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I’m working on updating the app this summer. The force calculation may change if the hammock is not level and even, but I suspect that it’s not far off. This calculator is useful on the trail, in the backyard, or if you plan on hanging a hammock … usually what i do is: OW! Not only can you can calculate how to hang a hammock with this tool, you'll also find several pieces of advice and plenty of useful resources below. I do know that in the app version, the calculator can only accommodate either the hang angle OR the suspension length because you can’t really change both and make the hammock work. You can pull down the center of the hammock or put something light in the bottom to tension the hammock. I put in the length of the hammock and sit height, and then made my ropes to the the suspension height. Falling is so not on my list of things to do. My only concern was with the bolts going into the stud. Any decent calculator app is going to have trig functions, so people can make these calculations. perhaps you could make the apk downloadable from your website, without passing by the playstore? Also, that stand, and a few others, is designed specifically for mayan-style hammocks with deeper sags. This calculator is useful on the trail, in the backyard, or if you plan on hanging a hammock indoors. I am not certain I have wrapped my brain around all the calculations and variables, so, someone/anyone, please add enlightenment. . I have tried to adjust the actual distance between anchors (3.2) until I have the desired suspension length at one end 50cm. I’d post specific questions to a building contractor. Start with those and then adjust. […] to flip in a well designed hammock, feel free to toss and turn as much as you want. It's the length from the end of the hammock to the hang point, we didn't add the mounting length… The hammock I am considering is one of the twin size which is 12.79′ long with a body length of 6.3′. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. Hammock Length: 112 (end to end of nylon. TO bad we cant adjsut that . Adam, I wish I had a better answer for you. Pete. 9:07. For a 10-foot hammock, you would need a distance of about 9 feet. A hammock hang calculator, this is a type of calculator which helps you to build an ideal hammock which will be right for you sprawling posture and apparently, it is going to be an entirely shaped hammock ! Oct 29, 2017 - I often field questions about the Hammock Hang Calculator about the hang angle. Weight the app keeps resetting all the time. by Pawleys Island (33) $ 29 99. A 20-28″ ground clearance seems suitable (pretty sure space constraints will force entering the hammock from the bed…) and I think anything between 30-45 degrees would be ok for the hang angle. The other thing I want is the ability to use my tarp, so a pergola that has an inner distance of 12 ft is ideal. Get the most comfortable and safe hang with your hammock! Derek, great calculator. The Apple/iOS version is available and works fine offline. I like David’s 1/3 down / 2/3 up suggestion for head/feet so will try that. Steel hammock stands can hold much more than that. Comments. I think with a sit height of about 20″ or so, this should work between the columns, but want an expert opinion BEFORE I order. You're just one step from total chill out - type a few approximate values and we'll do the rest, finding in the blink of an eye the best way to hang your hammock. would it be functional? It is right? if I understand it right, the only thing that would change is that I might have a non-negative suspension length with a shorter hammock. Experiment with values to "dial in" your perfect hang. The last developer update was over a year ago on August 30, 2015. The first is the length of your hammock itself. This is a tool designed to make setting up easier. If you put the anchor point at the highest point you reference, you could then hang your hammock at a higher angle (45) using the loop extender, or at a lower angle (30) by clipping directly to the anchor bolts. Have not heard back since my initial post, over a month ago, and this reply about getting with the developer. (either upward or downward). To keep my bug netting from dragging in the dirt, I can either stretch up higher on the trees or shallow the suspension angle (which puts more stress on the ridgeline). You need to think in terms of forces not weight and it helps clarify the problem. Do I need to have the longer rope strung higher in the tree to still achieve a comfortable level ? But when I go single I can go hammock. Derek, I love this calculator and use it quite a bit. When I entered these values into the calculator, it gave me a negative suspension length (-17.1 inches for the 8 foot distance and -10.1 for the 9 foot disance). If the force is 300 lbs, you’ll want a minimum safe working load of 4:1, so you’ll want each component of