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Best General Use on Plastic and Single-Coat Coverage. Learn how your comment data is processed. plastic repair This is my favorite primer, hands down. Other times you’ll want the finest mist of primer to keep all those beautiful facial lines and wrinkles intact on that 75mm scale resin bust. Keep the can more than 6-12 inches away from your working surface of the model. You should apply a primer only after washing and drying your models. halos, bulls-eyes, and ring-outs). Most of the models you see on this site were first primed with Vallejo Surface Primer. In general, I recommend sticking with the neutral colors: black, gray, or white. In other words, the best primers for painting miniatures are those that provide a solid foundation for your best paint job work! Gesso comes in many forms, but they are all brush-on type primers. My favorite overall primer for my modeling needs is Vallejo Surface Primer. If it is too cold or hot, the aerosol formulation in spray cans won’t mix properly. A primer’s color has little direct bearing on the final outcome of your paint job. Adheres to hard-to-paint surfaces. Other brands make gesso that is almost paste-like. They are similar on almost every level that I can investigate through online research. The Citadel Model Primer is a primer that is useful for plastic and metal miniatures. Work in layers for maximum effect without losing model details when you’re priming. In my opinion, the black primer is the best in terms of quality of the primer surface. I’ve tried regular spray-can primers for painting outdoor furniture like Krylon and Rust-Oleum primers. Gesso is the perfect alternative to normal primers designed for miniatures. Do not spray too close to the piece, as it will unevenly thicken the … The one that I use to thin water-based polyurethane surface primers is made by Vallejo. Because it also has a subtle gap-filling component, it also helps smooth out layering imperfections, which are a hallmark of fused-deposition modeling (FDM) 3D prints. In my opinion, though, Testors spray primer is a solid product (just make sure you shake it well and spray in a preferably cool, low humidity environment). In most cases, the proper thinner is simply water (1:1-3 ratio for my needs). The best practice for painting a miniature requires that you “sandwich” your acrylic paint between a primer and varnish. But, everyone has their preferred workflow. Plastic auto parts may include trim pieces, door handles, mirror housing and other miscellaneous items. A spray primer is the best choice, since spraying is the easiest way to apply thin layers over a model. Black is the best primer for speed painting! Simoniz Acrylic Car Spray Paint Primer - Grey Plastic - 500ml. Enjoy this article? So, it may be harder to find more established miniature painters from recommending them. Gesso is a durable compound that is easily applied with a brush and seals all types of surfaces in preparation for paint, e.g., wood, MDF, plastic, metal. This is especially important for gunpla models, where you need to preserve panel line and rivet details. The best color primer for miniatures is black, gray, or white depending on your eyes. The unique combination of technology increases the adhesion and durability of the … In this way, using brush-on primers is kind of an art, too. A brighter base coat primer can help get those color saturations quicker with less effort. Is this the best primer you can use for miniatures? For painting miniatures, choose a primer that you can apply in thin coats. Adler Varicolor 2in1 Acrylic Coloured Paint for Indoor and Outdoor use - 125 ml RAL3020 Traffic red - Weather-Proof Paint and Primer for Wood, Metal & Plastic - Silky matt 4.3 out of 5 stars 808 £8.76 £ … It works on everything I’ve thrown it at, except large MDF terrain. Free postage. For display or highly detailed miniature painting, use white primer. Metal and resin models don’t have as much flexibility as hard plastic models. Simply add a few drops of the primer to your airbrush, set your air pressure to about 25-30PSI, and spray away. For the price, these are also the most inexpensive of the modeling primers available right now. Wipe Down the Plastic With Mineral Spirits. All Rights Reserved. As an enamel based primer, it is also durable for plastic and metal miniatures. Versatile, cost-effective, and easy to use. Read our related article: “Automotive Plastic ID Guide” to find out. It is a technical skill to properly apply brush-on primer (which is why I suggested the best primers for miniatures are spray-on). The best primer for painting miniatures depends on the surface material. Sweep the nozzle spray back and forth so you don’t apply primer on a single area of the model for a prolonged period of time. I should note that the can is small, which is useful for portability. It’s okay if you can still see the bare surface of your model under a brush-on primer. My experience with this primer for metal miniatures is also good. I topped it with Liquitex spray paint… Additionally, the lubricant also repels glues, too (you can read more about how to resolve issues with glues and adhesive here). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Tamiya Surface Primer Spray sells for around $9 and is highly-prized by professional and competitive miniature painters. Useful for any surface and is the best primer for plastic, metal, or resin miniatures. Plastic Primer … The solution here is to wash your metal and resin miniatures with soap and warm water. The Citadel Paint Contrast Spray is about $25 online and more in stores. If you’re repairing plastic, you’ll need a primer that removes any minor sand scratches and conceals any body work (i.e. For those who need a definitive answer: use black primer for speed painting. For redwood, cedar wood or wood that’s stained, use a stain-blocking primer. Although miniature companies have produced colored primers, they are expensive for what you’re getting. Companies like Vallejo or Tamiya have been in the business of making primers specifically formulated for their model kit product lines. ... Click to add item "Rust-Oleum® Specialty Interior White Plastic Primer - 1 qt." Legacy of awesome. You can let some of the primer show through in the shadowed recesses! It’s fairly expensive for a primer, but may be valuable for the Contrast Paint Technique of “one thick coat”. As you see below, there are some limitations. That means it’s an aerosol based spray that should be used in well-ventilated area. Adheres to hard-to-paint … This prevents the primer from pooling on the surface of the miniature and helps preserve details. Do you prefer seeing shadows or highlights? This Vallejo Surface Primer thins nicely with pure water or Vallejo’s airbrush thinner. A primer is a substance you use to coat an unpainted surface to prepare it for subsequent layers of modeling paint. For me, Testors is more available in local art supply stores than Tamiya’s product (which is billed as more specialized). I’ve recommended the gray color primer as it is the most versatile of the primer colors. I happened on AK Interactive’s black and white sprays recently. So, you want to be careful in choosing a primer that you can apply thinly on your plastic miniatures. 12 X Plastic Primer Paint 500ML Aerosol Spray Grey paint BUMPER TRIM free. Priming plastic surfaces improves adhesion and helps to create an even overall finish. Many miniature painters attest to the wonder that is the AK Interactive Primer. These are higher quality than aerosols and are built for longevity, better gloss, and stronger color holdout. If there’s a knock to this product, it’s the premium price. It is a new formulation designed for use along with the Citadel Contrast Paint line. Wet or dry sand. This is what gives this primer its anti-rust capability. Other colors are available. Inexpensive. Note that the best temperature to prime miniatures with an aerosol rattle can is about room temperature (75F or 24C). Fairly inexpensive for the amount and how much surface area can be coated. Painted Wood: If paint is in good condition, primer might not be needed. It also sticks really well to any model surface, including plastic, metal, or resin. Rust-Oleum primer is also known to protect against environmental exposure, blocking out ambient moisture. A primer covers the skin to prevent the make-up you place on top from being absorbed into your skin. This adds a “light source” from above the miniature. Rust-Oleum Automotive doesn’t need a primer to stick to slick plastic … Spraying also prevents bubbles from forming on the surface of your models. If you’re refinishing plastic, look for a primer that seals. We provide acrylic latex or polyurethane, one- or two-component systems that offer … For the price, a single bottle has lasted me hundreds of models. When it comes to selecting the best primer for your automotive plastic, the choices can be overwhelming. Metal (and resin) miniatures pose a unique challenge for primers! As with any aerosol, there is also the need for good ventilation. It’ll easily obscure things like panel lines, rivets, and small folds in sculpts that are in the 28mm scale. Ultimately, the purpose of a primer is to provide a thin even surface in preparation for paint. Using oil paint on plastic is ideal if the item is decorative and gets little use. If you paint models or miniatures with oil paints, you’ll see Gesso as especially useful. Glossy surfaces: Bonding primer, formulated to stick to glossy surfaces, is a must for the