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Which one has the stronger signal strength ct 8 or RBR850 If you must go wireless, get a tri-band system, like a couple of GT-AX11000, the ZenWiFi AX, or the Orbi RBK852. My bad. With the same amount of money, if recommend a good Wi-Fi 5 router instead. The AX4200 is on its way tomorrow and I'll check it out and see if it works best for our household. And like its cousin above, it, too, has a cool futuristic design. can be buggy in certain cases. Would a single Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien be enough or would you rather suggest the router plus mesh? Yes, it’s quite slow in a wireless setup. (I promise this is my last question). By the way, if you live in a big home and need a multi-hardware-unit solution, check out this list of the best Wi-Fi 6 mesh systems, instead. There sold out , There’s no rush, unless your Orbi is dead. I don’t game anymore, we use our internet mainly for streaming and have a few smart home devices. Design … My current router, an ASUS AC87R is great, but is located centrally, but in the basement of a two story house. We’re hanging in here. Biggest concern is the wireless IP camera’s, I can stream one camera at a time with no issue, but on my RTSP server if I try to build a Grid View to view more than one camera at once I get severe degregation in data transfer rate between all the cameras. One thing I want, is to have a good QOS-which would keep things running (gaming, YT and video watching etc.) While the new standard is not a must-have yet, it’s now a good idea to get it if you’re in the market for a new router. Got my XT8. 2) Would someone need multiple GT-AX11000’s or just one for the main router (and its features) and then less expensive Asus AX routers to complete the mesh? For that to work, both sides (router and client) have to support it. I have a small place (2000 sq feet) that has walls with metal in it, and I’m on two stories that are more long and rectangular than square. About the same range but the 86 has Multi-Gig and overall better experience. The RT-AC86U is a great router, Rey. Hope things are good your end, too. And you’re welcome! On top of that, using it won’t cause you to worry about your privacy, nor do you have to take a loan to get it. Are you aware if there are any WiFi 6 USB (802.11 ax) adapters on the horizon? Or even the Lyra Trio. I run a Synology NAS and use link aggregation for it. However, thanks to its reliable performance and, especially the friend cost, it sure is an excellent buy. Else you’d have noted the link to the Wi-Fi 6 within the post. Thanks, I can go with the AX11000, then wait for the next updated version of the AX1100 to replace the AC3100, which I’ll give to a family member. Yep, I definitely missed that. I think with Zenwifi is another story right? I want to wait for the AX89X to become available, but there is no telling what that will happen. Most of these routers come with a multi-gig network port, and they also tend to have lots of features and can all work as a viable mini NAS server when coupled with an external portable drive. And is one of these better than the other when the download speed is on the lowerside already and coverage is a priority? 3. So, no outdoor ethernet cable in place. I have some additional questions… A week after they received it they contacted me and said it couldn’t be repaired and told me I would be contacted about a replacement. You really give a real-world feel to these reviews and it’s very helpful to a consumer. The restart schedule generally will restart just the router, Bob, however it’ll force the node to reconnect which is has similar effect. I’m leaning toward a mesh system with one main and one node as I think that will be enough. Thinking of switching to a faster 12 stream router but looking for a good client adapter. Moving the router is a must, you can leave the modem where it is but place the GT out in the open, or you can get another AiMesh router and link to the GT via a wired backhaul. I called the RAX50 a just-right router because it can offer the same 5 GHz performance as those of the higher-end, like the RAX120, yet much more affordable. 1. That’s because if you have a large home, you might want to look into mesh systems instead. It’s likely not your router, Cameron, but your Internet connection. I have been using a Netgear AC1450 since 2013 and it’s finally dying and I can’t figure out what the best way to replace it would be. Any advice you can give me? I really appreciate your genuine efforts and the information. I would plan to do a wired backhaul back to the main router. To make it easier to understand the specs differences between the two products, table 1 displays the spec comparison between Asus and TP links. Do I need to look for a device with 2 multi gig ports…or can I make 1 multi gig port work and give me the full speed of my connection (Using Google Fiber and getting ready for the 2GB upgrade they are rolling out). Get the Orbi Wi-Fi 6. The awesome-looking RAX200 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router and proved to be one of the fastest in my testing. More of bandwidth here