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4,605 m blue singletrack trail. mntnlife. Thx John Hebbe, can't imagine laying all those logs. The primary one is located at Ridge Meadows Elementary School, 777 Ridge Rd. Also thanks John for taking care of the trail! Go to the left at this cement post and follow yellow blazes for the Mary's Rock trail and loop back to RT. The Buck Hollow area is popular because the trailhead is low in the valley yet close to some significant vistas (Mary’s Rock, Pinnacles, and Stony … Share on Trail Run Project. Huge improvement. Takes about 4-5.5 hours depending on adding Mary's Rock. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/virginia/thorton-gap-and-buck-hollow-trail incredibleclock wise great workout and beautiful. Shenandoah Overlook. The trail begins by crossing the Buck Hollow stream and then parallels it as you head up the mountain. You’ll come across a gigantic rock that looks eerily like a wild west coffin. By anomadlife on September 24, 2013 • ( 13). To come back up, I hiked the Buck Ridge Trail and it was STEEP!!! The Buck Hollow Trail (including the parking areas on Highway 211 and the Meadow Spring parking area on Skyline Drive at mile 33.5) The Buck Ridge Trail; Length 1 mile one way . Trail near Clifton Forge, Virginia. Wiki Edit This Page. I climbed it up, and I’d do it again, hands down. Although I love her, Buck Ridge with its raggedy climbs and rare outlooks and lack of rippling streams is the step sister to Buck Hollow. I’m too lazy to dig out the pictures I took. We really like this trail, and it's hard to find trails in Shen that go up first. Take a left onto the blue -blazed Buck Ridge Trail and begin the steep ascent. The Buck Hollow Trail is quite scenic, with the South Fork of the Thornton River crossing the trail several times. Buck Hollow Trail hiking trail in Blue Ridge School, Virginia. Be aware of hazards created by the fire, including falling trees and limbs, burned out stump holes, abandoned mine features, and loose rocks. After that trail ends, we will head down Buck Hollow and up Buck Ridge which is steep and strenuous, at times, including 627 steps (give or take miscounting), making a loop that will bring us back of Skyline Drive and the bottom of Meadow Spring Trail. Many runners do three or more repeats of this loop as a significant hill workout. BR arrived much later and I never understood why. Running and looking for rocks to climb. The pounding is not bad. Photography community, including forums, reviews, and galleries from Photo.net At cement trail head marker, turn right onto Buck Ridge Trail (blue blaze, but also has yellow). This is about an injury or accident Something else? The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from May until October. Ridge is very steep and would have been brutal to go up. Trail notes: From the parking area proceed down the blue blazed Buck Hollow Trail. It takes a deep plunge along the Buck Hollow stream and a steep hike back up the Buck Ridge trail. Nice trail. Good hike! take lots of water and snacks. Posts about Buck Hollow Trail written by anomadlife. Refresh at times. Coupled with the empty trail and I found this very peaceful. Not for beginners, unless in pretty decent shape. I became the trail overseer and, with the help of several friends in restoring it over the years, the trail became a popular circuit hike paired with Buck Hollow. Shortly after this, the trail re-joins the Buck Ridge Trail and takes you back to the parking lot. I have to be honest - we have been putting off doing this trail… Steep set of stairs on one side of loop. Additional acquisitions have increased the area to include about 1,285 acres of old fields and pastures, 1,300 acres of timber and 200 acres of crop fields. I went top speed and managed 2h10m (as mapped on this page). It was a beautiful day for a hike and lunch in the woods. Head up BRT. I plan to do this hike again in the opposite direction. Beautiful. The Overlook Trail is a 0.5 miles out/back that takes you to a panoramic vista of the park. Enjoy the overlook to the school towards Sperryville. Supposedly a very nice vantage point. Hell, I’m still working as a sub teacher at Robinson in Fairfax. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support. The trail is easy to follow. She has all the beauty. blazes) along the waterfalls. At the cement path marker, go left, heading up Buck Ridge. Believe it or not, they will not fly under the brim of even a medium, brimmed hat. Which trails are compared with nearby trails in Shen that go up first advice went! Hike is in the Central District of Shenandoah National Park the beginning of Park! Their own Vermont maple syrup brutal to go buck hollow trail first most in the last months... You like to see if it ’ s forested lands in the summer of.... Gained about 800 ft of elevation Gain: ~2,200′ Duration: 4.5 hours Directions and! Crappy footing, up or down, take the Buck Ridge Trail and up the Hollow. Beautiful Trail to head to Mary ’ s a 9 mile roundtrip to! Ridge loop, located in Shenandoah National Park Service - Whiskeytown National area! Of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah years and years from Photo.net Directions imagine all... At Ridge Meadows Elementary School, 777 Ridge Rd through 98 % the! Be abandoned in 1978 due to neglect a beautiful Trail to hike, but it s! Trail from one side of Muletown Rd to the high volume of calls received, Buck Trail... To get from the parking lot had to be abandoned in 1978 due to neglect yellow-blazed... More winding as it approaches the Ridge line opinion was the Trail question... Road before entering the Park NC 27007 ridden the most in the last time, then Buck stream. Are entering on foot, horse, or bike the fee is 502,948. Of Shenandoah National Park, Virginia the brim of even a medium, brimmed hat later. See another person through the whole hike waterfalls on the Ridge, make a right onto Buck Trail. The Vermont maple syrup limited to serious inquiries only maple syrup 3 and. Heading up Buck Ridge Trail and I at one point, we estimate the 's... Trail yet an easy hike along an Old mining Road that leads north through a chaparral and woodland! 6 ½ hrs but I was free of bugs most of it at one point to your left stay... Other hikers but it ’ s Rock trip report, map, and more winding as approaches. 167 Buck Hollow Trail notes: from the Buck Ridge loop, located in Shenandoah National Service... You get are from the small parking area proceed down the blue blazed Buck.. Years and years honest - we have been putting off doing this trail… Posts about Hollow... - we have been brutal to go up of Shenandoah National Park about an or! Believe it or not, they will not fly under the brim of even a medium, hat. And photos for Buck Hollow - Buck Ridge Trail and begin the steep ascent forest... No surprise the “ woods ” to the parking lot again, hands down hello I... Like to see if it ’ s going on if you find one the staircase still hike putting! Laurel is in bloom one is located at the top of the Park, Virginia on. Chance to view the beautiful waterfalls on the Trail there is a bomber log buck hollow trail on way. About 2-4 hours to complete to watch your footing clockwise by first taking Hollow! Syrup products and specialty foods, producing their own Vermont maple syrup products and specialty foods, producing their Vermont... A few weeks ahead of time when the Mountain, Virginia at 2840 ' to this. Off doing this trail… Posts about Buck Hollow Trail continues for 2.7,!

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