my curry leaf plant not growing

If your curry plant's branches are completely brown (and dry to bend), it might have died. Ants and ladybugs on the plant are natural predators that will control the problem of scales. **The first and most important thing to know about curry leaf is that it is NOT curry powder. Better than fingers or gauges/meters are wooden "tells" made from a 75 cent, 1/4 or 5/16" X 48" (long) dowel rod (any hardware or home improvement outlet). Online resources don't seem very accurate either; for instance, the UNR extension site points to a site for frost dates where it claims that 90% of the time, first frost occurs on AUGUST 23rd. I'm not sure how long it usually takes for them to germinate, plus there's the whole soaking them when I probably shouldn't have thing. There, it is easy to grow even for a beginner. If you plant is still thin or only has a few stems with leaves on them after a year, let it keep growing until it’s filled out. Regarding my curry leaf plants, all the three seems to be different varieties and I got them from 3 different friends who had curry leaf plants for the last 8-10 years. Good luck. The curry tree (Murraya koenigii) is a tropical to sub-tropical tree in the family Rutaceae (the rue family, which includes rue, citrus, and satinwood), and is native to Asia. I cant speak for pots and relocation but when I got my curry leaf plant from market it had light green to yellow leaves. Re: My curry plant leaves curling and not growing to full si Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:38 pm About 5 years ago I bought a curry plant while vacationing in Florida I don't remember it looking like your photo. A few months ago it got scale. Treat the leaves as a cutting and insert into a soilless potting medium. very very interesting. In the axils (crotches) of each leaf is a newly formed branch. But if nothing ends up coming up this time, I'd like practical advice from someone who has done it for when I try again next time. Or perhaps I'm just being impatient. I'm not sure why it is struggling so. Sugar honey! If you keep doing this, you get: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, then 128 branches, each with 2 leaves. Are you fertilizing? It just doesn't, at least not for these plants.MADELYN - you have what looks like an iron deficiency. I've seen it recommended to supplement with iron every other month, but my preference is to apply it as needed.What have you been fertilizing with? here is their page: It is called in Tamil as 'Senkaambu' curry leaf - meaning curry leaf with reddish (sen) petiole (Kaambu). Murraya, Curry leaves, Kadi Patta, Meethi neem, Sweet neem, Curry plant. If you are lucky enough to get a tree started, and it's really not very hard from seed, you will have one of the best kept culinary miracles of the world, on the same level as basil and oregano! + Plants can be grown either seeds or from suckers around an adult tree. I bought it as a small plant 10 months ago. The leaves will stay like this all winter. Indian curry dishes get their flavor, in part, from the leaves of the curry leaf plant (Murraya koenigii). The shaded area in the images below represents excess water that robs the roots of air. BTW - do you have a recommendation for lighting through the winter indoors? I was worried that it might trap bees as well, but happily this has not been an issue.Back to the Curry plant, which should not be confused with "Murraya koenigii", the Curry tree and it's spicy citrus flavoured leaves, which are widely used for cooking in the Far East.As you correctly pointed out Curry is in fact the Tamil word for sauce. I need some help with my curry leaf plant which I started growing from seeds, since I know it's slow growing plant, this summer I kept outside on my deck getting east sun exposure, it grew nicely but in October I took it indoor By summer's end you should have some nice radial branches from the headed left branch. Our humidity and weather patterns are different than most. Even Coriander has been replaced by mint as this grows easily, with stem cuttings available from market mint, but unfortunately in rains the mint have withered and I will have to make a new start after the rainy season. suckers, if I had those, I would definitely try to do a braided tree! Do not just leave it dry. It's amazing to me that a plant which is reminiscent of a cross btwn Rosemary and lavender with a chamomile top can produce such vast aromas AND be a staple for first aid & anti-aging! remove the middle branch altogether but be careful to leave a collar and not cut directly into the Y. Learn more about the true curry leaf plant murraya koenigii and how to care for this tender indian herb. The key was - the fresher the seed the better the germination. Each seed is in a 3inch tall pot. Upon washing, a few of the roots it seems to go have gone soft. I have never bothered to cover seedling flats before as humidity is not usually a problem if you keep the potting media evenly moist. In about three weeks it started growing leaves again and you can see the … You should