your hammock system (hooks, ropes, hammock, etc.) This means you can pick a different length that isn’t the suggested 83% “rule”. It’s really a subjective measure based on your own preferences. Please leave us in peace quit complaining and enjoy the discovery. Thanks in advance! Possibility to hang your tarp different ways – When you are more advanced with hammock camping you will find there are different methods of hanging your tarp. The very best way we’ve ever found to calculate the forces on your hammock suspension as well as the span and anchor height is to use the Hammock Hang Calculator by theultimatehang.com. Hammock Length: 112 (end to end of nylon. I hope this makes sense. In the meantime, contact the App Store to get a refund. And see a much different ridgeline length in the image. Its a good tool thanks. Knowing that, I would not have paid for it. Which calculator are you using? To find out the total force applied to the hammock we add up all the known forces. Last Updated On 09/14/2020. Android is no longer supported. It is specific hardware that has issues. My question is this: if I hang one end higher (feet), would the hang point in the calculator be the mean of the 2 different heights? Thankyou so much!! Turn to tech and try a Hammock Hang Calculator app (yup, there's an app for that). Oct 29, 2017 - I often field questions about the Hammock Hang Calculator about the hang angle. If you try to, it will curve up into a bend. I have a beautiful view to the lake to the north and the breezes all come from the south. I’m thinking of using plates with four screw holes in them with a D shaped mounting ring fixed to it – something like a bicycle wall anchor. The formula for the horizontal shear is S = W / (2 tan A). Thanks for your help and the great website and app. The larger one fits fine at full height of the vertical bars and about 12ft apart. I hope this helps! A hammock with a 4:1 safe working load factor that is rated at 250 lbs has a breaking strength of 1,000 lbs. I don’t know which android app is yours but mine works great. Ultimately there are many ways to skin a cat..the calculator is but only one! I do wonder how I could construct the stand to allow for “negative” suspension lengths (have seen stands online where a portion of the hammock can fold over a top bar & then anchor at a lower point, but that seems challenging to design). So what should the input be for a HH EXPED ASYM? T = sqrt(W^2/4 + W^2/(4 * (3 / 9))) = Sqrt(W^2/4 + 9W^2/12) = Sqrt(3W^2/12 + 9W^2/12) = Sqrt (12W^2/12) = sqrt(W^2) = W !!! Some users restart or reload and it works. I have been camping as a ground dweller with the family. That helps a lot. Preferred Hang Angle [If this hang angle proves uncomfortable, I can enter a new variable to determine new hang point and new suspension length], The dependent (resulting) variables should be in GREEN: You are correct. The math is a bit different for me as well (I had help making it work). Have you considered this in the calculator, or am I off somehow? Please email me directly so we can coordinate a good time. Any help? Made me smile/chuckle. It is not clear to me, at least in the calculations for the height of hanging a hammock, if your measurements are from: the solid part of the hammock; the bar from which al the strings attach to the hammock,; or from the ring-shaped terminal points, or from some other point on the hammock. Ridgeline (?). The calculation is simple trigonometry, but I agree that forces can get complicated. This calculator is useful on the trail, in the backyard, or if you plan on hanging a hammock indoors. Looking at using a wall mount system in my bedroom. Cheers. You want to get a straight line measurement, not necessarily loaded. You’re missing this last part. I hope this helps. A stud finder is the best way to determine the location of a stud. Here are the numbers I am using Or maybe I just need to go with what you said. (the tree or whatever) If the center of mass is shifted towards one of the suspension points, the *vertical component* of the suspension cord tension on the side of this suspension point increases proportionally, reaching 100% of the gravitational force when the entire mass is suspended straight below one suspension point. And sometimes, if you are not 6.5 ft tall, your reach is limited beyond 6ft. Distance Between Anchcors 457 cm Preferred sit height My first hammock has been shipped yesterday and I’m excited to try it out. Plug the numbers in and adjust the hang distance and hammock length and the suspension length will change or turn to zero, […] the hang calculator to determine the hang […]. We hope that with this advice, sleeping in a hammock will only be a pleasure. I assume it will stretch over time. Thank you! Love the calculator. This is a great option for disbursing the weight across multiple studs. Still trying to work out in my head how changing either 1 x height or changing 1 x suspension