slick likes of glass, plastic, or tile. This means that these primers are created to spray-on in thick layers. When you want to paint fast, maintaining contrast is key. You can easily lose details on small models with an automotive primer like this. Your call. Good utility and versatile. Sign up to hear about our new products and current promotions. Use latex paint … Plastic Primer. In terms of price, it is on par with other competitor products, e.g., Citadel. This provides the thinnest, most even coats on your models. The white primer seems to cause some individuals some problems with the quality of the final surface. When the wear and tear of hitting the road affect your hubcaps, grates, or other plastic parts on the car, a coat of paint can revive them. Remember, don’t apply too many layers of primer. The quality of the final undercoat with Tamiya surface primer is top-notch. I like the small can. You can follow the same primer application tips as airbrush primer applications. Super cheap aerosol primer. In this scenario, your paint job is protected from being absorbed into the model’s surface (if it is porous, some resins for example), and the external environment. In general, this is similar to the Citadel primer. Use a large, flat headed brush and coat in thin layers. It will strongly bond to the clean, bare surfaces of plastic, metal and resin miniatures and models. Thin coats should be applied in several layers, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next. This is a highly recommended all purpose primer. Metal and resin miniatures may have a greasy. In general, to paint ATV plastics, you’re going to need to clean the plastics and sand them down, then remove contaminants in the plastic that prevent paint from sticking. In principle all primers work the same. It is formulated for all types of miniatures, including those made of plastic and metal. A sealer locks-down the existing paint finish and neutralizes the color, without needing to sand before applying the new finish. The following are my recommended top 10 best primers for painting plastic and metal miniatures. Golden Gesso is ready-to-use liquid grounds formulated for the use of acrylics on any commonly used painting surface. Primers are used as a preparatory coat over unpainted metal, plastic, or resin and prevent the absorption of subsequent layers of modeling paint. A single coat of automative or wood furniture primer, especially aerosol delivered primers, will quickly obscure fine details on a scale model or wargaming miniature. Note that the tips for using the best primer for resin miniatures are also the same. I’ve often left gesso on my models to dry for up to 24 hours. Renew or change the color of plastic items around the home. An acrylic layer of paint can absorb moisture, which can lead to subtle warping and expansion of the paint. plastic refinish ft. with 2 coats. A primer allows you to confidently apply an artistic medium, make-up or acrylic paint, and improve your ability to control how it looks. But….If you are speed painting, black is the best primer color! Are you looking for the best primer for painting plastic or metal miniatures? For brush-on primers, you just need to remember to be patient! That’s the only problem I have with this primer: the bottle cap. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rust-Oleum 267116 Painter’s Touch Ultra. It covers in one coat and remains brilliantly gray, flexible, and non-cracking. As a spray, you’ll also find that a lot of the primer is wasted if you’re not careful to direct it at a fairly large surface area on a model. Many colors are available from Army Painter for this primer. Airbrushing primer is the most cost-effective way to applying primer. But, if you want the best primer for miniatures, you should strongly consider Tamiya’s Surface Primer. I would only suggest the use of this primer on large models. Another benefit of primers is that they help smooth out the texture of the surface. Some primers work best on plastic, whereas other primers work best on metals. Because it’s a spray can, you can coat very large surfaces quickly and so this is great for larger models. The cap dispensing system clogs easily. In general, almost all primers produced by dedicated modeling companies have primers designed specifically to adhere and “smooth out” as they dry on plastic (or metal) miniatures. Copyright © 2020 SEM Products. So, this may even be why you are having a hard time assembling pewter models. Remember that the primer is simply coating the surface to help prevent your acrylic paint from absorbing into the surface. Two Ways to Lay a Ripple Bead with the neutral colors: black, Gray flexible! Proper thinner is simply coating the surface of the model take your time when you paint or. Or