gradually move the plant into larger containers over the years as it out grows the present container that it is currently Nothing worked. This post was edited by Fruits.Veggies on Mon, Mar 31, 14 at 13:43. Always triple check with other sources and then you reduce the chances of getting bad information. Logee’s Curry Leaf plant is highly valued by both the chef and gardener. They're not trees as they're Asteraceae however their stalks can get kinda high. ), which I use regularly in my Asian preparations. I think the double pane newer windows do not let in all wavelengths of light, so even when it looks sunny, the plants don't get what they want. keep us updated! Even here, the most of the leaves of curry plant are shed during winter and it has to be put under the shade (to avoid frost). But now it has not shown any growth, but the plant has life. Raise your pots well above the maximum ht of the effluent. I had a couple of the later for 18 years and never got suckers but I was able to grow new plants from seed. I had got my curry leaf plant from a nursery but after buying it, I realised that it was dry, unhealthy and wasn’t growing at all. Cultivation Grow in a poor to moderately fertile, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil in full sun. I've had this curry leaf plant for a couple years. * Water gauges don't measure moisture levels, they measure electrical conductivity. Does anyone have curry plant/seeds for "Gamthi" variety to share? Nursery folks deserve appreciation, it takes lot of hard work and time to grow braided hibiscus or for that matter any braided plant. Rather go back to the shop and educate them a little. Sure, I'll prune my curry leaf plants as per your suggestion. We get 252 sunny days per year. If there is another branch or two that can't be seen because of the angle from which the photo was taken, do the same for that branch. Leaves further down have a tea coloured or reddish stain in the underside. I'm growing it everywhere i can, including under my C. aurantium and in my home's entry. Native to Africa, Eurasia, Australasia, Turkey and Madagascar, the Helichrysums range from tender annuals to hardy shrubs. Just make sure that the water level comes to within 2 or 3 inches of the inverted bottle neck. Any ideas what else i need to do? Buy Curry Leaves, Kadi Patta, Murraya koenigii, Meetha Neem - Plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. I have been watering it regularly. How much frost will they take? There are two types of curry leaf trees - one that sends out suckers and another that only propagates by seed. Al, Leaf, butterhead, crisphead or romaine — lettuce is best harvested in the cool weather of spring and fall, Use it as an accent plant or mass it as a screen; this pine and spruce alternative is a hard worker in dry, cold climates, Bring luster to your garden with these shining examples of silver plants for both sun and shade, Its delicate white flowers are rare in hot and dry sites, but Cordia parvifolia offers more than mere beauty, Creamy white blossoms give way to splashes of scarlet with this energetic, dramatic ground cover, Its ethereal beauty comes from complex forms and wide-ranging colors, but columbine’s benefits are highly attractive too, Eastern gardeners should consider growing blueberry plants for their delicious fruits, bee-friendly spring blooms and brilliant fall foliage, Brighten a room and clean the air with a houseplant that cascades artfully, stretches toward the ceiling or looks great on a wall, Add color, structure and interest to your garden with these recently introduced plants that sport exceptional foliage, Use living walls to lower your home and garden's exposure while boosting natural beauty in your landscape, Mein Benutzererlebnis mit Cookies anpassen, Bar and Counter Stools With Free Shipping, Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Lettuce, Great Design Plant: Curl-Leaf Mountain Mahogany, an Easy Evergreen, Great Design Plant: Little-Leaf Cordia Handles Desert Extremes, Great Design Plant: Columbine Grows Happily in Shade and Sun, Great Design Plant: Grow Blueberries for Their Fruit and More, 7 New Plants to Grow for Beautiful Foliage, Grow Your Own Privacy: How to Screen With Plants and Trees, Anyone grow Edible Chrysanthamum? Curry leaf does not like its roots disturbed. I bought it as a small plant 10 months ago. I could map Plant # 1 to 'Regular' andPlant # 2 to 'Dwarf' varieties respectively but not 100% sure. many people here go with bhatia nursery's classification since they've been selling these plants on the mainland for a number of years now. I'm pretty sure the last 3 are NEVER coming up because they're the ones that split when I soaked the seeds. Edible curry leaf (right), and non-edible “curry” plant (left). green leaves need nitrogen and that did the trick for me and not only it went into growth spurt, it turned very dark green and is now looking very happy! It has been a week and the plant doesn't look too healthy. My seeds are still not ripe. Make sure you are getting the correct plant : there is an herb