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After Korekiyo's execution, she's pushed by Kokichi to stop bottling up her feelings. Nov 15, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Puzzled_Pumpkin. In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version), Angie met Kaede and Makoto Naegi in the middle of the hallway, in front of the door led to the dormitory. ", "Life cannot always be fun and smiles... Atua must make difficult, even cruel, decisions. Showing the Love Suite event that occurs with Angie Yonaga (Ultimate Artist). Angie Yonaga. I’m pretty sure he was sitting. Nyahahaha! It used to be large, but natural disasters made it smaller. I merely offer my body as His vessel. Angie also asked Kirumi to sew the curtains for their show, completely unaware that Kirumi had ulterior motives while she prepared in the gym. here's how i do it. She is indicated to be foreign to Japan, notable from her non-Japanese name (that has been pointed out by Shuichi), dark skin and unusual use of language. She viewed Kirumi as a traitor to the group for letting her greed overcome her and as a result, began to plan for ways to unify the group further, Himiko only being the first one she would influence. Angie even goes as far as to destroy a Flashback Light from the Monokuma Kubs, wanting to quell any desire to leave no matter the cost. Angie Yonaga. The government then decided to counter the situation by faking the students' deaths, calming down the Ultimate Hunt while providing protection to the students. Angie figured Himiko didn't feel Atua's presence yet and said she'll keep praying for her. 324. ", "Yayyy! The half body sprites are unofficial, cropped from the full body sprites. ", "That motive is of no concern to us, as long as you cast aside your desire to escape. Games High-quality Angie Yonaga Wall Art designed and sold by artists. ", "That's right! When she died, Shuichi felt very sorry for Angie, and states she only wanted to end this Killing Game and bring everyone together. In Chapter 3, Tenko joins the Student Council led by Angie in order to keep an eye on the artist and protect Himiko. Himiko however, could not accept this explanation, angrily asking why Angie and Tenko had to die for something so unfair. Being the Ultimate Artist, Angie can skillfully work with drawings, sculptures, and other things, but she is known to say that Atua is the one who is really creating everything and she is simply lending her body, describing the experience as if she's being "possessed by her muse". She then offers Atua to them, as she believes that he is the only true God there is and that his form changes according to the feelings of whoever sees him, which in her opinion explains the multiple Gods people around the world believe in. After Angie's student council is formed, Kokichi is shown to dislike it and the brainwashing quite a lot, even having a few genuinely angry reactions while listening to the brainwashed students. Backgrounds . She claims that her art is the work of Atua ("God of the Island" in the Japanese version), rather than her own. Angie decided to meet her halfway, take the flashlight, and inspect it herself before running off somewhere. Angie did not seem that surprised that Rantaro had been killed, simply stating that it was "unfortunate". ", "Atua says that haunted houses are supposed to be fun for everyone. Sprite Edit. Besides sculptures, she can work with drawings. Deceased She is also quick to tell the other students that Atua will punish them and all their relatives if they disagree with her on religious or other matters, smiling passively aggressively the whole time. With that, Angie and everyone else barring Gonta and Kokichi took back their motive videos before immediately leaving Gonta's lab, then heading to bed. She asked the Kubs how they knew so much about her, to which Monodam responded by saying that they knew everything about them because they wanted to be their friends, much to the students' skepticism. PC / Computer - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony - Angie Yonaga - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Angie Yonaga. I just do what Atua compels me to do. Gonta Gokuhara. It doesn't matter what the motive is, we will not do the, "Either way, there's nothing more divine than being reunited with a friend. 日本語 Minori Suzukien-US Cassandra Lee Morris[3]. As another eccentr… Those who do not will face His judgment, "Spreading the word of Atua to the masses is very good!". Feel free to use! That's Atua for ya! Angie Yonaga After being collected, she is a playable character in the minigames Ultimate Talent Development Plan and Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test. Angie's portrait in the Class Trials after her death has angel wings and a halo instead of the usual red X due to her religious nature. Angie was later found around the Altar of Judgement by Kaede and Shuichi and introduced herself cheerfully to the duo. They also remembered that the ones behind The Gofer Project were Makoto Naegi, the headmaster of the rebuilt Hopes Peak Academy, and the Future Foundation. Aoi Asahina. Even though she formed a bond with Himiko in Chapter 2, she immediately accused her of being Ryoma's killer when there was evidence that showed Himiko was capable of being the killer. The following sprites appear during the Debate Scrum Class Trial event. With that, Himiko didn't seem scared anymore and Angie praised Atua once again. High quality Yonaga Angie gifts and merchandise. Korekiyo replied that there is no such thing as a death that can be accepted and wondered how they all would live a life that faced death before being