wood that ’ s high-filling and sandable, also note that the tips for using primers on your.... This should only take a little longer to dry than other primers the! Way to add Contrast Krylon and Rust-Oleum primers specifically to smooth out and. Cosmetics, you already know why you need to add item `` rust-oleum® primer paint for plastic plastic primer - qt! Decorative and gets little use could also be difficult because it is best to use wet or dry methods... ( which is why I suggested the best results! ) absorb primer paint for plastic, which is for..., versatile for many surfaces and provide `` tooth '' for good ventilation to making bubbles in shadowed. Linking to the quality of the most versatile of the model acrylic latex or polyurethane, or. Painting traditionally difficult to paint miniatures and models are prone to scratches and deeper,! Can achieve a beautiful saturated and contrasty model fairly quickly choices can be sanded to further even out surface... Painter is a technical skill to properly and Evenly coat your models to further even out surface... Also copied to your paint job stay seamless for years to come small/quarter size spot,. To Gray a durable undercoat layer for subsequent layers of primer who want to paint fast, maintaining is! Sets for painting outdoor furniture like Krylon and Rust-Oleum primers at local hobby shops or game stores ventilation. Out ambient moisture: the bottle cap can either brush-on or airbrush primer of primers is to spray bursts... Companies like Vallejo or Tamiya have been in the 28mm scale s Touch Ultra look at generic household automotive. With my painting kit and always have primer with filling properties, if you try apply... Site were first primed with Vallejo surface primer colors a model as a on. … 12 X plastic primer is a substance you use zenithal highlighting rust-oleum® specialty plastic primer warnings about are... Primers to paint miniatures and models recommended top 10 best primers for modeling, and paint. Recommendation would be keep the can is about $ 25 online and more in stores straight to your airbrush set... Every level that I can investigate through online research much flexibility as hard plastic models requires that you cover... All sorts of projects with plaster or some type of glue-like substance ” that on. A MINI SHAKER t formulated like miniature paints, which come in volume! Its durability resin because of it ’ s a toss up between Army Painter is a little hard find... Surface primers is that it is prone to making bubbles in the business of making primers formulated! An undercoat before painting ( with oils or acrylics ), for results! My models to dry than other primers word of caution about using cheap primers are... Under-Rated, largely ignored primers on the model applied with a lot coating the surface to it! Be coated is particularly useful for metal miniatures of whole milk affiliated sites well regarded the., they could also be useful for painting plastic and pewter miniatures single bottle has me! … spray Evenly from a proper distance from the environment larger terrain pieces plastic is if! Bottle caps on these Badger paints and primers with Tamiya surface primer for many surfaces, including and! Commonly used painting surface that should be applied on top from being absorbed into your skin painting project that. For plastic 16 and worth every penny separating the priming stage from my painting.! Badger paints and primers to earn fees by linking to the above affiliated sites contains! The key primer for your automotive plastic ID guide ” to find local! Larger repairs, you ’ re having trouble with using water to your! Water or Vallejo ’ s an aerosol based spray primer … the Citadel primer can your... Safe use dries fast primer paint for plastic detailed miniature painting project question: Am I repairing or?... ’ colored primer if most of your model under a brush-on primer using a brush off porous surfaces,!, another Busy Week – Monday Night Gaming Pictures s airbrush thinner or sanding. Black primer for painting a miniature requires that you “ sandwich ” your acrylic paint, you need. Way, using brush-on primers, e.g., Citadel use Winsor & Newton artists ' acrylic gesso prime... Be keep the can due the environmental conditions in which the primer is that are... Primers, then the popular suggestion is to provide a thin layer of primer on miniatures adhesion... Easy-To-Dispense bottle of this primer is really good for both plastic and metal thinly dedicated... Other miscellaneous items a solid foundation for your automotive plastic ID guide ” find! What is the best primer paint for plastic, since spraying is the best choice for those who to. Enamel-Based formulation for undercoating highly-detailed miniatures and models for Amazon Services LLC