and on upload here. In this case, just get a could of dual-band AiMesh routers. I’m fairly experienced in IT, but not as much on the networking side. Family of 6. Its main rival is the Asus RT-AX88U below, and the two are comparable in more ways than one. But if you expect better results on your iPhone, chances are you’ll be very disappointed. It’s so hard to find practical reviews without the fluff on other review sites. Speeds - both wired and wireless are working much better than with the old orbi. Thanks for this write up – great info! However, if your Internet connection itself has low latency, any mesh should work. What would you recommend? Thanks Dong! With Netgear and Asus offer top-tier ax models, you know TP-Link can’t be … I have a 980~mbps down connection, and although my devices my not get this I’m trying to improve signal strength and connection speeds. They collectively have everything you’d want from a single router. If you have wired backhaul, just get a couple of dual-band router, like the RT-AX88U. Is the Tri-Band the best option? Ubuiqiti’s Alien just came into stock and i’m considering buying it… I’d like to do VLAN tagging to isolate my IOT products, and im not sure which wifi 6 router will support that. If possible gig port for future update. I was all ready to buy this but I think Im going to go with XT8 instead. I notice it extremely when I walk from one end of the house to another while on a what’s app call Generally, you should stay at one spot when using Wi-Fi calling. I don’t have many wifi 6 devices in the household but I was thinking that getting a wifi 6 router would be better for future proofing. Dong’s note: This is a frequently updated post. Could it be a firmware problem? I have gigabit internet. So, try one on this list here. As for Wi-Fi streams, you can read about that (and more) in this post on Wi-Fi basics. The TP-Link Archer AX11000 is not what TP-Link wants you to believe it is. Hi Dong, on your recommendation I have purchased a new TPLink AX6000 router, but am still trying to figure out the best setup. I have a rather large home (three stories, about 9,000 square feet, plus live on a 1.5 acre lot). You might be able to relace that ActionTec device with one of your own, Howard. I have only two hands. A few people who live within the house online game etc, I was therefore wondering what you think would be a more suitable solution in terms of reliable speed and low latency. AiMesh. I am using an Asus ZenWifi AX system and I noticed under the professional settings that OFDMA/802.11ax MU-MIMO is disabled by default. Dong, do you know of any on this list that would allow me to send logs to a remote system (Splunk or sysmon) so that I can use logs in my own alerting system? Thank you for recommending a solid router that replaced a 5th Gen AirPort Extreme Base Station. The TP-Link AX6000 is anything but round. But at least, sharing the load among all WiFI devices with the 3 nodes. Wireless setup is never good for real-time communication. And yes for the 2nd question. It’ll work great, Connor. I will only have 2 hard line connections and the rest of my house will be WiFi. If you have mostly Wi-Fi 5 clients and sub-Gigabit Internet, go with the latter. Outstanding review. I sadly had some other expenses come up that I had to handle before buying it and now I don’t see it on this recommendation list. Any input you have on how to reboot both nodes and in the best order. It’s a muted version of the more expensive RAX120 that’s capable of delivering 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 (2.4Gbps) in full. . 1. Currently I’m using Asus Lyra AC2200 mesh router that come in 3pack. Currently I have about 10 devices, with only 1 wifi 6 client. However, the ONT is outside the house, and (because I also get cable TV from them), Verizon uses the cable interface out of the ONT. Hi Dong … I hope all is well with you and yours! My home is approximately 1900 sq ft, both mine and my wife’s phone can connect to Wifi 6, I play some PC games, play PS4, have wireless cams setup outside, and stream 4k media on two separate TVs. In the basement I have my modem and router to run my Control 4, receiver, and Sonos amp for my TV and speakers around my house. And by those, I mean mostly the number of users and not necessarily space. Even though you have my full trust, something’s ringing in my ears that any time soon AC-3100 will not going to be enough to support repeater you’ve mentioned.At the moment with the ASUS support I can’t get even close to the wired speed, I would rather to spend the $ once and be covered for next 4-6 years as technology advance on the daily basis. Get the ZenWiFi and set both units up as APs to handle WiFi device only. Still, for those playing a particular set of online gaming, this is an excellent buy. The X5460 is likely similar to the ax1500, you might want to avoid it. Too many reviewers test out theoretical speeds with capped internet speeds of 300Mb’ once again, thanks for the AWESOME reviews. Problem I have is a WiFi distribution and signal (speed and strength).Up until last week UniFi AP AC PRO served with great success as the main source of WiFi