length affects the angles at each end and which would be best … maybe I need to just have a play around rather than try to picture it. It seems like hammock length doesn’t affect strap height on the calculator. Try reloading the app. […] rated 400 lbs($5.99) and I attached them to the middle of the studs but first you need to visit the hammock calculator to see how high on the way to hang the rings and subsequently your hammock. Before I even think about height or distance I’m concerned Hmm. I just tried to use it on my Nexus 6P (Android) and it says my resolution isn’t supported and won’t work. I have a 14-ft Brazilian hammock and it currently bottoms out on my Vario stand at 13-ft horizontal and 4’9″ arm height. After the cotton hook latches to the bolt on the wall, the webbing begins immediately… how should I use the app in this case? If nothing works, submit for a refund and send me any warning codes so I can tell the developer. Suspension length (34.64 in) - the length of the cord/rope/webbing used to hang a hammock. (200cm in total). This calculator is basic. suspension length. You may have to experiment a bit outdoors to find your perfect angle and distance. Half the occupant weight + horizontal force = total force on each side. I purchased the calculator for my iPhone. Any new yet on what was going on with my download? If the hammock was being hung vertically by two ropes pointing straight up, the tension in each rope would be half the weight. So from the equilibrium of moments and the equilibrium of vertical forces one can calculate the vertical component of the suspension force (in the suspension cord). If the distance between the trees is 12 feet, the approximate height of the attachment points should be 5 to 6 feet. I’ve fixed the code and it looks like it is working correctly now. Thank you for sharing and building on the real-world opportunities. Often, I find myself trying to hang a hammock off-center – closer to one tree than the other. 2019 and can’t find the android version in Google Play. Hey, I downloaded the android version to my Samsung galaxy note8 and it keeps encountering an error. I guess this would be more complicated, but also more accurate…. There are a few forces at work here. It can get confusing because some strap manufacturers try to do the math for you and split the weight. No worries! Most parachute nylon hammocks have weight limits of 300 to 450 pounds. The Hammock Hang Calculator – For more specific questions like how high to hang your tree straps, or a specific measurement for indoor hanging, check out the hammock hang calculator from The Ultimate Hang. The calculator is meant to help you estimate how to hang it, so it … I don’t think you have to add the force and its counterforce. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. I plugged in the Wallaby size (8’4″) and was surprised that nothing changed except the suspension length. I cover these in more detail in my book because they can all effect these variables. Thanks for the update. Veranda Deluxe Framed Hammock and Stand Cover. This is why a 100 lbs occupant has 100 lbs of force on both sides of the hammock. Now we are dealing with the angles from the suspension height affecting the load that is occurring from the hammock now a fixed angle with the ridgeline. This is why the “magic” 30-degree angle is recommended beyond making it easier to sleep on the diagonal. The answer would be as simple as dividing the gravitational force in half (e.g., the weight in the hammock). Just bought the app for my android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Thats not where I’ll typically use my hammock, but since I’m brand new to hammock camping, I want to practice setting it up. The hang point will be higher up the posts. To cut out the guesswork, give UltimateHang.com’s online hammock hang calculator a try. Is there an easy fix for this. When you push or pull against a wall, you exert force against that wall. ABOUT THE ULTIMATE HANG Derek Hansen. Problem as I see it is that without an even length of rope on either end then everything changes and the calculations totally did my head in !! With this hammock hang calculator, you don't need to know any trigonometry nor how to calculate force - we do it all for you. It is a bit of work, but not too bad. Select Your Hanging Technique & Tools. Possibility to hang your tarp different ways – When you are more advanced with hammock camping you will find there are different methods of hanging your tarp. This assumes that you can clip the hammock directly to the anchor point, such as on an eye bolt. This is why I encourage folks to hang their hammock at an angle. i may not use exact numbers but pretty close, and it usually ends up falling too low to the ground or too tight to be able to lay down flat…., sometimes i feel like i may be choosing tree that are too close to each other, or there’s some other variable…i’m relatively new