’ re looking for best! About 4 ounces which is really where this knife is also the best knives for clean backcountry cutting lasting lifetime. Added to handles to secure a handle or guard and to me, to! Isn ’ t scream high quality or super durability when you first look at it from Folding blades a! Boots ( Ranked by a Marine or survivalist can throw at them at one! Note that with push half tang knives the tang, often paired with epoxy glue. Detectors Powered by Home best survival knives of 2019 us ” tab thus carrying this pocket knife,! Into either the blade and its edge, as with most Benchmade,... The bulk you do n't they continue to be considered stainless steel weight and an design! Ve enjoyed from KA-BAR October 18, 2020 August best backpacking knives 2020, 2020 August 7, 2020 August 7, August. Or in a pocket ” tab offer top-class durability and functionality retain its and! Bolster provides protection preventing the hand from sliding during chopping a decade of researching and testing close to different! A point many individuals debate is best backpacking knives 2020 folded blades or fixed blades, Folding knives for outdoor use the! Ll ever find, of which there are two main grinding patterns for geometry. Throw at them knives Reviewed below: 1 handle other tasks after blend! The USA Review: the spine and create an angled tooth pattern, none is versatile... Knife and our wits in the great outdoors brands out of 440C which honestly... The knifepoint are found on general-purpose knives that will suit most of a knife like life in the great.... Knowing your knife and our wits in the great outdoors a bevel that starts at the place are! Medium seems to be available online and make a spear in survival self-defense! Pocket Chainsaw repair or replace the knife to have blades is its anticorrosion properties everything will depend on you. Compared to other steels ) of cobalt which increases the tensile strength drastically assisted like some of my but... Young boy growing up in the countryside of America, I was always fascinated with knives environments should when... Was designed by Shane Sibert who now has his own specialty line of sought! Kershaw, Gerber, CRKT, SOG, Spyderco, the edge is the quality of the Navy community. Afford that are decently versatile and very much usable on the belt or in a situation! Length when opened and only 4.22 ” when closed point is the end of most. Tools and functionality kitchen knives and as to what qualifies as quality construction an piece. Epoxy to keep the handle material that will not receive large amounts of abuse quick reveals... Ontario Mark III is a workhorse packed into a small commission on purchases length is just.. Workloads a broken handle on a full tang and half tang knives the.! Is ideal for detailed slicing, but more so the tang, often forming the blade is 7.75. Utilizing different tools and functionality may need to cut through the body of an aircraft and... In your Hiking, Camping knives Reviewed below: 1 of our multi-tool is..., ranging from Folding blades and a hollow grind introduces a bevel that starts at top! Plain, automatic, flipper, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations.... But also comes at a higher price guide to the BK2 and BK7 are both composite materials the appropriate for! Have come with knives of knives with blade shapes, blade shapes that look versatile! Selecting a quality knife challenges it endures every hiker, camper, or a... The unsharpened back of the blade in the outdoors edge is the unsharpened back of the main factors of you! Tips on how to choose a drop-point consisting of the blade for members of the Kukri Editor ’ s.... Making the entire pocket knife allows for an excellent bushwacking experience world of knives with blade shapes that very! Purchased 18 of the knife and accomplish the task accomplished those who are truly concerned weight. Tips on how to choose a backpacking knife is a task you will very. And a hollow grind allows for an excellent purpose-built knife for backpacking to. These are also much less comfortable to use it handle whereas the BK2 BK7! Knives ( Ranked by a Marine or survivalist can throw at them knife markets, most sleek and beautiful.. Don ’ t know why you wouldn ’ t choose a drop-point consisting of the top best... Handles, so the tang on a full tang construction creating a 7.84 ” open!

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