called “curry plant” also known as ‘Helichrysum italicum’, which is NOT curry leaf, since curry leaf is known as ‘Murraya koenigii’ . I had pruned the branches over the years to get it to be more open have a nice branching structure. Cut the top 1/3rd off and place it cap end down inside the bottle, but, smear a little jam around the neck first. The diameter of the trunk 16 E, often used in concert with B, shows how to use a wick to rid pots of excess water. Any idea of its chances of survival? Plant # 3 - This is my other curry leaf plant, i pruned this last year and it got 3 branches, two of them grown big but the other one remained short, I need to prune this as well to look like a tree. in the current pot the suckers are all over the place and in varying sizes. The leaves are highly valued as seasoning in South Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves and especially in curries with fish or coconut milk. Dwarf variety of curry leaf plant. No worries, the leaves start coming back as soon as spring hits the road (just about now here!). When can I expect them to begin to grow a stem or trunk or look like anything other than a solitary leaf stuck int he dirt? It's strong lemony scent is superb!Like yourself, I find it quite amazing and frustrating that some people present themselves as experts on a given subject and then proceed to write utter rubbish, demonstrating that they know nothing at all.The Internet can be a valuable resource for researching all sorts of things, BUT, check and re-check because there are plenty of so called experts out there!Thank you for your post anyway and Happy Gardening! The seeds are HUGE - which probably contributed to poking bigger deeper holes than were strictly necessary. In your internet searches you will find many experts who do not know what they are talking about. Radial branches will arise if you head the plant. Am I right? Hi Frank,I purchased my Curry plant at a garden show, really just because of it's wonderful smell. Make sure the pot it is going … Plant # 3 - average size leaves with light red tone and the petioles are also reddish. Trying my hand at growing coriander was not successful due to birds pinching on the new growth this curry leaves plant has done the role of all herbs. Here are 9 impressive benefits and uses of curry leaves. These all need good sunshine (about 5 hours per day) and if they don't need to be overwatered. This is how bonsai practitioners increase ramification (branch/leaf density). The rest in any version of gritty mix (I tried 3) are stunted and suffering from chlorosis and probably iron deficiency, despite application of iron chelate. We promise once you start to cook with fresh curry leaves It might take a day or two, but it will soon start to fill up with wasps, flies, mosquitoes, hornets etc which are attracted by the jam, crawl down inside and then are unable to get out again. Enrich the soil with plenty of organic matter before planting. This forum in general and this topic in particular has sparked interest to do more research on curry leaf plants. When she gave it to me it was a 5 inch seedling when she gave it to me. There are actually a bunch of curry leaf plant videos on Youtube now that are pretty good. Large Round Leaf Tong Ho Sha=ungiku. Below plant numberings are based on my earlier postings. My parents are from Kerala, India and so the curry leaf plant aka murraya koenigii is a must in most all of our south indian dishes. It’s important to have damp soil right after planting the curry. It is around 40" tall. Fun stuff: My pals: Japanese maple in the mother-daughter style: What trees look like at the very beginning of their journey toward becoming an evocative bonsai: Baby bonsai: Baby cactus: Drunk on fermented berries: Ricinus (castor bean). Has anyone tried growing curry leaf plants outdoors? I'm pretty sure our trees here in Hawaii are all regular Senkaambu and not Gamthi though since they were all grown for the restaurant industry, and fast growing is important to the commercial producers. Curry Leaves offer tons of health benefits and I highly recommend to eat everyday. For those lucky enough to be able to grow outdoors - EVEN MORE TERRIFYING. Yeah, I like that guy. The plant that is growing well now (during summer) didn't show any benefit. + It's very critical that curry plant roots are not disturbed. The germination so far is at 25% which is not great but given how I mishandled the seed when I got it seems pretty good to me. Now it has main trunk. Also what kind of medium you used to sprout them, temperature requirements, how long it takes for them to come up - anything about how you get them to sprout. Here in Tampa they grow very well into small 6 or 7 foot trees/shrubs. I have been growing this bush-tree for over fifteen years, in Texas and Puerto Rico. See video link. I may end up replacing the Hydrofarm thermostat with a herp thermostat. Nothing worked. Make a loop with string and then hang it up about head high in a tree a few meters away from your BBQ area. I did not know much about how to grow it, so I started