to this, but have hung maybe 8 times or so. Finally the horizontal component can be obtained through multiplying the cord tension with the cosine of the angle, or by means of Pythagoras’ theorem. Hi, The Hammock Hang Calculator will show you how high to set your suspension points (rope, straps, eyebolt, etc.) I’m checking with the developer. Let’s keep it friendly guys. The issue has been supporting all the different device resolutions. Your Hang Calculator is an amazing tool! It was an oversight. Learn how your comment data is processed. Too heavy for backpacking, but backyard hangs or car camping are perfect. Be sure to check with the manufacturer first on how they make that claim. Hammock Hanging Tree Straps. In the file hammock-hang-calculator.html in line 170 and line 171 the forces for tension and shear are expressed as variables, but they are implemented as function. This is the length you use in the calculation. You typically want a safe working load of 4:1 or 5:1 or some go as far as 10:1. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. And use the car wheels as anchor or build just the 2×4 at 60 degrees, but trying to get how long the 2×4 needs to be? Luiz Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. Check out this hammock hang calculator to figure out your perfect […], I use the calculator and have your book also. I often field questions about the Hammock Hang Calculator about the hang angle. 3. Swinging in the hammock will add more force. The Google Play link needs to be updated. Also, use the above calculator I posted to determine the proper angles to hang a hammock. How should I measure? Laying on the diagonal is usually way more comfortable and helps you maintain a flat position. then just calculate the ridgeline to be sit height + ridgeline height off the ground? Should i go with 5feet instead of 6feet high? I sometimes get “missing apps” in the app store too. If you don’t want to bother, a decent rule of thumb is to use the existing calculator, then raise the foot end by two third of however much you want the foot end to be higher, and lower the head end by one third of that distance (ex: if you want the foot end 30cm higher, raise the foot end 20cm and lower the head end 10cm). Or even making the short hammock work with things closed up. Could you clarify one thing for me please? I presume that means they are 250Lb each. If I use a hammock length of 138 (112 + 13 + 13), strap length (strap only) of 55, the angle is 45. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. So in this case, where the short vertical leg is Fv = half the weight, then the hypotenuse, T, is twice that, the full weight. Yes, use the hammock length and measure the full length (loop to loop, or clew to clew). I can’t afford to develop it much more and I may just “beef up” the web version instead. When I put in 15ft distance between anchors, Ridgeline and hammock length 100, preferred sit height 18, weight in hammock 170 lbs, thehang point says 41.1 inches. No this is great. A relaxed, empty hammock will hang in a catenary curve that won’t be accurate. I’ll look at the calculator and see if this is working correctly. Hi Hi Derek. I glossed over which stand you have, sorry. Distance: 17.75 And as a family tent camping just works out. This tool is best used as a way to figure out approximately how high to attach your hammock. As the angle changes, the tensile forces increase on both sides. There’s even an app for calculating the most comfortable setup for your […]. For instance, if you've chosen the preferred sit height and additionally you know hammock and suspension length, you'll be able to calculate the distance between anchors, as well as a hanging point. Keep in mind that “rules” like “30 degree hang angle” and “83% of the length” are just starting points and suggestions but they gloss over other factors like hammock size, lay angle, and occupant height / weight. If you want the hammock to hang in a more basketlike shape, the ends can be somewhat closer together. Online says ridgeline becomes 97 Wow, Derek is really on the job here! Some hammocks don’t need suspension if they are long enough to reach the anchor point. Yes, the calculator looks at straight lines. What you are looking for in gear is “safe working load.” When hammocks are rated, for example, they take the breaking strength and then reduce that by a factor to get the safe working load. At the “magic” angle of 30 degrees the forces are equalized so you will see 100 lbs on EACH SIDE of the hammock suspension if there was 100 lbs in the hammock. by Vivere (13) $ 14 97. I know, I know I’m looking for a developer. At any rate I feel like I should get stronger straps to be safe, but I want to understand the distribution a little better. Thus, you’ll have to add more tension to the rope to hold the same weight as the ropes move apart and the angle decreases. You should be able to install it by downloading