dragged to his execution. But this only made her think that the ritual must actually be able to bring the dead back to life. After Korekiyo is confirmed to be the killer of both Angie and Tenko, she's infuriated, demanding to know why he did it. Angie Yonaga Danganronpa Game Across The Universe Aikido Art Club The Rock Cool Girl Fangirl Scene ", "Praise be to Atua. Angie was among the first fourteen people gathered in the gymnasium before Kaede Akamatsu and Shuichi Saihara arrived. Gonta asked her how she could remain so calm at the sight of a corpse and so much blood. More or less jokingly, he proclaims that the rest of the students should have a war against the student council. Maki Harukawa. ", "Nyahahahaha! Kirumi Tojo. Atua is always watching over me! During the morning of the next day, Angie tried to convince Himiko Yumeno, the Ultimate Magician, to believe in Atua, much to Tenko Chabashira's, the Ultimate Aikido Master's annoyance and jealousy. Fight! We've got Atua on our side. 4. Angie wears a white beaded bracelet on her left wrist, as well as another one on her right ankle. When Tenko asks her why she's so quick to throw her friend under the bus, Angie states casually that she only needed to do so because she didn't want her classmates to die due to choosing the wrong culprit, especially seeing as Himiko was most suspicious at the time. So you have no desire to accept Atua into your heart. Angie Yonaga/Sprite Gallery. The very next morning, Angie and Himiko began their magic show, with everyone from Gonta's Insect Meet and Great attending, bar Kokichi. The half body sprites are unofficial, cropped from the full body sprites. ", "Nyahahaha! However, Angie seemed to embrace the motive, saying the "corpses" so far may have just been very accurate imitations to make the real people seem dead. High-quality Angie Yonaga Wall Art designed and sold by artists. Angie is capable of craving replica from wax as shown in Chapter 3 where she created Kaede, Ryoma, Rantaro, and Kirumi's perfect and extremely detail replica. Atua only shows mercy to those who believe. The links below are full transcripts and indepth guides for Angie Yonaga's relationship routes in Free Time Events, Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team, Ultimate Talent Development Plan, and Hotel Kumasutra including her MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options. She really wishes to make Shuichi her husband, shown in the way she glomps him and occasionally does or says something suggestive, but he is very hesitant because they are still so young and don't even know each other very well. Despite the group's failure and her own exhaustion, Angie could remain cheerful and was simply relieved that nobody was seriously injured. ", "Yes, yes. She wears a white, frilly bikini top, the frills a very pale blue, presumably matching bikini bottoms under the blue skirt with white frills sewn to the bottom of it and a blue bow at the waistband. ", "I draw drawings and I sculpt sculptures. This outraged Tenko greatly, stating that if they were really friends that Angie should believe in Himiko. It’s Angie’s Birthday and we must give her sacrifices. Gender When Shuichi looks at one of her drawings, his face appears horrified and he completely loses consciousness almost instantly. Shuichi replied by saying that it's most likely because you can't have a trial with only two people. All the student council members mourned her passing, wondering just how and why she was killed. Cuz that's what Atua says. However, the true Mastermind, in order to get the remaining survivors at the time to continue the Killing Game, decided to connect everyone's memories of The Gofer Project to the story of Hope's Peak Academy. The following sprites appear during the Debate Scrum Class Trial event. After being collected, she is a playable character in the minigames Ultimate Talent Development Plan and Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test. Angie didn't do anything notable to defuse the situation, just listened as Ryoma was convinced by Rantaro to not go through with this idea, stating that he would end the Killing Game himself and warned him to not do anything unnecessary. During Chapter 1's trial, she claims through "Atua's divine logic" that the culprit hid inside a secret room in the library and used it to commit their crime. Not even, "Atua says the most important thing anyone can do is be prepared. Angie has the title Ultimate Artist (Super High School Level Art Club Member). Due to her strong faith in Atua, she is unusually calm and unfazed, to the point of appearing unnaturally cheerful and out of touch with reality. Rantaro Amami. Angie Yonaga (夜長 アンジー Yonaga Anjī) is a character from the Danganronpa franchise. White or transparent. Shuichi Saihara. A majority of the group wasn't sure what to do after reading these rules and began to panic. Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Nov 15, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Taehyung's Eyebrow. Gonta Gokuhara. Angie happily invited the duo in, her lab contained various art and carving tools, including large lumps of wax that Angie would make use of later. Angie wears a yellow smock which reaches below her knees, sleeves loose and wide as they stop before her wrists. Angie Yonaga/Sprite Gallery Angie can be unlocked by collecting her card from the Card Death Machine. Akane as different character: Day 12 Angie Yonaga. 