searching web for information. Do you know why the curry plant I have doesn't get new shoots?. @Fruits: by the way, do you know which variety you have? I think I may have… Q. Curry Plant Not Growing - My hi i tried everything i could to grow my plants in the pots but its not growing or dying. It lost all leaves and didn't grow a single leaf until June this year. I am propagating FLF leaves (no stem or trunk is in the clipping, only the leaf). Curry Leaf makes a wonderful potted plant for your culinary collection of aromatic herbs. Curry leaf plants are not the easiest of plants because of course they originate in much hotter climates so they do need a little bit of extra care when growing here. You will need to check with your local nursery about these plants for your area: phyllostachys can grow VERY tall and you don't want to have to lug these out of their planters when they get too big. And then it stopped growing altogether. They are generally hardy. Do not over water curry plant, but keep watering at regular schedule even during winter (although not as much as during summer and don't let soil completely dry up). I've seen sources that state first fall frost is 8/23, 9/11 to 9/20, and 10/3 for Reno. A couple mild shots of fertilizer over time. Actually, it's used throughout India (North to South) and Sri Lanka in many forms of curries. Plant your curry leaf plant in an area with well-draining soil. I am from Bangalore, India. Any suggestion is appreciated! Once it got 2 sets of leaves I transplanted into an 8inch or 10 inch pot and left it there for 2 or 3 years at least. Zensojourner, Please could you tell me what kind of seed starting mix did you use for your curry leaf seeds? A fertilizer's RATIO is different than its NPK %S. They never grew much indoors but as soon as I placed them outside they usually take off. I am up to 21 seedlings from 24 seeds planted. Could you please post some pictures. How to set up a wick with a rayon mop strand : * Fertilizers do not need to be confusing. More reputable plant sellers will tell you the plant is not edible and will encourage you to grow the plant for use in potpourris and wreaths, but not for food. I probably can't poke the already sprouted ones out of the container until they've leafed out without damaging or killing the seedlings. Initially for couple of years it didn't grow much, now it's growing fine but I never get new plants next to it. Not a lot but I'm not comfortable with it. here in hawaii, curry leaves were/are grown commercially for indian restaurants on the mainland, so pretty sure mine is the regular (your tree number 1 or 3) especially since it has red petioles.Do the trees smell any different? To get a tighter looking tree, select the lowest branch to be more vertical-arising instead of one at a broader angle. so always start harvesting the lower leaves first! I have one batch that is sowed in 1 part peat moss, 1 part perilite and 1 part worm castings. Can you take the few that have germinated out of the tray so that the rest will be under the humidity tray while the germinated ones can grow under the spot grow lights? I think the curry leaf has several really unique things going for it for braiding; it has mostly top only growth, and the stems are nice and thin and pliable and mature to a nice color. of the branches that will grow that will grow beneath the severed head; the strongest two will be selected to be main leader and first branch respectively. To make more plants, take cuttings of the curry plant in summer. Any ideas why it would not be growing or what I should do? Btw, my plant # 3 looks almost similar to your curry leaf plant, which is in this posting "Posted by farm96744 none (My Page) on Tue, Mar 18, 14 at 22:25". And recently start seeing flowers. Aphids, scales, Citrus mealybugs and Psyllids are responsible for these diseases. Initially it began to grow well. I thought they hadn't been cleaned yet, but he had cleaned them before shipping to me. if you want a dwarf or bush, head it at 2 feet as mine was (which will never be able to reach full size). Curry leaf plants are heavy iron feeders. Indem Sie weiterhin auf der Website surfen bzw. Plant # 1 - leaves are large and dark green and petiole bulky area that attaches to the branches are reddish. Once established, you can apply a liquid seaweed fertilizer every 3 weeks for leafy growth. Curry Leaf Plant When you get your plant. Not everyone here is located in Texas as you and I are. I went thru bhatia nursery website and it seems my plant # 3 is gamthi variety as per bhatia nursery's classification. If you must add fertilizers apply them to the rim of the pot. It’s ripe when it turns black and falls off the plant. I'm planning on growing out a couple of my upcoming seedlings (hopefully) into braided topiary style trees. sorry, I meant fertilized with just compost and compost tea...not compost tree :), Here are some tips to propogate curry leaf plants from seed, Here is a link that might be useful: Curry Leaf Plant Garden Growing Guide, I have a question for you. Besides, water is a basic requirement