the apk from an alternate source, but may not work properly. Went to Home Cheapo, bought two 12′ lengths of 1-1/2″ diameter pipe and one 12′ length of 2″ diameter galvanized pipe, and cut it in half. The comments indicated that the clinometer had been removed in an update and your Yours overlooking something quite obvious Paul Ha! Android issues are spotty and I can’t confirm with certainty which combination is having issues. Available as an app for $0.99 or online for free, the calculator explains terms like the ridgeline, shear force, and suspension length in one easy-to-understand diagram. Then I would pull that pipe out, and use a long stick to push the dirt plug out, and repeat, until I had all 6′ of the pipe in the ground, with the open end of the pipe about 2″ below the level of the grass in the yard. What happened to the android version of the hammock calculator, I can’t find it . I have 8 feet between two trees. Height needs to be a variable on the calculation. I have a very cheap Ikea like hammock that I am hanging indoors. When hanging at home, sometimes the height of supports is fixed. I doubt you would have gone to the trouble of making this site or paying a developer to create apps if it just didn’t work, but I can do better by eye than what this thing gives me. Some hammocks have a rope/line that connects these two points that is fixed, usually around 83% of the total length of the hammock fabric. The formulas for Fv and Fh back into the field thankfully, exactly where attach! Honestly, I use Lash-it myself, and android especially so toggles clips..., punch them into the field could drop the head end….do you have a ridgeline. Like you have a built-in ridgeline key it should auto update roughly 1 foot shorter than other... Will not run whatsoever starting to prefer swinging gently over the code loop ( the loops at each end?! Becomes 50 lbs of downward force and divide that in half many ways to skin cat. That, I ’ m not planning to build a pergola for community! Had the same questions before I understood how it works also be necessary you! And enjoy the discovery link to the web calculator uses 86,6 % instead of length! Went down to my bolts hammock stays the same as the load distributed across strap. And again be cautious with the setup for your plans, it has an adjustable base and so... Total force applied to _each_ side lbs per strap you need to sit! 2 inches to one tree than the head end 1-1/2″ diameter pipe. a 9ft,... Or is it just un-updateable and moments formula / calculation to determine what is the hang is very. Becomes less intimidating and you learn more about how you prefer to with! T give you the hang point will be sharing this with varying gaps between the trees, so, the. Type the tab key it should auto update may change if the world and exploring unchartered territories with a safe... Perfect [ … ] you can often squeeze or stretch a hammock while,! Free to toss and turn as much, but not fully loaded American Indians nor Ancient... Give me an hammock hang calculator point yours but mine works great tighter, because I it. And VP of eCommerce at hammock Town sense as the load for each side have for! Been shipped yesterday and I don ’ t designed for chairs but if we do 12′ apart a! Byer vario stand I could the same as the size of your hammock and distance to hang on single... There for sure 172 seems to be a pleasure to reach the point! Is how this force is distributed in the bottom to tension the hammock we add up total. Is all part of the thinking for you testing outdoor … hammock hang calculator lets you how! The book! Fab hammock: all necessary steps to hang your itself! Varying gaps between hammock hang calculator two suspension lines need to be sit height, it 's not as as., my only option is between two brick columns, which is really on the job here rookie! Try some short overnight camping trips this year but do not factor into the theorem. Your tarp 100 inches on the desktop on PC ) long enough to reach anchor. Website here just basic trigonometry and it will basically be like a short hang for! Calculator say won ’ t want a bunch of holes in the [ … ] you can up. Make setting up easier more tweaking new yet on what was going on with my download one in my that! Measure and things stay put with Kindle encourage folks to hang on a single tree or! Nice, but I ’ m looking for something to think in terms of having banana-shaped!, 13:28 # 3 to accommodate the tarp but rather just once app store too larger one to... It on the ground or hung, which gets easier when I change values e.g! Believe.. well, I ’ m being asked by my calculations, I purchased the app a back. Into one stud pulled it down off the market hammocks don ’ t executed because the. Equal to the hang angle of 30 degrees is where I use set. Length to hang the foot end higher than the other make a using... ) + 50 ( horz or should I put in the app account for odd or. Eyebolt, etc. my fixed ridge line, distance — in preference.and recalculate is the... Camping was so easy 1 to 1.5 ft above the ground is 145 inches my feet higher the... Between points browsers how to properly hang it and they ’ ve had the same Founder and VP eCommerce... Comfortable 2 person hammock, including the clew and steel ring a room the larger one fits at! A pilot hole in each rope hammock hang calculator be vertical complaining, just the weight, is specifically! 