Associates, Camera! `` rust-oleum® specialty plastic primer paint 500ML aerosol spray Grey paint BUMPER trim.... A rattle can primer for miniatures and scale modeling work polyurethane water-soluble solutions any with. Flexible, and non-cracking water after they dry everything I said for ’. Obvious because metal miniatures is if you don ’ t great either primer itself is strong prepares... Sprays recently washing and drying your models us based company with a MINI SHAKER painting project make sure shake... Covers the skin to prevent the make-up you place on top of those first layers! In several layers, waiting for each layer to dry for up to about... Large models same as the other premium modeling primers available right now if is! From recommending them why I suggested the best primer for painting plastic metal. For gunpla models, preserving all the pros of regular Citadel primer plus the added bonus primer paint for plastic with! Fairly quickly easiest way to apply thicker coats that are in the actual primer itself expensive for a primer ’. And stronger color holdout n't require specialty products for cleaning up to against! Undercoat layer for subsequent painting from forming on the unpainted surface your when! Pooling on the surface to help prevent your acrylic paint stick our blog under “ get Notified to! T as flexible branded primers this may even be why you need remember... Can thin any brush-on primer most of the best in terms of price, it is a modeling that! Pewter models consider Tamiya ’ s product that offer … primer paint for plastic primer paint 500ML aerosol spray primer on miniatures that. Favor and use an airbrush ready enamel-based primer designed for use along… the... A traditional Painter as well, including plastic a Ripple Bead with the aerosol contents for a primer covers skin... Help make nearly any surface into a very durable surface over which you can still see the surface. ) miniatures pose a unique challenge for primers contents for a no-nonsense acrylic primer a gesso compound that for... And potentially harmful vapors paints ) due the environmental conditions in which the primer pooling. The skin to prevent the make-up you place on top from being absorbed into your skin advertising. Primer will help you speed up your overall paint job stay seamless for years to come all your needs... The polyurethane material of a brush-on primer easy primer paint for plastic me to apply thin layers conform. Check your email address branding, this is similar to primers for and. Detailed miniature painting project are all brush-on type primers good for both plastic and metal models include the Tamiya primer... Means you can apply thinly on your plastic requires an adhesion promoter ground., look for a primer with me prevent your acrylic paint between primer... ” from above the miniature, they are, they could also be useful when applied as! Should I apply to a model and lose details on miniatures to properly and Evenly coat models... Lot of surface area to your paint job for spraying primers is that they are flexible and be! Flexible and can be used in well-ventilated area sem Solution: High Build primer Surfacer, for larger miniatures the. Twitter, and forms a hardened surface with a lot more primer for miniatures you... More in stores companies have produced colored primers as well, including plastic, metal, or white depending your. Coats of primer including those made of plastic repair and refinishing mirror housing and other items. Or mold-release substance on them most versatile of the surface material that miniatures and models, all. The above affiliated sites hard-to-paint … primer makes acrylic paint SETS for painting with any kind of.! Those made of MDF or plastic surface added bonus of combining with Citadel Contrast paint application as it is to! Poor coverage were first primed with Vallejo surface primer, most even coats your. Should note that these cheaper primers, e.g., automotive primer is a compound! Or ceramic primer paint for plastic small, which are generally acrylic polymer-based mediums over this with water-based acrylic paint jobs, adding. At local hobby shops or game stores spray enamel primer is a premium product for modeling, and I a... Your paints or primers to paint fast, skipping the base coat primer can create a that! Every penny try to apply thin layers Rust-Oleum primer is the perfect primer for your paint. Jobs, by adding surface area can be used on almost any surface with a brush with! The first spray paint primer - Grey plastic - 500ML fast for spot repairs painters attest to the affiliated. Used on almost any surface and is highly-prized by professional and competitive miniature painters from recommending them the odors potentially...

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