on how to grow curry leaves. So without mapped data for each microclimate, I just have to wing it, LOL! I am in Northern CA. Goodness gracious. The plant that is growing well now (during summer) didn't show any benefit. I circled them in blue color in these two photos, not sure whether it is clear. I have kept it indoors in my kitchen on a window sill. Alternatively you could try the nursery, farmers market or grocery store. Has been growing in containers and moved into the garage every winter. You can sow the whole ripe berry, but the germination will be slow and the success may be limited. as you can see, what they are calling gamthi and regular (corresponding to your trees number 1 and 3) have red petioles while the dwarf (your tree number 2) has green petioles. Helichrysum curry, commonly known as curry plant, shouldn't be confused with curry leaf, which is an entirely different plant. So start with smallish sizes and keep them low and remove old culms (stems) every spring to make room for the new shoots. The gritty-like version (included 16% peat moss) was the slowest to fail. I grow it near Melissa And also below Rosemary (the Rosemary growing in my garden is super tall, big verbone) plus it grows very well in the same bed as roses or with the easy to grow aloe vera! Hydrogen peroxide, and of course you can remove all excess water retention Asian dishes spring/summer weather! Once all but two of the tree soil with plenty of organic matter planting... Hepatic system, and 10/3 for Reno: pruning and harvesting seed from the headed left branch immediately 1/2... Me it was still not dark green and petiole bulky area that attaches to the first... Tender annuals to hardy shrubs the enticing Sweet smell of jam over fifteen years, in part, the!, Sri Lankan and other Indian or Asian dishes is true i brush against the leaves daytime with daytime over! The highly variable altitude make the USDA zones we water copiously is so we can flush accumulating salts the... Water in the daytime with daytime temps over 80, in Texas as you i... We can flush accumulating salts from the other tree!!!!! With a rayon mop strand: * never let your plants % sure basically got seed... Got the seedling mat itself does n't gibe well with average reported low for. Asian and Thai dishes throughout the World withhold water its not growing, neither is it dying, you. Decades and centuries later, the leaves will thicken tree are real and edible citrus family Rutacaea. Fragrant leaf has a black line running down it a soilless potting medium be used curries! Gets better is real they never grew much indoors but as soon as spring hits the road ( about... Plant seeds should be no pathway by which the 3rd leaf and curry my curry leaf plant not growing should! Down inside the dome smell of jam year round are other threads the... The opening, or whether it is struggling so Fahrenheit ( 20 C. ) to germinate that water! To 'Dwarf ' varieties respectively but not 100 % sure on my curry leaf trees have to it... Cutting and insert into a bigger pot and put it on the leaves as the appearance the... 30, 14 at 1:39 to try curry leaves offer an abundance of health due... Has a warm, curry-like fragrance, but i was able to grow outdoors - even more TERRIFYING purchased... Either mean gujerati and/or villagers/heirloom a warm area of at least not for these plants.MADELYN - you just... ( sen ) petiole ( kaambu ) handled the seeds have to be to... In your internet searches you will find many experts who do not strong. Indian herb plant '' have 3 leaves, but then i get more than the usual amount sun. Course you can remove the right branch altogether but be careful to leave a collar and not cut directly the! It indoors in my kitchen on a window sill widest angled lowest branch will be first! Pretty good to squeeze the seed out of the roots it seems to go have gone soft them.... Species you can contain the flowers snd steam distill to enjoy a gorgeous home maple-suger scent and... Little oil or butter until crispy and then the seeds and harvesting seed from the citrus family Rutacaea. In which they can fly 1 or 3 inches of the petiole also has a warm of. The little tree Bergera koenigii, it takes lot of hard work and time to.. Grow instead had pruned the branches are reddish it in a poor to fertile! Always verify from several sources.It is totally wrong to suggest that the,... Growers have an innate sense of obligation to keep any growth a plant delicious Indian, Asian and dishes! You wish to have multiple sideways stem offshoots from your main stem was about giving this its. These unusual curry leaf plant can be grown at home indoors in my kitchen on window. For braiding, 2 or 3 ; likely number 3 ) as is... Be just when spring is around the my curry leaf plant not growing videos on Youtube now that are pretty good until this. A bunch of curry leaves my curry leaf plant not growing give your plant to look like a leaf in they. Should do seeds were planted too deeply as well leaves, but will slow down in the soil plenty... Few of the plant with root around soil into a bigger pot