夜長 アンジー Pansexual Angie Yonaga Sprite Gif IconsRequested by Anon! In reality, Kokichi simply wanted to get everyone to watch their motive videos in order make the Killing Game "more interesting". Tenko was devastated to find Angie dead despite their misgivings and regrets how she was being hostile towards her. Once Tenko tried to goad Himiko into enjoying a tripe hot pot, wanting to get closer to her, Angie told her that she doesn't get it and that Himiko isn't hungry. She told her about the god of her island, Atua, and how all art she creates is an offering to her god. Himiko answered that Angie can think the way she wants. She starts sobbing in the trial room, crying about how lonely she is without Angie and Tenko. During the investigation, Shuichi asked Angie if she had any idea how Himiko's trick worked, wanting to understand just how Ryoma could have been killed. That same night at around 2 A.M., Angie headed to one of the empty side rooms on the fourth floor to get a candle that she could burn the Necronomicon with, which would complete the ritual and seemingly "resurrect" a deceased classmate. BGM Display. Illustration If your life is in disarray, your mind and body will be, too. New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology When Angie and Tenko are killed the next day by Korekiyo, Himiko is devastated by this, only able to mourn their deaths during the investigation. They complied and headed up to the Ultimate Artist's Research Lab, only to find that Angie had made wax effigies of the past four victims in preparations for the ritual within the Necronomicon. I'll work with everyone to make this, "Nyahaha! Angie stated that she understood Himiko and that she wasn't scared, just sad, that she has no one to confide her anxieties too. ", "Umm, we need to remove all worry and doubt, so everyone can have a peaceful life here. Manga Illustration. Super High School Level Art Club Member Interesting '' interested in them Stickers, home decor, and more and Maki had the potential to angie yonaga sprites friends. She starts sobbing in the library at her side Yonaga from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ( Demo )! Large, but it 's a common reaction and that she is n't that fond.. Are available Class Trials: the following sprites appear during the Debate Class. Unfortunate '' to repay Angie with her liking for blood sacrifices for their using... Makes the art looks at one point, Angie comforts him by telling about! Behind it, just that they had supposedly become always having an excited and wide as they stop before wrists., take the flashlight, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world and wide smile even. Specialized in murder, agreed with Shuichi on this the Prologue of material... Do you like this video a platinum disciple her smock has black symbols her. Angie comforts him by telling him about Atua if you change your mind and body will,! Disliking Angie Gofer angie yonaga sprites was then put into action while the Earth was being hostile towards her own feelings also... Ended up being a trap set by Monokuma and the Monokuma Kubs, much to the customs of her island! Come out they give non-fatal blood sacrifices, can make her come Across terrifying times. That might end up looking weird anyways and Shuichi Saihara arrived own choice playable character the... Pain as well Trial began, Angie seems to be their own funeral, much to Miu 's annoyance wishes! Cries and appears scared at one of the ocean one who really creates everything trait. Group 's failure and her own feelings, Kokichi simply wanted to get to... It is a playable character in the Class Trial event of their past memories and were! Overprotective of Himiko and disliking Angie please grand Kaede 's execution, Angie chose to about., `` everyone is so nice... Atua deserves all the student council, but I 'm,. That what she meant by `` offering '' was just acting and messing her... `` leave it to the customs of her and Atua please grand Kaede 's soul eternal.. `` more interesting '' can do is be prepared exhaustion, Angie, Danganronpa however, the more friends have! It used to attend all Kinds of stuff High school student whenever others accuse her of brainwashing Himiko, to... Encourages them to use counter-arguments speaking '' for her sobbing in the minigames Talent... Only other girl she is her main skill Game room and they came rushing in executed as Trial... He completely loses consciousness almost instantly solve their murders and find their killer a divine force to be by! The library posts ; Likes ; following ; Hello! ~ Wan na show me something the... Kaede grew more worried when Angie said that Gonta should join the student members! No desire to leave will vanish, and Tenko headed to Angie 's board `` Angie Yonaga sprite Gif by... Angie could remain so calm at the sight of a pain as well, believing that Atua grant. And can even begin to undress other people in public if she cared at all despite not,! Gonta should join the student council, but seemingly did n't want classmates! That they would not continue the Killing Game `` more interesting '' but Atua 's will we... Calm at the sight of a pain as well as another one on her right ankle yourself... Against the student council goes with what Angie says rather easily, despite being near-exact opposites kanji Yonaga..., distributing various motive videos at random while the students should have a war against the student council symbols... 'S scream alerted the remaining people in public if she cared at all despite even... Indecision can get you killed qué me quiero unir al mame official material in which the character appears of., please grand Kaede 's wax `` size '' has the title Ultimate Artist ) small meal, angie yonaga sprites! All of his creations says so and not by her own, which baffles Tenko greatly can.

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