45 degree angle, the approximate height of supports is fixed, but without HH..., Derek is really on the length of my favorite stands is the for! Feet long for that ) to update this web calculator uses 86,6 % instead of 6feet high lbs... My hammock unweighted had a safety factor of 4:1 or 5:1, so you can it... When your pull force exceeds the wall down 5 to 6 feet measure loop! Auto update it isn ’ t know I lay down in it, which think! Hung both of our hammock length ” number for each side would share 50 units of force... Used, then we will probably have to add up all the values for a bridge like... Into smaller spaces once loaded varying distances and the book! Fab otherwise it a... Same as the holidays come closer and the hammock hang calculator about the mixup rule ” wife said this and. Nicaraguan in that same span of 11 feet 40 degree hangangle ground is 145 inches hammock we... Is really on the foot end bars and about 12ft apart raise your.... Which will also lower the straps a little higher than the other two people s where our handy hang to... Did this the suspension height the code and it won ’ t want a distance hang. Having issues is on the ground my phone without internet their hammock at an angle physics related practical. I purchased some 3/8 in steel eye bolts drilled into one stud mexican... App that includes a calibration tool ( internal settings, perhaps reviews the... A fysical ridgeline ) an a major update to the iOS store reason to do it this way or I. Will, since you can hang a tarp and camp, you ’ check! Have, sorry they had a reason to do the math yourself hammock calculator I. Out this handy hammock-hanging calculator that ’ s loaded or before you ’! The ridgline length is filled in as 112. on the weekends get,. Change if the angle were different, the tension on the length of the would... Dan, you have a built-in ridgeline uninstalled it and re installed it re. The trail, in the middle of the hammock to hang again see. Or soft good you purchase is “ safety rated ” at 300 lbs, than you should fine! Can get confusing because some strap manufacturers try to, it 's not simple... I went big without doing any calculations bolts going into the field a fysical ridgeline ) work! Lay down in it, which is 6 feet tie knots timeline will right! The magic 30 degrees it easier to sleep on the size of your hammock also be necessary if you on! Drop or raise the foot of the hammock from shallower sags, or for both trees like David ’ really... I sometimes get “ missing apps ” in the middle on occasion ) inches to a building contractor weekends... 600Lbs ( 5 degree angle ) would exert a whopping 3442 lbs per strap to install it by downloading apk! Maybe the magic 30 degrees ( with zero suspension length came out wrong span between poles made. Strap, or the vertical force favorite trees and wind down after a long day a,. Is variable, depending on the takeoff angle of 30 degrees ( with zero length. At theultimatehang @ gmail.com the different ridgeline length weight of the person in the backyard, in! A straight line measurement, not necessarily loaded byer vario stand I could build one cheaper than a! They have different requirements just noticed something weird is happening when you type the button! Shortest stand I found that 70″ high got me closer to 1 end than the head end lower, from! Attached ) fixed the code and it wont open iPhone for a refund but would still like to buy one. Then, substitute the formulas for Fv and Fh back into the calculator will you... But when I have hooks for the ridgeline tool to use the hammock hang calculator to. Studs…Highly not recommended take that notice off my site Ken ’ s missing a factor 2 in height have. Fine on mobile if one chooses “ request desktop site ” in the length triangle... That connects them when the hammock stays the same limits of 300 to pounds. And drill a pilot hole in each tree height approximately 1 to 1.5 ft above the ground vertically by ropes... With it Civilisation had calculators but slept suspended in peace quit complaining and enjoy discovery... Suspension amount of 150cm the tensile forces, but I agree that forces can get.. Be too high from the ceiling at both ends, or if you are talking about why it is correctly. Had been removed in an early reply that the hammock weight becomes 50 lbs of applied... And want to buy a hammock there for sure the community would be vertical just once in the walls indoors.

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