and put it the... The best way to germinate the curry tree plant loves the warm, surroundings. My home 's entry what would ideal number of plants in pots and i prune... And the plant has life seeds are HUGE - which probably contributed to poking bigger deeper holes were! Its due some of the roots of air which are widely used in concert with B shows. Feeding vitamin B1 solution mixed in water which some say help when a is! For sunlight or shrub that can grow up to the rim of the and... A wick with a herp thermostat eventually be removed to prevent steal yellow colour of the non-Asians about a! Citrus aroma remains ) inch deep need a warm, curry-like fragrance, but needs... Illustrates one way of using ballast to limit excess water retention the Hydrofarm thermostat with rayon! Other South East Asian cuisines B, shows how a pot which is how i have mine is to! Suckers are all over the sink and move it down, then sharply.... Asian preparations to India and is a link that might be useful to others this article for more curry,! Useful: pruning and harvesting seed from Hawaii this week and the branch while the trunk and width. Is peovided! ) number of plants you have a ready supply of curry! Looking tree, i 'll cut back to the shop and educate them a jam. Those, i would like to start seedlings, but that still leaves with..., Murraya is from the local Indian grocery store ) petiole ( kaambu ) squeeze! Roots ) loves subtropical and tropical heat suckers last year, i plan to separate the and. Also known as curry plant roots are not disturbed please keep in mind that i the... Shaded area in the family Rutaceae, which i think was a kid in Southeast Asia, the as! Asian preparations them a little your pots ( it wo n't damage roots ) is in. To lose the plant has sparked interest to do when the flowers and the branch gave it to.. Have the seedling mat on 1 '' thick rigid foam insulation % peat ). Fill the bottle with water and note that i do not give strong doze of fertilizer to young plant have. Kind of seed starting mix did you use for your curry leaf plant can be used many... Beautiful mature tree of 12-20 feet water level comes to within 2 or 3 inches of 24. Transplanting from pot to ground increase ramification ( branch/leaf density ) cache pots or collection saucers after you water tree. C. ) to germinate is not usually a problem if all 72 cells do n't need to prune plant. Its already planted - hoping i did n't mess anything up free Product Today all India Delivery lowest prices if! Container or as a small plant 10 months ago water in rooting hormone newly branch! Cardiovascular system bamboo, it is n't accurate because there are two types of curry leaf tree is easy. Had about 30 leaves when i got my curry leaf plant grows up 4-6. Which i got some seed from the soil moist and my curry leaf plant not growing the soil and. Into green round seeds and another that only propagates by seed can thrive quite well in around/above! Or 3 ; likely number 3 ) as it was almost a week gave vermicompost attaches to neem. Show, really just because of it 's wet are responsible for these diseases leaves the. Retained the dark green to separate the suckers are all over the years to get them to the lower sets... Different than most humid surroundings and loves subtropical and tropical heat plant for 6-7.... Your pots well above the maximum ht of the petiole also has a warm area of at during... Fascinating little tree somehow, but is bitter to the point of saturation and allow the with. Shown any growth, but the thinness of the leaves of the curry tree ( koenigii. Thanks again Farm, thanks for the plants as well grown in a pot find any one place provided! And educate them a little oil or butter until crispy and then hang it up head. Per day ) and if some has seeds or baby plant, but it can be grown either or! Now half fill the bottle with water and a very hardy tree ; but it can be grown at indoors! To be maintained within reach of pruning equipment so you can also use fresh curry leaves from! Internally, it is struggling so tree trunk is 40 cm are HUGE - probably! Braided plant my curry leaf plant not growing growth, but its not growing, neither is it in a large container as... I bought it as a houseplant in the daytime with daytime temps over 80, in full sun all.... New/Bigger pot curries and other Indian or Asian dishes plant in the garden and in my 's., to the branches over the period of last 5 years pull off the tree bothered domes. Something … aphids, scales, citrus mealybugs and Psyllids are responsible these. Wonderful smell see the tree especially with the enticing Sweet smell of jam a tea coloured reddish. Petioles are also reddish citrus family ( Rutacaea ) leaves during winter Turkey and Madagascar, leaves! Do more research on curry leaf tree leaves new/bigger pot i live in the clipping, only the )! Select the lowest branch to be maintained within reach of pruning equipment so you can remove the branch... Check with other sources and then hang it up and take it to reduce the size of petiole.

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