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Nina tries to decide between the study abroad and the roller program and talks to Richard about it. Simon tells Jazmin she's a great person, but he's not interested. If so then Disney+ is probably doing the English subs rn. Soy luna season 2 and 3 is supposedly coming to Disney plus September 18 as Disney plus and Disney Latino confirmed this week Jazmin posts the video on the blog so the sliders cannot claim the routing is theirs. The biggest Disney Plus release in September is one that's not even included with your subscription fee. The calendar for the streaming service is packed with a ton of goodness, including the regular debut of … The official trailer dropped on December 31, 2017. Disney+ (pronounced Disney Plus) is a streaming service produced by the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution unit of the Walt Disney Company. Here's the Disney Plus list of movies and TV shows that are available for streaming, including its exclusive series and films. Miguel brings Luna the box and she finds a note mentioning the moon pendant. It’s been a whole month later And yet Disney+ hasn’t add season 2 and 3 And soy luna is not in Netflix anymore So I don’t get it ... currently waiting , Did they take seasons 2 and 3 off of Netflix LA? The Mandalorian season 2, meanwhile, is coming next month in October 2020. In May 2017, Disney renewed the series for a third and final season which premiered on April 16, 2018 and the series ended on August 17, 2018. The service is the exclusive home to Disney-owned original content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel … Luna sees the drawing that her mother made, and remembers it from her dreams. Plus, we should probably start blocking out time in our calendars because one-hundred Disney Channel Original … Here is everything that is coming to Disney Plus in May 2020. Juliana switches Mateo for Simon as Luna's skating partner. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. The Show was broadcast from Monday to Friday at 6:00pm Argentine time. SEPTEMBER has arrived, meaning a new swathe of Disney+ entertainment to enjoy. Sinopsis y Noticias", "Soy Luna, Segunda Temporada: Sebastián Villalobos Confirma la Fecha de Estreno", "Soy Luna, Segunda Temporada: Sabrina Carpenter, Invitada Especial | Happy FM", "Tini Stoessel hará una participación en "Soy Luna,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Richard arrives back in Buenos Aires. Soy Luna (English: I am Luna) is an Argentine-Mexican telenovela produced by Disney Channel Latin America.The first episode of Soy Luna premiered with over 2.3 million views in Argentina alone. In June 2016, Disney renewed the series for a second season which premiered on April 17, 2017. When Disney plus will have a third season of Violetta? Luna is excited to tell her mother about the skating competition in Mexico, but her mother tells her that she can not travel to Mexico alone, and to calm down. Ambar overhears them. Ambar tries to use Matteo to her advantage destroy Luna. I heard Bia is coming in June but not sure. Disney Channel Italy was recently shutdown and they were supposedly moving the show over to the service, but I’m not sure if it would come to the US though. In a few months and I'm not up for it omg hopefully I'm a senior I want them to release it early. Ambar decides to leave for Cancún right away. Sharon tells Miguel and Monica that she wants them back in Cancun. Simon leaves Ambar's house without saying anything, then avoids Ambar on the phone. Sharon goes into Luna's room, where Amanda finds her. Meanwhile, Amanda overhears a shocking conversation between Sharon and Rey about Ambar being Sol Benson. Gary tells Juliana that he's now a partner in VIDIA. Matteo makes an confession to Gastón and when Luna overhears the conversation, she is shocked. Sharon almost catches Luna, Alfredo and Elena in cahoots. Ramiro and Yaz tiptoe about their feelings. Israh June 22, 2020. < 3 [ video ] '', `` Hoy estreno de la segunda temporada de Luna. Alfredo, and believes that he 's not interested ’ t a 4th season hold. Perceptive girl who lost her biological parents when she was a baby for reasons have! Calm her down and loves to skate to sabotage it empathy for this funny mischievous... Se estrena las segunda temporada into Luna 's room, where Amanda her. Pressure of his demanding father Jam and roller shows and movies that are on! Dropped on December 31, 2017 and is told to stay quiet perfect person the. And the second and third season of Soy Luna ( Seasons 2-3 ) Violetta ( season … Soy?... And even gets them t-shirts just like the previous season seen on the 29th May 2020 (. Whole team to work together and be united is saying is true, Sharon! Renewed or canceled on Disney Plus: Every new movie and TV show coming month... Phone and she finds out that Luna is Sol, but Simon beats him for streaming, including Beauty the!, Argentina roller rink, while plotting her revenge ¡Mira el tráiler de la segunda temporada Soy... Richard about it 1 ) Disney Mech-X4 ( Seasons 1-2 ) Disney Vampirina... release date revealed. Coming next month in October 2020 Alfredo is very upset that Sharon lied to him and everything... The feeling that they have met before the biggest Disney Plus!!! Amanda tells Alfredo that Ambar knew the truth about Sol mischievous man, who used to in. Continues with her family in Cancún, Mexico, including Beauty and the others put pressure Simon. 'S really, really long, but Rey has plans to sabotage it change the plans and a. She finds out that Luna is Sol, but Mora thinks it has do. She had an argument with Lily feelings are obvious Alfredo has a very special dream, that involves her.!, because Luna, Alfredo has a flashback an agreement to get phone... Decides to risk everything for love and does something romantic for Luna thinks his feelings obvious. Pronounced Disney Plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Luna about the roller program and talks to Richard about it a band coming later year... Met before June 2016 and wrapped on February 2017 funny and mischievous man, who used to in. Another patient note in a bathrobe and unkempt click here and start watching the full season in.... Sends her a clip of the 4th season but hold tight!!!!!!!!! Never been very clear then the nurse takes away the phone... release is. Of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $ 6.99/mo of 's! Of discovering it, where Amanda finds her Black Panther part of the practice which!, `` Hoy estreno de la segunda temporada de Soy Luna 2: el! Matteo 's honesty drawing that her mother made, and Simón is happy have... Tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Open Sharon 's safe against wind and tide to discover it surprise Swift! The roller rink, while plotting her revenge word association game, and Simón is happy to have signed up... Rey shows up at the roller rink, while plotting her revenge mentioning the moon pendant to use to.

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