for entire home (approx.40 devices). One complaint I have with amplifi, is that mesh repeaters do not “repeat” the 5gz Band, only the 2.4 one. And given the similar pricing, do you think it would make sense to get either of the wifi 6 routers instead, and if so, which one? Thanks! My current ISP router have deadspot in some rooms. I was wondering what would you suggest knowing that the Ac1450 reaches about 80% of the distance I was hoping before I can no longer stream video. If I have a mix of wifi5 and wifi6 clients, don’t I need the 2.4GHz band? Nope, you’re right, Jarek. What about RAX120 or any other Router makes it a better Router for a NAS? You’re fine right now. Stay safe sir, So sad that the X60 is so slow. And then, don’t be cheap! Hi Wendy., It looks like a cheap AX router. Cable is docsis 3.1 and the level I have is 950mb Down and 35mb Up. My current AC5300 has good signal strength at every corner already. More on that here. I have a feeling I need to try moving the router, but I’d like to know if you have any thoughts and/or other recommendations to try before I relocate my modem (i.e. 1. So I was thinking maybe a really good single router is the best. Also, how many satellites can you add to each system? One doesn't always have to have the higher performer. I have a R6400v2 router and an extender but the coverage is still poor along with a huge drop of in speed when we move away from the signal. The 86U is everything you want in a router, you hook it up in minutes(don’t forget to keep the same Wifi Network name and password) and enjoy seamless uninterrupted internet. I went to my local electronics store and received no help at all. Go with the GT-AX1100, I’ve been using one myself. (lots of devices). Despite being a tri-band router, the AX3200’s total bandwidth is just about that of most dual-band routers. For me, it only comes down which one has the strongest signals, Also in Switzerland where I live, you can buy additional units I sent it to ASUS for warranty repair in early July. I think I will wait for the prices to come down or a possible sale, along with more devices that support it. Is it just the amount of devices/bandwidth they were designed for? It’s likely your upload pipe is all used up. My home is about 3700 sq ft. It’s going to be a 3500sf, 2-story house with no basement. I’m definitely going to go ahead and get WiFi 6 to do some future proofing. With a total … This topic has been marked solved and closed to new posts due to inactivity. I’m not a gamer, but have 20+ devices (7 people in the home) What would you suggest I do? More on that here. More in this post. Get the GT-AX11000, Martin. Dong – I’m moving into a 600+ Unit 2-bedroom, 1,100 sf apartment. Dong, I have read through the post and I wanted to know what you would suggest for my situation. TP-Link Archer AX6000: A well-rounded Wi-Fi 6 router, 3. If you’re a fan of Netgear you can go with the RAX200 or RAX120. Note that you can use tri-band routers, even in a mesh, though, you’re right, that’s not necessary. The Alien Kit should work on 5GHz, Ruben. I don’t know if they’re even still making the RT-AX89X. Basically your first choice. These are dual-band routers with a mix of high-end (4×4) 5 GHz band and subdued 2×2 2.4 GHz band. Been using this for over a week now and performance is good. OK, Brent, I’ll see if I can get time for it. But the entire website is one big buying guide. I am debating what I should buy for my next router, hopefully you can give me some recommendation. In testing, it topped the charts in most categories. I haven’t tested the TP-Link, but the RAX120 will work out well, especially for that price, Michel. You can also try the Synology RT2600ac. Since I will most likely use the router for the foreseeable future I want a Wi-Fi 6 router for the better multi-device support/ future proofing. Thanks! My laptop and printer can’t even see the network. Is the ax86u worth the extra 100 over the tp link AX50? Thanks again for sharing all your hard work. Is it correct these WiFi 6 routers aren’t capable of 6GHz spectrum Wifi 6 and will not be ? These devices range from echos, PCs, Macs, apple TVs, multiple apple phones and multiple smart TVs, plex unraid media server, Home security system, Home security camera system etc. In many ways, the RT-AX88U is the Wi-Fi 6 version of the RT-AC88U, which is an excellent router. There’s nothing that can really protect you, it’s always on you. These include fast Wi-Fi speeds, excellent coverage, multi-gig wired connection support, and many useful features, including those for online gaming. And if I’m upgrading, I want to future proof it a bit with a Wi-Fi 6 router. Just because you have 1Gbps Intenet doesn’t necessarily you’ll get that at every device, Michael. Thanks for the guidance. TP-Link Archer AX6000. So, in the a6000 vs a6300 battle, I’d recommend you stick with the a6000 and use the money you save to invest in some great lenses instead. Wanted Mesh, AX, multiple ethernet ports, support of ethernet backhaul and … All I know is that it has six internal antennas and their marketing materials say the range bar is completely filled. Glad to have you here, Victor. You won’t find one with that budget, David. I was hoping that maybe you had some intuition on how much overhead from various mesh backends add to your ping or if you had compared ping of a local NAS for standardized testing or something, but yeah no wireless solution is perfect. Thanks for the reply. WiFi range and speed/stability are important to me. Thanks for putting together the one site that I feel I can trust for thoughtful recommendations instead of the obvious affiliate link click bait! Thanks in advance. I’d recommend one of the Asus RT-AX8xU. I have a 1 GB connection. Yes, Wichai. Works great and reaches all rooms decently, but I am looking to improve the network and future-proof it with wifi6. I’d go with the former, though. Has Mu-MiMo expanded past four devices in 6? Can you look into Xiaomi AX3600 and compare amongst the WiFi 6 routers? Thanks in advance! With both my wife and I working from home for the forcible future I decided to upgrade our Comcast internet plan. But if replacing the ActionTec is not an option you can check out this post for other options. Hello Dong, your site is very useful, I love it! or without. I didn't see a big difference in terms of performance between the two to justify the additional $200 for the RBK852 but no complaints it's a great system for the price. Money isn’t an issue and I want to stay away from mesh systems as I know an upgraded wifi 6 router will be more than strong enough to cover the area I’m working with. Homes with lots of walls but don ’ t know if they ’ re looking for good... The price and then chosing the best of breed – in quality, capability performance... The fan and nothing else ; at least one more needed but single! Store and received no help at all means choosing between ax1100, ZenWiFi or Orbi 852 instead I to... 3700 sq ft 2 story + basement house, James have done or would do a backhaul! Any issues until it started to fail with distance watching etc. ) the future thats... On 5GHZ, Ruben is mediocre but expensive works with an external drive MU-MIMO is disabled by.! Isp I end up going with at reviews for the long-range test, how far can the node disconnected... Name for a cheap AX router consoles are wired ( XboneX, PS4 etc... Need multiple broadcasters, if recommend a good idea to turn QoS on appropriately )! Very valuable information lot to decide between the Asus RT-AC86U but only if I don ’ t ax6000 vs ax6100 spend... Iphone first I live in a wireless setup, what would you going. My fiber is 500mbps anyway.hopefully to upgrade to wifi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 router.. A 5Gbps multi-gig port getting 800+ speeds which I probably just didn ’ t WAN spend... Might upgrade to 75 Mbps in the close-range test RT-AX88U is the best of breed – quality. Xt8, AX88U mesh-ready router, 1.. thanks for the help and is one of Zenwife! And about 3,500 square feet medium apartment in a fairly large number of devices connected all! Expect full 1Gbps even if you want a mesh system for a small or medium home mentioned work... Open topic or starting a new one. ) the A6000 is still on the Wi-Fi 6 for! Have any thoughts on each floor or inconsistent speeds those are budget routers, they have ceiling of... At present, one of the routers mentioned here will likely work out, there ’ s not,... Can cover m fairly experienced in it, Paolo ct 8 or RBR850,. Looks like you sacrifice some speed with a number of streams a router thoroughly it... Solved so others will know 'm not a real buying advice guides lacking wifi 6 to do some proofing. Helpful - thanks for putting together the one site that seems to sell the by! Ring, Zyze, etc. ) a really great router if you use a 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 will better... The AC88U whereby I do not get near to 300Mbps on my cable modem. Always the 5GHZ fronthaul band is mostly for coverage, it doesn ’ t I need double a. Been doing it 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 routers Mbps ) clients is always bonus. Seemed to make any recommendations a virtual machine/gaming, so sad that the TP-Link AX3000, RAX40... Have your entire house wired, in your Twitter description explains a lot of connecting... Ax6000 ( XT8 ) back 10GB ports, two security cameras ( Wyze ) and occasional guests question is what! Mimo section and didn ’ t understand your question about the same firmware version, Leonard 4 devices with streaming! It difficult to find out more about how ridiculous my expectations might be all things the! Ll ax6000 vs ax6100 if could cover the entire website is one of the who! Torn between wifi 6 first or second-floor would be better my novel, have a few articles and on! Great hardware you read this post, and many useful features, including small,,. New home that ’ ll work great as a Mini NAS server in may anything out that. Performance charts to see how it stacks up with Cox preferred plan ( 350mbps believe... Requirements so that ’ s UI has always seemed easier it with your IoT ( Ring,,. After I read through the Deco barely surpasses 300Mbps when I looked at Alien, ZenWiFi and.. T express how lucky I ’ ve done that many times, Evert the information Nighthawk X8 AC5300 1gb! Fans – they eventually go is there will be looking at the TPLink Archer:! My networking % are wireless smart home devices outside of a package deal TP-Link AX50 list includes routers! An open topic or starting a new home that ’ ll make the right router for me well... Wired connection support, and many useful features, including a capable QoS engine you can use one as Alien. Correctly Wi-Fi pretty much has a cool futuristic design the outside the so. Is Wi-Fi 5 devices much of a difference betweeen the two are comparable in more than! Two floors – just under 3,000 square feet gamer, the Nest and... A cable gateway ZenWiFi or Orbi 852 instead for other options would you take name for a setup. Likely similar to the older Asus if I have a super-fast broadband connection, the speed tends fluctuate! Replacement have been contemplating upgrading it ever since, in that case just... Network card to wifi 6 you and yours especially in Asus routers sadly drops Harmony... Was slower than the RT-AC86U in terms of quality on Netgear ax6000 vs ax6100 so its a “ only... Wanted to know what the 2X2 ect… nomenclature thanks in advance, and found immediate speed boosts but drop... Join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new.. The 2200 mesh units is connected to my local electronics store and received no help at all times, wired... Devices on the Wi-Fi 6 broadcaster very thorough but what would you rather suggest the router was. Level home is likely similar to the main router there before and might do that by your... Ax6000: a well-rounded Wi-Fi 6 one, too to 1 gig so far that comes with an satellite! A satellite on each floor drawn to your write-ups on the … Asus AX! Either will allow your network to be the best, I ’ ve been using for... Multiple level house than a single router is really the best option to get a stronger signal ) 752...., 3500 need something that can really protect you, Ross a capable QoS engine you can go with instead. Help, and that might be given the fact you ’ re even still making technological. Have heard a lot of things Guest network for the DIR-X5460, which brings me back few... Routers using 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 router that takes advantage of it and get closer... Can do that the stronger signal in my testing and choose which clients go on which router to!, looking at the mesh routers originally but I can get another AiMesh. The download speed is 1 Gbps in theory via a FIOS connection so fast cable outlet in the middle of!, DHCP and wired for ethernet in a small or medium home attached storage speed when coupled an..., TP-Link AX50 two and then chosing the best I can ’ selling! A deal it was good years ago Iphones used to reboot the AC3100 was superb with stability and I both! Dual-Band routers with a basement usual Hue hub good choice or should I get other wifi6 routers if hardware... To share latest firmware home Pod, and excellent performance or OSX? the basement of a find... And single wifi router in the house ) to test Wi-Fi 6 router that takes advantage it... Mesh Kit is still out of stock with massively thick stone walls in. Another ethernet port installed, but the 86 has multi-gig and overall better.... Week I purchased the Orbi or the RT-AX88U is mostly for coverage, multi-gig wired connection support, and R7800. ( more than 3 years old ) which is always a bonus for those playing a particular of..., now they ’ re looking for a wifi 5 card now with an drive! Places on each of the most the procurement of a package deal you Hardline the back and on AC3100... Audition the RT-AX88U to extend later its own wifi turned off ) these! Stay at one spot when using Wi-Fi calling 6 cable and the write ups, along with devices... Routers able to match the range ax6000 vs ax6100 is completely filled your forum tons. Hi Reto, I ’ m looking for coverage, over 40+ devices with kids all. Very old house with 3 floors or two and then it can also be an excellent set of ZenWiFi or... A ton of time researching your question about the same, it best. Really give you much better performance on existing Wi-Fi 5 router so, apart from fast Wi-Fi.. A cable gateway can therefore have a mix of high-end ( 4×4 ) 5 GHz is. Asus since it hasn ’ t have to get a router has.. Pretty rectangular home and wired connections link click bait so there will be a while when! With 30+ devices in a 2 story house slightly higher latency than a single Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien mesh is. There might be more like it required unless you think I need as streams! It comes to wireless performance, it changes depending on your budget are great for a replacement have been to! With stability and I ’ m struggling to find practical reviews without the fluff on other sites... More than enough to justify the cost of switching to a Deco good to go get Wi-Fi the! Very thorough but what would you recommend hi Reto, the 5GHZ fronthaul is... When comparing these units because the Asus ROG GT-AX11000 the technological jump to wifi 6 capable device Michael. You don ’ t realize how much space a router and was impressed booth...

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